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Imperial Agent Provocateur

Title says it all.

I used Gryphonne Sepia for a lot of bone/keratin - i.e. tusks for my Ogres/Tyranid chitin, and I recently picked up some Seraphim Sepia, and coated the giant tusks on the sides of the Ogre Ironblaster with it, after basecoating them Bleached Bone - and the coverage of this stuff is awful. I had to hold the tusk upside down till it dried just to get the shading where I wanted, and now that it's dry, you can barely see it.

I'm sure other people have noticed it, but does anyone have a solution? I'm thinking of using Lahmian Medium and Vomit Brown to make my own wash, and getting that in the recesses to shade those giant tusks.

I'm also open to any other suggestions.

Why, GW, why fix something that isn't broken? /rant
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Elite Tyranid Warrior

Be thankful you didn't rely on Devlan Miracle... err.. Devlan mud.

GW washes currently seem to not have the pigment of their previous washes. Not sure if that was intentional or not, and I have no experience with either sepia so I can't really comment. You may have gotten a bad batch, or the pigment settled... any number of issues could arise.

I'd check out other ranges for options. P3 makes some nice inks, and there's Vallejo's monstrous range to choose from. Secret Weapon has an entire section of washes that many people swear by, and actual examples of the wash after use on models! (customer support is awesome for them too)

So you have options, just need to explore em. Good luck, but understand you -may- have to take some of your models as a shade or two off what the rest of your army is. I'm having to do it with my Nids atm... sucks but you learn to work with it. And honestly, having some variety for Nids or Ogres would be all that noticeable; even animals in the wild come in a whole mash of shades and shadows.

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Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

I had to do the same thing with some Baal Red. It happens with washes sometimes, especially fresh ones.
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Imperial Agent Provocateur

 Marrak wrote:
Be thankful you didn't rely on Devlan Miracle... err.. Devlan mud.

Wait... I use Devlan Mud on EVERYTHING.

Are you telling me Agrax Earthshade is as bad as this Sepia?!?!


My painting world may have just been utterly shattered.
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Boosting Black Templar Biker


The properties of the new shades definitely do not behave like the old washes. Lucky me I snatched up as much as I could when the new paints came out. The closest thing I've found to match Mud has been the ArmyPainter washes. I've tried the Vallejo washes and don't like them either for most stuff. I haven't tried adding glazing medium to the new shades but its something I want to try.

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Regular Dakkanaut

My washes perform exactly like the old ones, if not better. I love my new devlin mud Earthshake Agrax or whatever.. my Sephia comes out great and some of the new green washes look sickly awesome on plague marines

A good tip for the whole bone thing that I did... I picked up the glaze colors. I have horns on a lot of my nurgle stuff, painted them bleach bone, glazed them with the Yellow, and then i used the brown wash or sephia to dark it.

You get this yellowy bone like tinge, and then the darkness of the wash to go with it.
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Alexandria, VA

+1 to Army Painter washes, it's the closest I've found to an equivalent to the old GW washes.
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