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Greeting fellow modellers. As I have begun my first major bit of kitbashing/conversion work, I have decided to start a painting and modelling log dedicated to all of my future heavy conversion works. The first project up on the block is my Nurgle Daemon prince which I'm making using a LotR Balrog as a base. While I have not documented this entire process I can give a list of parts currently used:

Lord of the Rings Balrog
Daemon Prince Shoulder Pads
Daemon Prince Clawed Left Arm
Daemon Prince Armored Loin Cloth
Daemon Prince Leg Armor
Daemon Prince Armored Torso Front
Guitar String

Posted with this blog are both two progress pictures and what the model is currently sitting at. In hindsight I probably should have waiting to start this project until I picked up the daemon prince kit itself as armoring the arms and legs would have been a lot easier if I had the separate bits to work with. To actually armor the arm I did a couple things: I cut the actual armor bit off from the claws and arms, hollowed it out, and shaved down that portion of the arm. It was kinda a pain in the ass and the arm almost snapped off several times because of how thin I had to make it but over all I think the effect was worth it. More pictures coming as soon as I continue work on it. I also apologize in advance if the pictures are bad as this is a phone camera and I am not the most experienced camera man. There's still a lot of work to be done, including greenstuffing that armor into the body but I think it's coming along well.
[Thumb - Daemon Prince 0.JPG]
Initial work on the armoring of the daemon prince

[Thumb - Daemon Prince 1.JPG]
Work on the daemon prince from the front.

[Thumb - Daemon Prince 2.JPG]
Daemon Prince from the side. You can see that I still have to green stuff some armor.


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