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Returning player and I haven't played since my Necrons only had one lord option and nothing else. I might have missed this somewhere else but I've been looking for how people address the different harbinger cryptek's weapons when the blisters only ever come with just the 1 staff of light. Mostly looking for options for modeling abyssal staves (despair), eldritch lances (destruction), and voltaic staves (storm) but would also like some opinions on the other 2: aeonstaves (eternity) and tremor staves (transmogrification).
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Buy a Lychguard box and a warriors box.
Kit bash until you puke. In a good way. You should be able to get all sorts of Lords and Crypteks. Plus, its fun.

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The heads to WFB Empire wizard staves also look great when used as Cryptek weapon representation. Flame for Eldritch, Scythe for Abyssal, The planetary one could be painted up with various lightening coloured orbs for a voltaic staff etc. Other than that as mentioned above the lychguard box is the goto kit for royal courts (with deathmark heads for crypteks)

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As brymm said, a lychguard box is the best way to get some bitz.

Since there is no official GW models for how the cryptek weapons look, its compleatly up to you

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And if you're not into kit bashing: color code them lol

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Kromlech has a few "techno-staves" or as others said, you can just make your own....its a fun creative process.

Just google necron cryptek in their images search, and you will find TONS of hits.

best of luck and have fun!

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 Brymm wrote:
Buy a Lychguard box and a warriors box.
Kit bash until you puke. In a good way. You should be able to get all sorts of Lords and Crypteks. Plus, its fun.

This. I used the extra staff bits, triarch heads, and rods of covenant weapon tops with some extra warrior bodies to make 4 of the crypteks in my army. The arms may need some jiggering to get right, and you may have to use some warrior left arms, but they looks quite natural and good when you're done. Plus, I was still able to get the 5 Lychguard with shields and swords out of the kit. Used the 5th staff rod and warscythe head to convert a destroyer into a warscythe-wielding destroyer lord. Lots of value in that box.

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