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I, like many others, was not a fan of the WarPath rules when they first came out. The 1.0 version largely tried to port a set of rules I like for fantasy (KoW) but that don't work as well for skirmish scale modern/sci-fi.

One of the big turn-offs of the 1.0 version was that units did not lose models as wounds amassed. Instead you would put tokens on to the unit ala KoW. That meant a large unit stayed the same pain to move on the last turn it still survived AND you had to move tokens. It also impacted visual appeal and the 'true' way that arguably most modern/sci-fi games employ of removing models.

WarPath 2.0 looks to have fixed a good deal of complaints including addition of model removal. To avoid arguments over the bazooka guy or the sergeant buying it, common troopies are removed first, followed by special weapons, with the unit leader dying last.

Vehicle rules are simple but individual enough to make them play different AND keep the game infantry focused. The army lists updated with 2.0 give a nice variety with Veer-myn playing somewhat like shooty, sneaky tyranids.

If you thought 1.0 wasn't your game, you may want to give the updated version a look-see. It's free and you can always reskin the models you've got to play one of the current army lists.

Love to hear others' thoughts who have played 2.0, too.
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Free download link:


Warpath 2.0 is definitely a wonderful set of rules. The key difference this time around is that 2.0 is built upon extensive public beta-testing, which a lot of us took part in.

The alternate activation system is one of the few that works extremely cleanly and smoothly, and it incorporates morale (suppression and inspiring from leaders).

So, you can have a situation in a game where before a unit gets to activate, you shoot at it and suppress it (making it harder for the enemy to activate), but then your opponent reacts to this by moving their commander over to the unit to give them a re-roll on their activation check.

It creates a very interesting "shooting-focused" game that isn't just about gunlines, but favours mobile firepower and action/reaction.

Highly recommended! Warpath Kickstarter is coming in a few months time, make sure you keep a look out for it.

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Sounds awesome would like to give it a play

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