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Now that I have gotten some games under my belt, I have a general question about initiative and activation order since I have not played a lot of skirmish games with the back and forth I Go You Go mechanic. If one side has less figures than the other, is the side with less miniatures obliged to activate his or her minis or can that player 'pass' and let the other player with superior numbers activate a few more miniatures? For instance, one side has 5 figs and the other has three figs remaining. Can the player with less figs let the player with more activate two or more in a row before activating one of his or her own? Regardless, it is going to happen at the end if one side has superior numbers.

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I left that part open for players to interpret for themselves and come up with their own house rules (which means I forgot to put it in the book )

The way I do it is you both take turns going, and then any extra members all go at the end. So if you're outnumbered 5 to 1, after that one guy gets activated the whole rest of the other team will go back to back. I had a game like that happen in a demo at gencon, and Mohawk was the 1 guy left, he ran into a building and picked off a bunch of bad guys

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In most skirmish games I have played, being "out activated" means that any extra models are simply activated in an order of the player's choosing with the opposing player essentially "missing" his own turn.

I go, you go, I go , you go, I go, you can't go, I go again, you can't go, I go again, you can't go, I go again.

Every model needs to be activated before the end of the turn, and this is simply the most expedient way to make that happen. Off the top of my head, this is the way it is done in Malifaux, Freebooter's Fate, and Heavy Gear Blitz. Some games include a "wait" action that allows a model to prepare a conditional action, like a reaction. This would be like Overwatch in GW genre games. Other games, like Dust Warfare, Infinity, and HGB include reactions as part of the normal activation and action sequence.

BWG does not have a reaction system, but it does have a both sides attack in melee system, although that is also very common, particularly in GW style games (Necromunda, Mordheim, Gorkamorka, etc.).

In my campaign where the players will typically be outnumbered by enemy models, I have put in what is effectively an XP based activation order. The GM activates a number of models to equal the average XP of the players' models each time it is his turn.

PC activates (50 XP), GM activates 25 XP model, GM activates 25 XP model, PC activates, etc.

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