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Made in au
Squishy Oil Squig


Started this army a while ago and have been meaning to get pictures up for a while. The army has an Australian theme and is named after one of Australia's (and thus the world's) most venomous snakes.
Most of the army is not modeled for actually playing but more for just looking cool, so may not be game legal. A lot of the pictures aren't that great, especially the squads. Will keep updating as everything else progresses.
[Thumb - IMG_2699.JPG]
Two Chimeras

[Thumb - IMG_2700.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2701.JPG]
The Baneblade

[Thumb - IMG_2705.JPG]
3 Leman Russ'

[Thumb - IMG_2706.JPG]
Hellhound & Basilisk

[Thumb - IMG_2707.JPG]
Close up

[Thumb - IMG_2709.JPG]
'Heavy' Sentinel

[Thumb - IMG_2716.JPG]
Stormtroopers (converted from SM scouts)

[Thumb - IMG_2719.JPG]
Heavy Weapons Team

[Thumb - IMG_2723.JPG]
2 commissars

[Thumb - IMG_2725.JPG]
Catachan squad 1

[Thumb - IMG_2729.JPG]
Squad 2

[Thumb - IMG_2731.JPG]
Squad 3

[Thumb - IMG_2732.JPG]
Squad 4

[Thumb - IMG_2735.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2741.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2743.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2752.JPG]
Still a lot to do...

[Thumb - IMG_2754.JPG]
Small sentinel conversion

[Thumb - IMG_2755.JPG]
What the guardsmen actually look like in normal light

[Thumb - IMG_2761.JPG]
Ministorum Priest

[Thumb - IMG_2690.JPG]
aaaand my Mabo. Took after the sniper part in his story.

Carn Wallabies! 
Made in au
Squishy Oil Squig


These arrived today. Going to use these to make up 2 veteran squads, really running with the Australian theme- slouch hats etc. Also got the Victoria Miniatures fusion guns to use as multi melta.
[Thumb - photo (16).JPG]

[Thumb - photo (17).JPG]

Carn Wallabies! 
Made in nz
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Auckland, New Zealand

I'm liking your stuff so far; although when I was half way down your first post I thought you could use some of the vic minis slouch hats. It seems you beat me too it though.

I didn't choose the WAAGH! life, the WAAGH! life chose me.  
Made in au
Squishy Oil Squig


Yeah, I think it'll work pretty well! Hopefully...

Carn Wallabies! 
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