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Made in gb
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Oxford, UK

Just finished a GK Stormraven...first time using weathering powders...let me know what you think!
[Thumb - Raven1.jpg]
GK Stormraven Front

[Thumb - Raven2.jpg]
GK Stormraven Side

[Thumb - Raven3.JPG]
GK Stormraven Top

[Thumb - Raven4.jpg]
GK Stormraven Base Detail

Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Hiding in a ruined Chimera

Nice paint job, loving the base. Any reason why the cockpit glass is frosted?

Cadian 7th Regiment (Desert uniform) 550pts 2/0/0
WoC army 1000pts 1/0/0

 mattyrm wrote:
Yeah, I don't have PTSD after five combat tours, and frankly I'd rather get parachuted back into Helmand province armed with only a fething Nerf gun and my underpants than go into my local GW.
Made in gb
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Oxford, UK

Would you believe me if I said it was for artistic reasons? Because that would be a lie, hehe...it's actually really detailed in there, well painted marine and servitor, plus lots of lights and buttons...then I went and forgot to mask the glass before varnishing
Made in us
Sniping Reverend Moira

Cincinnati, Ohio

Looking good. Did you mask anything with the patterns, or is it all freehand?

Made in gb
Neophyte undergoing Ritual of Detestation

Oxford, UK

I masked the black hatching pattern, purely due to the sheer volume of it...I must've cut a good half metre of 4mm squares all told.
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