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Black Templar Initiate 1 down too many to go. any advice on how i can improve would be appreciated  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Queensland, Australia


I have finally finished this Black Templar Initiate, now to power through four more + neophytes to match. (and about 100 others)

This is my 4th attempt at painting a Space Marine & I have tried my hardest to break away from the same old thing i did with the first two BT initiates



Vallejo Game Colour Paints & Inks were used & Secrect Weapon washes were also used.

The scratch effect on the shoulder pads was achieved by doing a base coat of Silver Chainmail which was then washed with Secret weapon Armour wash, afterwards 3 coats of thinned Off White was applied and once dried using a scratching tool made out of fine wire bound to a hobby knife handle i scratched the surface of the shoulder pad until the metallic base coat became slightly visible. I then took a hobby knife and chipped random bits of white paint off here and there, this was followed by a coat of Secret Weapons Parchment wash.

Once the appropriate surfaces were painted black i then proceeded to coat these surfaces in undiluted Secret Weapons Blue Black Wash.
I then proceeded to highlight the black edges with a grey composed of 2/3 black & 1/3 cold grey, after this i highlighted these same areas to a lesser extent with yet another grey composed of 2/3 stonewall grey & 1/3 black.
I then washed all of the black areas with 50/50 mix of Secret Weapons Blue Black wash and H20.

At this point the highlights seemed fine but the rest of the black areas which were untouched by the dry brushing were way to glossy (an unfortunate side affect of Secret Weapons line of washes), I figured it was nothing to worry about as Matt Varnish would reel that glossy look back.
When it was done and dusted & the brush on Matt Varnish had dried i found that my highlights were way to dull so i may go back over the whole figure with a grey composed of 2/3 stonewall grey & 1/3 black.

I seem to be caught in a bit of a bind as far as my dry brushed highlights go.

Overall i am happy with the outcome but even so i would appreciate advice on how i can improve.
In particular i would love to hear how other people are doing Tabards & highlighting black areas.


[Thumb - IMG_7010.JPG]
Black Templars marine no arms

[Thumb - IMG_7009.JPG]
Black Templars marine no arms

[Thumb - IMG_7007.JPG]
Black Templars marine no arms

[Thumb - IMG_7012.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7016.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7015.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7014.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7019.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7013.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7017.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

[Thumb - IMG_7018.JPG]
Black Templars marine with arms

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Made in gb
Focused Fire Warrior

I think the black and the tabbard are great. My only criticism would be the red on the helmet and the tabbards purity seal look a little flat.
I really like the scratching on the pads.
Nice work.
Made in us
Swift Swooping Hawk

Omaha, NE

Good job on the weathering!!

From your description it took an awful lot of work. Have you tried using a Brass Wire Brush? Just paint your boys up with the white shoulder pads and scratch the surface with the brush. The brass will scrape into the paint and will also leave "ghost" tracks if you rub softly.
Give that a run on some test shoulder pads..see if you like the effect


Made in us
Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

Good Ol' Texas

Wow, really awesome. The red could use a wash, though.


Made in us
Perfect Shot Black Templar Predator Pilot

Roseville, CA

MOAR edge highlights! It'll make the model pop out more. Right now the black is a little bit much, it could use something to show off the details
Made in us
Posts with Authority

South Carolina (upstate) USA

Pretty damned good IMO.

Whats my game?
Warmachine (Cygnar)
10/15mm mecha
Song of Blades & Heroes
Blackwater Gulch
X wing
Open to other games too

Made in us
Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot

New Hampster, USA

I like that youre painting the backpack stabilizers in a metal color, ala the GW chapter pics. Ive never seen it done but you may have moved me to start.

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