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Made in ca
Lurking Gaunt


No bikes more assualt squads to come.

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Anyone know how to rotate images?
[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.50.10.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.49.25.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.50.43.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.52.08.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.30.47.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.28.42.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.26.43.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.23.24.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.48.16.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.58.28.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.59.27.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 19.00.07.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-12 18.48.39.jpg]

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Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

Go to paint, rotate them using the rotate button. Or do it in photoshop.

Great looking Vindicators. Paint may be a bit thick on your powerswords, I can't tell due to the lighting.

Other than that, great job.
Made in gb
Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

Liverpool, England

They look pretty good, I don't know why, but I love seeing well done If armies. How come there's so much blue on them though? I'm not nitpicking, I'm just curious.
Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

Hey mate, just flipped those for you. For future posts, just take your files, put them in paint as I stated before, and rotate them in the future.


P.S: When you're done putting these up in your main post, PM me and I'll delete these from mine. I don't wish to violate any forum rules or take your thunder.
[Thumb - fbf7b40262f02076544c593d8a06b148_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - 2a4fee138cf538032341671c0086886d_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - 7ba1d84322de8113535f3fe184669cca_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - 7c3d0e4bd28ceaa1de61e0d4cbc5ee2b_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - 7c2860f0d95bf5f4e5ec0f3440622bbf_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - 58eef90931829c56fb31a035877198f4_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - a1caa7cc4d15a40eec99942e952728e8_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - b11973523ae9d67130b09f48a50132be_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - bc4f97267cb3328692320c69958c7645_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - c1e969ff1f682323f7a6200aee59da5a_68221.jpg]

[Thumb - d4c17e37a06afd502a60030289bd3b7e_68221 (1).jpg]

[Thumb - d1b64bbd9de4a068b2482831c94c6d98_68221.jpg]

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Made in ca
Lurking Gaunt

 Sir Samuel Buca wrote:
They look pretty good, I don't know why, but I love seeing well done If armies. How come there's so much blue on them though? I'm not nitpicking, I'm just curious.

Just for the contrast to make it pop. I recently removed most of the blue and switched it to grey.

Thanks for the comments

More pictures to come soon.

Oh and It's cuz everyone loves yellow but its to bold for some people. Like the guy with a yellow car, dude drives a banana. But secretly you want the car. Unless it's an actual banana.
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