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Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator


I believe I may have been swindled as I have not heard back from this user about our trade since the 15th of February. Has anyone completed a trade with him before? But anyway our trade was his 100 Clan Rats 8 Rat Ogres and a few stormvermin for my force of necrons (I was pretty much trying to get rid of these and really wanted to start a skaven army) which included 3 finecast lords 2 ghost arks 40+ warriors 10 immortals 5 lych guard 4+ scarab bases and a codex. We had agreed to a simul-send and I sent my necrons out on the 11th but after I wen't to the post office and had sent out the box I noticed I had forgotten my necron codex. I went home and found out a buddy of mine had "borrowed" it. sent a pm asking infroming him of my the codex and promised to get it for him, he wrote back,
"I'll toss in sme Stormvermin for you man.
You are getting all my Clanrats and Ogres..I'll toss in a box worth or Stormvermin but I need that Codex ASAP lol" and I thanked him for forgiving my gacking up. He then sent me this on the 15th,
"Been swamped at work, sending out this weekend. L" Which I understood work 'cause real life can sometimes get in the way of more important things like wargaming (joking) I haven't heard from him since, and my package was delivered at 1:03 pm on February 19, 2013 in LEWISTON, ID. It is currently the 7th of march he hasn't answered any of my pm's about a dilivery yet so I have witheld the codex. If I get any kind of information from him for 21 days (3 weeks). Has anyone completed a trade with him before?

We are winged salvation, but we are a terrible, final salvation, and our wings embrace the horizon with fire. We are the Blood Angels. To confront us is to die, and death is my remit, my reality, my unbounded domain. I have known death, and defeated it, claimed it as my own. To my cost, to my strength, death is my one gift to bestow, and I am nothing if not generous.  
Made in us
Badass "Sister Sin"

Camas, WA


He had a TR on him and only one good trade in the RT list.

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