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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

We're about to get all the new cards printed up .. wanted to show off the new gang leader & hired gun skills for all the Rebels & Reinforcements models

Weapon Information
Gating Gun Level 4
Str: 4 Short Range: 10” Long Range: 24”

Special Rules

Inaccurate: This weapon is difficult to fire accurately. All shots suffer a +1 to hit penalty.

How to Fire: The Gatling Gun spews a massive amount of bullets at your targets, spraying the general area with lead. To fire the gun, the model firing it must be in the gun’s Personal Space, and he will select his target and roll 1D6 for the weapon’s spray radius. The number rolled will be the radius in inches, and any other model (friend or foe) within this radius can be hit. For example, if you roll a 4, measure 4” from the target model’s base and any model touching this 4” radius may be hit. After targets have been determined, roll to hit for each one separately, using the firer’s Ranged Combat skill as normal.

Jamming: There is a chance this weapon can jam, especially in the hands of someone inexperienced. When rolling to hit, if ALL dice rolled show a 1 or a 2, the weapon has jammed. The weapon cannot hit any other targets this turn, and it cannot be fired again until the jam is fixed. Any model may attempt to fix it by making an Intellect roll with the weapon’s level as the target number.

Dockside Drifters

Gamblin’ Men: If Dr. Belfree leads your gang, he will have 3 additional Lucky Dice that may be used by any Dockside Drifter at any time.

The Secret Fist

The Way of the Secret Fist: If Mr. Foo leads your gang, all Secret Fist members may roll +1D6 to hit for all melee attacks.

Tranquility Crew

Crew Comes First: If Captain Reinholdt leads your gang, all Tranquility Crew members may roll +1D6 for morale rolls if a friendly model is within 6”


Ladies First: If Nightshade leads your gang, all Widowmakers in your gang who are not out of action will add 1 to your Initiative rolls. For example, if you have 3 Widowmakers in the fight, and you roll a 2, your Initiative result will be 5.

Wilde's Rangers

Government Funding: If Sergeant Wilde leads your gang, the minimum number of models required to field your first piece of Artillery is reduced to 5.

Clinton Wales

A Chest Full of Armor: Clinton wears a cast iron stove door around his neck that protects him from incoming attacks, granting him a bonus of +2 DP for any attack to his front arc.

Doc Lloyd

Engineer: +1 Int (already added to stats). May fix damaged or destroyed artillery and machines. Enter the model’s personal space and make Int roll with machine’s level for Target Number. If successful, the machine will regain 1 HP, but it’s HP can never go higher than its starting amount.

Jigga-what?: Doc is always mumbling techno-babble that confuses most people around him. Any model (friend of foe) within Doc’s personal space will have their MC reduced by 1 if their Int is lower than his.

Doctor Kilmer

I’m Your Huckleberry: Kilmer was trained as a doctor, but is renowned for his skills with firearms. Like a gunslinger, he may give his up movement when activated to take aim, earning a -1 to hit.

Father Al

Inspiring Word: As long as Father Al is not out of action, he will grant any model within 6” a -1 bonus to their morale roll target number.

Kurt Wyatt

Hell’s Coming With Me: Kurt is an infamous lawman out for revenge. If a friendly is taken out of action, Kurt will avenge him. Kurt will receive a -1 to hit bonus if he attacks an enemy that took any friendly model out of action.

Marshall Stewart

Ranger: Marshall Stewart can track any man, anywhere and there is no terrain he can’t navigate. Thus, he may move unhindered through any Area Terrain, and may also run through Area Terrain as well.

Nevada Dave

Fortune and Glory: Nevada is a world renowned treasure hunter, always managing to get himself out of any sticky situation he finds himself in. To represent his uncanny luck, roll 1D3 when the game begins, and this is how many Lucky Dice he may use during the game. These dice will work exactly like a Gambler or Gang Leader’s Lucky Dice.

Rooster Morrison

He’s Got Grit: Rooster has a reputation far and wide as a man who never backs down. His intimidating presence will increase the target number for enemy morale rolls within 6”

Shamus McFox

Not a Chicken: Shamus takes offense to anyone who calls him coward and as such will never run away from a fight, even when it’s a good idea. Shamus never makes Morale rolls and will not leave the board unless the scenario calls for it.

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