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Made in us
Ambitious Marauder


Hey everyone, this was my first tournament not only with the new army book, but also this edition. I have played perhaps four or five games prior. I am experience in 40k, but not so much in Fantasy. I apologize in advance for not taking pictures, and not knowing the exact lists that my opponents played; I still don’t know what everything is called.
Maelstrom of Malice:
Klara - Lvl 4 Sorceress of Tzeentch - Disk, Third Eye, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, Familiar, Talisman of Preservation
18 Warriors – Shields, Halberds, Musician, Standard Bearer
18 Warriors of Tzeentch – Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer
18 Warriors of Tzeentch – Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer
Chariot of Khorne
Chariot of Khorne
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Knights of Tzeentch – Musician, Standard Bearer, Blasted Standard

Total pts. - 2396
Round 1: Skaven.
Lvl 4 Wizard
Lvl 2 Wizard
Lvl 1 Wizard
• Clanrats
• Clanrats
• Slaves
• Slaves
• Weapon Teams
• Doomwheel
• Some mini Doomwheel
• Abomination
• Screaming Bell
• Warp Lightning Cannon
• Warp Lightning Cannon
He also had a couple of small skirmisher units that popped up in the middle of the fight.

I didn’t expect to do well considering I wasn’t sure what everything could do as I haven’t fought Skaven before. The mission was Dawn Attack. Most of his army deployed on the center, with the exception of his Screaming Bell and a weapon team. The Screaming Bell was a mount for his Lvl 4 caster, and it deployed on my far left, along with the random weapon team. His WLC’s popped up on the Right Most of my army was deployed in the center except for a unit of Tzeentch Warriors on the right, and a unit of hounds on my left.

I learned not to enjoy an opponent who has the Dreaded 13th. He turned my Knights, both blocks of Tzeentch warriors, and almost turned my Halberd Warriors into rats. The halberd standard bearer was the only warrior that I had to survive from that unit. He miscast the spell four times before the Rat blew itself up from the chart. Those three units that he killed with the spell were the only VP’s he earned in that match. I killed a great deal of his forces, but more so, I caused him to break. Treason of Tzeentch and a couple of accurate Hellcannons made his slaves run away. That, and a couple of large blast Firestorms are fantastic. The match ended with him only having two units of Clanrats on the board, and one of them used to be a unit of Chaos Warriors.

I earned 2220 VP’s for the match, but forgot to add in an extra 200 for his general and BSB, so I should have had 2420. He earned 922, though should have added another 75 for standards.

Round 2: Warriors of Chaos
• Kholek Suneater
• Throgg
Lvl 2 Tzeentch Sorcerer
• Tzeentch BSB
• 30 Tzeentch Forsaken
• 3 Dragon Ogres – great weapons
• 5 Trolls – AHW
• 5 Hounds
• 5 Hounds
• Hellcannon


I was a bit more confident in this match for a few reasons. The mission was Battle Line, so it was nice and simple. Also, I’m familiar with the threats in a Chaos list, not to mention the solid victory that I had just obtained.

This game was tough I’ll admit, but surprisingly Tzeentch magic saved the day for me. Overall this was a simple match. We maneuvered around while trying to get better charges and a few good shots off at each other. My lvl 4 Sorceress completely shut down his lvl 2. I didn’t even bother with trying to Glean his spells away, and kept focusing on his monsters. Klara ended up giving Throgg and friends a 2++ by then end of the game, but did knock a couple, and nearly killed a third Troll. Shining moments for her thought was finishing off the Dragon Ogre champ in a challenge after his buddies were killed off by my cannons. Then she turned around and dropped Kholek with an Infernal Gateway, followed by a Blue Fire. That same turn I was able to kill the unit of Forsaken with a combo charge with my Tzeentch Warriors in the front, and my Knights in the rear. After Throgg and friends crashed through a couple of units, one of my Hellcannons misfired and rushed towards Throgg, then rampaged and charged them the following turn.
My opponent only had Throgg, a couple of trolls, and his Hellcannon left at the end. I earned 1960 VP’s and gave him 1371.

Round 3: Dwarfs
• Anvil
• Cannon
• 50 Miners
• 50 Miners
• 50 Longbeards


The mission was Meeting Engagement. I wasn’t expecting what my opponent had in store for me. While I deployed my army in a line along a center of the field, he deployed his anvil and cannon in his corner. Then a unit of Longbeards, and two blocks of miners popped up. The Longbeards were on my far right, very close to my two Hellcannons, and the Miners directly behind my center. Early in the battle the Longbeards charge a Hellcannon, and destroy it. The Longbeards had to reform or go off of the table due to the position of the Hellcannon. This bought my second cannon enough time to fire at one of the units of miners. Dealing only three wounds, the Miners fail their panic check and flee of the table edge.
The next few turns follow as the remaining Dwarfs keep charging the rear or flank of my warriors, and causing my units to break. Fortunately he couldn’t catch any of my fleeing units, and they continuously regrouped and turned around. Finally, I was able to bring my forces in full around the terrain, and began getting multiple charges off on his miners and Longbeards. The miners crumbled to halberds, chariots, and knights. The Longbeards were an impressive nut to crack. They took two blocks of warriors, knights, a chariot, hounds, and my Sorceress to take apart. On the bottom of five the Longbeards broke and ran. On turn six, my opponent only had the Longbeards, and his Anvil. The Longbeards failed to rally, and the Anvil blew itself up. Bottom of six, a chariot runs down the fleeing beards, and my opponent is tabled.
I earned 2675 VP’s, and my opponent earned 1216 VP’s.

