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Made in gb
Primered White


Hi folks

I'm looking for some suitably aggressive/spiky weapons & bits to use instead of the GW stuff (I just want something different), particularly chainswords/axes, but also shields, helmets, firearms and power fists/claws. I've seen some good stuff on Anvil Industry, Kromlech, Puppetswar, Scibor, Zinge Industries, Chapterhouse and Armorcast, but has anyone seen anything else out there?

Here are some pics of what i've found so far to give you an idea of what i'm looking for.

[Thumb - chain axe.jpg]
Anvil Industry chain axes

[Thumb - biomechanical heads.jpg]
Puppetswar biomechanical heads

[Thumb - claws (closed).jpg]
Chapterhouse Power fist with claws

[Thumb - gothtech mechanical claw (x2 left).jpg]
Armorcast Gothtech claw

[Thumb - post-apocalyptic rippers (2-handed).jpg]
Kromlech 2-handed Rippers

[Thumb - Ramshackle Claws (sprue).jpg]
Zinge Industries ramshackle claws

[Thumb - demonic swords.jpg]
Puppetswar demonic swords

[Thumb - firestorm (human).jpg]
Anvil Industry firestorm carbine

[Thumb - Large mutant pistols (set 1).jpg]
Zinge Industries mutant pistols

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I represent the forces of Cydonian Justice and their Lord High Commander, Zol'Munn.


Made in ca
Stalwart Tribune

Well, maximini makes 28mm heroic scale Ak47s M16s, m249s, barret .50s and drogounovs all of which would be fun for chaos marines. Aks and m16 could be blotters, m249s could be heavy bolters, barrets and drogounovs could be auto cannons or lascannons.

Made in us
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Round Rock, TX

I've used some of the Puppetswar Daemonic Swords and they're pretty awesome. I also like the Maxmini Power Mauls (but I put them on my Iron Warriors and they're not excessively spikey).

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Made in gb
Primered White


Ooooooooh. I had seen some Maxmini stuff on the Bitzbox site, but until now I hadn't been on Maxmini's own site. There're some rather cool helmets and the mechanical hammers look suitably weighty, but for me the standout item is the Necrotech Fists.
[Thumb - mechaegyptianhelmets.jpg]
Mecha egyptian helmets

[Thumb - skullhelmets.jpg]
Skull helmets

[Thumb - sonichelmets.jpg]
Sonic helmets

[Thumb - mk2hammers.jpg]
Mechanical hammers

[Thumb - necrotechfist.jpg]
Necrotech fists

I represent the forces of Cydonian Justice and their Lord High Commander, Zol'Munn.


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