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So I've had a couple of games of Blackwater Gulch (been using the Black Scorpion gang models for the time being until the KS ones go on general sale) but one of the main issues I have had has been not putting enough points into health so the game quickly degenerates into 'I shoot you, you shoot me' tit for tat killing as every gang member has 1 or 2 health but has sniper like shooting abilities. So throwing this out to others, what gang composition/stats/profiles have you been using? I realise that there is now an Army Builder program for BWG but I can't use it as it requires the latest upgrade to AB, which I no longer have a license in maintenance for. I know that Necros has started producing cards with sample profiles on them so I may start drawing inspiration from them but just wondering what others have been doing. Post your gang profiles here!

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There's a few things you could do .. Play with lots of terrain so your DP will usually be higher. Or use larger gangs, the minimum is 5 but I like around 10-15. You could add more henchmen and have a lynch mob that outnumbers your opponent, giving you more shots than he has.

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