Army Overview:
So, I hear a lot of bickering over how hard the new book nerfed the army. Some people say that everything is fine, and that the book is well balanced now. Others seem to believe that this book is designed to make you purchase new models and that you have to build a monster mash. Well, as it stands, my list only contained units that any player most likely had before this book was released.
In a tournament of 23 players, I took first. With the VP’s that I originally forgot, I earned 7057 VP’s throughout the day. Second place earned 6477, and third earned 5751. Warriors of Chaos are still a powerful army, and the only thing that I expect to see in the inevitable FAQ is to make Tzeentch spells count as flaming.
My opinions on the units themselves?
• The Sorcerer Lord didn’t take a wound through the event, and even won three challenges. Also, dropping the last 7 wounds from Kholek in one phase isn’t a joke.
• There’s nothing to say about the Warriors. They were phenomenal, and slaughtered their way to glory.
• Chariots were always impressive. They were decisive in holding the line, and breaking through the flank or rear of many enemies. Don’t forget that a charging chariot is what tabled my third opponent.
• Hounds did better than I thought. Nobody ever paid any attention to them, and they helped take out a weapon team, and hit a few rear flanks.
• Knights were my biggest disappointment in the list. They were turned into rats very early in my first game. Didn’t really do any damage other than a rear charge in the second game. In the final game, they did help with a rear charge, and then were focused on and killed by the Longbeards in a swirling melee at the end. For their points, I would almost rather have two more chariots, and the Mark of Nurgle on my halberd Warriors.
• Hellcannons were my absolute favorite. Only one of them miscast, and every time it did, it wanted ‘Blooood!’ and rushed towards the enemy. They did a great amount of damage to basic blocks, and killed a few monstrous infantry. Also, they do a great job at blocking flanks, and slowing down my opponent while the rest of my Warriors mop of the center of the board. Other than a few cinematic moments, the shining act was when my crazy Hellcannon scared off the hoard of Miners in the third game, and held up for a few turns against a rear charge from the Longbeards. That guy is going to get some love when I work on his base and paintjob.

Anywho, everything went better than expected, and I earned a chunk of change to help expand the army for the next event. Here’s to the slaughter yet to come.

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Made in us
Lord of the Fleet


Very nice, good to see a tzeentch wizard going strong

If you're dropping the knights, maybe get some Gorebeast Chariots. KB impact hits, 3 S5 Attacks from the beast itself, and then some angry chaos warriors with halberds is a winning combo!

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Made in us
Ambitious Marauder


That is a great thought. I could just drop the knights, and the Sorc's Biting Blade, and it would be a straight trade for two Khorne Gorebeasts. I'll have to test the water in practice games pretty soon.

Also, Tzeentch definitely isn't dead. I'm either going to run this Sorceress, or an Archaon stand in in my games. I just need to add at least one source of flaming attacks to help stop 2++ regen saves.
Made in nl
Dusty Skeleton

Interesting write up.
The level of detail was not a problem - it doesn't matter too much we don't know prevcisely what is in the armies.
Also good to see the wizard getting stuck in.
It makes me think I may even cut back on heros and just major on sorcerors if they fight fine too!

Made in fr
Regular Dakkanaut

Nice report, and congratulations for the win

A point though; the dreaded 13th can not be used on cavalry...
it is restricted to infantry models.

Made in gb
Sinister Shapeshifter

The Lair of Vengeance....Poole.

Just a point, Dreaded 13th only works on infantry. Other than that, good summaries.

Malifaux masters owned: Guild(Sans McCabe), Outcasts(Sans Misaki), Arcanists(Sans Marcus)

Check my blog that I just started: http://unionfaux.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Made in us
Ambitious Marauder


Well then that makes the first round a bit interesting. I"m going to keep that in mind, and I'll use the knights in a few more matches to get a better feel for them.

Thanks guys.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

No BSB in your list? And how would you say your MoT HW/Shld warriors fared? Were you saving a lot of wounds from the armor and ward? I just ask because im trying to weigh my choice of MoK Halbards. Great report!
Made in us
Ambitious Marauder


It wa sa risk by not running with a BSB, but everything worked out well enough for me. Against the Dwarfs, I failed my break tests, but always rallied. So far, I'm going to continue trying without a BSB to see how far it takes me.

I absolutely love the MoT bunker. I never lost more than a few at a time, and that was when facing 30+ attacks. If I could find the space, I would field two units with shields, and two units with halberds. I really would like to see the MoN on my halberd unit. That, or Slaanesh. As much as I enjoy the extra attacks from Khorne, I would rather control them. Granted, I will most likely try MoK here soon enough. Regardless. MoT/shields earn an A+ in my book.
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