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Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

So I've been looking to finally start my own army, having acquired several ebay junker kits. The lot, as I call it has shrunk and grown over time and it's just about time to finally have my own display model to spite the missus. I'm looking to create a small 750 point display army for my art studio.

That being stated, a lot of this merchandise requires work. A lot of work. So at roughly eleven o' clock PM yesterday, EST, I sat down.

Forty minutes ago, I finished. From the fires of my forge I created not one, but two marines!

Anyways, here they are. One is a gift to my friend and a test model, the other is my first Knight of Blood. While they're both not the best, I'd like to think that since they are my first true start, they are my best as of tonight and I'm proud of them. (Totally not counting that poor combat squad of Ultramarines that melted due to Ward- Ahem, Acetone.)

Here's the first Marine. He's from the chapter known as the Grey Sentinels. They, just like the Knights of Blood are deemed Excommunicae Traitoris, or Renegade to the imperium.. They too, serve it still to a degree. I would think it a lesser degree than the Knights of Blood, however.

"A sentinel is sworn to the Emperor,
A Sentinel's blade defends His subjects,
A Sentinel's might repels the darkness,
A Sentinel's word speaks only his hatred,
A Sentinel's wrath undoes the wicked."
-Oath of Sentry

Yes, they are a fanmade chapter. However, their lore is of a high degree and enriching enough to read. Though, I am a bit disappointed now as during the time I was painting, I didn't have a full reference sheet for the Grey Sentinels. As such, I painted the legs the wrong color; making me feel like the biggest ever. However, this was the test model made from one of those Black Templars...

You'll see more pictures of him as we see my Sergeant.

For those of you who do not know of the Knights of Blood, they are a lesser seen chapter, especially on the tabletop. I've seen just about as many Knight of Blood armies as I have Silver Skulls and Salamanders. (All of which I adore.) Here's some basic information concerning them... see the chart I posted.

Here we go, the Sergeant.... man of honor tonight... I'm aware he too is missing his chapter iconography. I'm going to buy transfers, I am scared if I freehand I'll ruin my first model. I know both these models have good and bad, and in some cases just look a bit rough.

Anyways, what do you guys think? I've got pictures that make these blokes look proper, and then others that show them to be terrible models. Thoughts?


[Thumb - 2013-01-16 22.16.50.jpg]
The lot... WYSIWYG. Includes one of the two Ravens I own.

[Thumb - 2013-01-16 22.17.15.jpg]
The lot of Black Templars from ebay... need work.

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.44.06.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.45.20.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.42.56.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.42.12.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.41.48.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.45.20.jpg]

[Thumb - Resampled952013-01-199504-13-3895371.jpg]

[Thumb - Resampled952013-01-199504-54-0995935.jpg]

[Thumb - Resampled952013-01-199505-04-4695641.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 05.44.22.jpg]

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Made in cz
Chosen Baal Sec Youngblood

Hi, wery nice "first blood" but heres some advice:

1 - thinner paints make smoother armor plates
2 - with the eye lenses... get smaller brush
Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

Yeah, it was very hard painting the eyes as the brushes I have are unwieldy, and pretty much useless. IE: For canvas.
Made in gb
Revving Ravenwing Biker

Swansea, Wales

a good start mate, you finally managed to upload them

i had to pop out the house when you were uploading them, but got your pm :-)

ill add one of my new deathwing conversions i did later on today ive not finished the painting yet
Made in us

The paint dungeon, Arizona

I have a migraine setting in- so the quickest tip I can throw out for now is:

Are you using any washes? If you used some on the armor edges to darken them, and on the face to add shading, its a very simple and easy way to make up for not having the right brushes(or practiced shading techniques).

Keep up the good work/effort. In a couple years you'll look back on these first mins and shake your head your head a bit-but you cant get there without these guys.

Made in us
Crazed Savage Orc

These are MUCH better than my Ral Partha minis from back in high school. It takes time and reading/watching some tutorials.

Thinner paint might help. Washes, inks, ect. work wonders after you are complete (check out tutorials).

As a final note, while it takes alittle more time, flocking bases makes all minatures look a lot better imho. It is surprisingly easy too, just adds a little time.

WHFB 3000 pts
40k 1000 pts
40k 1000 pts 
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Pretty good for your first start, but the main thing here is:

1. Thin your paints.
2. Use some inks/washes.
3. Base them! They'll look better no matter what. (unless their faces are all melty.)
Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left

Hi guys, looked at your advice, it's been great. Most threads that I've started on Dakka get no replies, so I'm kinda glad that htis one got noticed.

Decided to try a few of your tips, though I'm having a few problems as far as the paint being thinned... and the eyes. I'm proud of these two but, they're not much. I will finish up the rest of this junker ebay squad and try to pick up a few assault marines or scouts later on.

@ DBS: Sorry for taking so long about posting these blokes, DBS. Oh and I'll have to check those Deathwing termies out.

@ Mistress of Minis: My reasons concerning these two not being washed; they were just "for fun" test models. To see if I actually would want to make a small 750 point army later. I decided I liked the aspect of painting and modeling, so I will be washing my models in Badab black later on. The major reason I skimped on these two; is the simple fact that I am scared that since I am new to the hobby, I'll use up all my paints. Since the nearest hobby shop is thirty miles away, and the closest official Games Workshop store is almost double or triple that, plus the prices... yeah. (Hope your migraine goes away, I have and hate those; as they get in the way of my military career.)

@ BTR75: Thank you for the compliment, the encouragement is refreshing! I'm unsure as to the term flocking the bases. I presume you mean decorating them? If so, I did that today actually.

@ Deunstephe: Thanks for the tips. On my next batch, or my official wave of troops, I will definitely try to thin my paints. Speaking of the bases, I did a little bit of work on them today. Sorry for the late response by the by, this is the second time I've checked this thread.

And here they are. You can critique them again, I'm a bit made about the shoulders on my Knight of Blood. The blood red I created faded to a brownish red, it was awful. So I added highlights of Blood red. Vast improvement, I think. As for the Grey Sentinel, I corrected his color scheme. You may notice that my Knight of Blood's backpack isn't painted as it should be. I do not have the faith in my painting as of this time to add the red to that piece. I also added some small gravels and stones to their bases. Anyways, here they are.

Oh, and I've noticed that pictures tend to make them look worse than they really are. I know I could do better, I just need practice.
[Thumb - 2013-01-19 22.22.21.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 22.22.45.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 22.21.55.jpg]

[Thumb - 2013-01-19 22.23.37.jpg]

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