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Fresh-Faced New User

Near the pasties

Morning all, got myself a second Dakkajet, the first one was a standard build, but for the second one I wanted to do something different. Originally I was going to have a crack at the dakkajet that Matt Holland did in the kit bash section of the first new look White Dwarf, but I couldn't figure out what he'd done to the nose, I will one day. So I went in a different direction, always loved the A-10, so I thought I'd use that as my inspiration. It's all still W.I.P., as I'm still waiting for gubbinz for the engines, and the engines aren't fixed in place either. In terms of paint, I was thinking either silver bare metal look, or a nice dark green, either scheme will have a red nose, and a set of teeth painted on too. What do think, C & C most welcome.

[Thumb - P1210631.JPG]

[Thumb - P1210633.JPG]

[Thumb - P1210634.JPG]

[Thumb - P1210636.JPG]

[Thumb - P1210637.JPG]

[Thumb - P1210638.JPG]

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

That's a brilliant design! -Very creative use of bitz!

"dave you are the definition of old school..." -Viktor Von Domm My P&M Blog :
It's great how just adding a little iconography, and rivets of course, can make something look distinctly 40K-adamsouza
"Ah yes, the sound of riveting.....Swear word after swear word and the clinking of thrown tools" "Nope. It sucks do it again..."- mxwllmdr
"It puts together more terrain, or else it gets the hose again...-dangledorf2.0
"This is the Imperium, there is no peace, there are only rivets" -Vitruvian XVII
"I think rivets are the perfect solution to almost every problem"- Rawson
More buildings for the Building God! -Shasolenzabi
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

That looks great! You have really caught the essence of the Warthog!
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