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Made in gb
Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

Well, i'd decided to get into Infinity a while ago and figured i'd speed paint some bits and pieces and have a go at the ruleset. A mate and
I picked the craziest looking models we could and smashed together an army each. Probably spent a day on assembly, basing and a test model and another day painting so the results are as expected.
Just thought i'd share anyway.

After a bit of reading I found out that I was painting 'The Combined Army' which sounded cool enough for me........
And while Humanity devours itself, a new threat, perhaps the most terrible of all, has managed to form a bridgehead in the heart of the Human Sphere.
A Combined Army of alien races, united beneath the dominance of an Evolved Intelligence, an ancient but supreme artificial intellect with hegemonic aspirations with respect to any race that crosses its path.

All of the guys have got cool space guns and mad names so my pic descriptions will be pretty crap i'm afraid. It's also been a while since i've played.
From what I can remember the system was pretty cool and it was a welcome break to play something so different.
So, onto the pics.......C+C welcome, Cheers.
[Thumb - IMG_0082[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army Morats and TAG

[Thumb - IMG_0073[1].JPG]
Shasvasti Seed Soldier

[Thumb - IMG_0074[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army

[Thumb - IMG_0075[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army

[Thumb - IMG_0076[1].JPG]
Awesome Jumpacking Space Monkey

[Thumb - IMG_0078[1].JPG]
Cool sniper Morat

[Thumb - IMG_0079[1].JPG]
Morat Grunt Infantry

[Thumb - IMG_0080[1].JPG]

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Oli: Can I be an orc?
Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
Made in ie
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Imagination land

I like that big yellow thing, and all the other brown things and that green things sword is wicked, but I don't like the bases, I'd go as far to say they ruin the army

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Made in gb
Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

The colour or the plastic plants or both?
I wasn't that precious with the army so I thought i'd have a go at something a bit different.
With such a wacky group of bonkers space thingies I thought I might get away with it.

Oli: Can I be an orc?
Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
Made in gb
Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

Is it a little less jarring against a pink background?
The intention was to make some crazy purple alien planet terrain to go with them.
Just something a bit more poppy eyecatching and different.
And, yes, I do own a pink shirt.
[Thumb - IMG_0094[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army

[Thumb - IMG_0095[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army

[Thumb - IMG_0096[1].JPG]
Infinity Combined Army

Oli: Can I be an orc?
Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
Made in gb
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Blackwood, Wales

I like the minis! I think you could do with just making the base rims black. I wouldnt burn peoples eyes so much then

Made in la
Witch Hunter in the Shadows



Made in gb
Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

Why wouldn't you?

Oli: Can I be an orc?
Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
Made in br
Longtime Dakkanaut


I just love them...

For C&C: they look amazing, really. I love those bases and i think the purple is great for "alien worlds". Purple colors are like blue ones: we dont have much natural ones in this world, and things are not normaly of those collors, so, when you come with purple terrain, it just stand as "alien", and do it in a great way...

The plants look too bright, great for a cool "neon effect", more alien.

But, the trim could be a more neutral, or dark, color. Right now, the base is to "bright". Maybe a dark blue? It can work wonders and will keep the "tone" of the army...

If my post show some BAD spelling issues, please forgive-me, english is not my natural language, and i never received formal education on it...
My take on Demiurgs (enjoy the reading):
Please, if you think im wrong, correct me (i will try to take it constructively). 
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