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Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

Blood Bowl in a league setting is without a doubt one of my fav games. Bar WHQ.

After getting a couple of new players into BB and it`s been quite a few years we haven`t played that much inspiration hit me hard the other day so I went ahead and scrambled through my bitz boxes. I`ve made quite a few teams over the years, I only kept a few of them while selling or giving away the rest. One team that I`ve always wanted was Skaven but there was always something that came in the way of me getting one. This will be the third Skaven team I make but this one is mine to keep

With that said, WiP pics. Only lack tails before I start greenstuffing.

Linerats (linemen):

In a skaven team these are your expendables but I just had to include that fat rat in with the linerats, so he`s a keeper My fav figure in the team so far! Other than that I`m searching to see if I have a few more open hands and stuff like that to move away from the gobbo parts a bit more. It`s not critical but it would break up the monotony.

Running rats (gutter runners):

Ghoul legs and arms, goblin torso, pistolier cloaks and stormvermin head. I like them a lot! Overall I try not to scalecreep to hard and have made everyone smaller cause skaven are small. But with the runners I couldn`t do that without messing up the flimsy legs of the ghouls. However they are stick thin so strength 2 is still valid I would say.

Throwing rats (throwers):

This is a new one for me. I usually never bother with having more than one thrower, but I`ve advanced my strategies (I think-think)

Blitzing rats (storm vermin):

Storm vermin upper body but to scale them down I used some old skaven and gobbo legs. They look cool with all of the spiky punchgloves thingies.

Unique rats (Rat Ogre & Fezglitch):

Yes do name the parts of the Rat Ogre, I dare-dare you! The Fezglitch mini is just so nice I had to add it. Note it`s not the stock Fezglitch mini!


PS: I`ll post some pics of my other team soon-soon.

Made in us
Near Golden Daemon Caliber

Affton, MO. USA

Is the rat ogre body an old metal Minotaur body by chance? The look like a good star. I always wanted to play shaven, it was my first fantasy army and first overall GW purchase, but they were so crunchy. How do you get over them being mauled all the time?

The green arms threw me off at first, thought it was going to be orcs and gobbos.

LOL, Theo your mind is an amazing place, never change.-camkierhi 9/19/13
I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
None of the strange ideas we had about you involved your sexual orientation..........-Monkeytroll 12/10/13

I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

Correct on the mino body

I`ve never played with them just plenty against. And yes they are squishy but I just gotta have them still.

Yeah the same here but I`ve started greenstuffing them, and I will fur up the arms a bit more so it`ll be sorted.


Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

Been a few days but here`s an update. I was inspired by the spikyness of the artwork in the rulebook.


You can`t see it but I`ve furred up the arms on the smaller linerats.

Throwing rats:

I wanted a few mutations. Hopefully I`ll get doubles so that I can play wysiwyg.

Blitzing rats:

Spikes on every surface I found.

Running rats:

Nothing special but one of these got a big hand.

Rat ogre:

Takes time taking it in turns but I think I`m on the right path with this one.

I inherited my younger brothers lizardmen. I decided to make a team out of the metal minis in that collection.


I used kroot arms to get better posing on them. Looks kinda out of scale in the pics but it`s not so bad irl.

Saurus and "krox":

The ones with the skull helmets will be for defensive play while the featherheads will be offensive. The "krox" I`m not sure I`ll keep the headdress yet. I like it but also I`m quite sceptic on it. Opinions?



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Bah, who am I kidding...the headdress needs to go!

A lot more happy with this direction. I`ll do the same style of helmet on the skinks where the crest is to badly damaged after I trimmed off arms and a lot more.


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Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

Feels like it`s taken forever but when I finally cracked the mental barrier of getting the job done it all went very fast.

Here`s the two first saurus done:

Wanted a simplistic but striking colour scheme. I think I nailed that. The thought is that they have dyed everything red before they go to war on the pitch. Oh and just to keep the retrofeel proper I used Lightning Bolt Blue from the old Citadel paints on the skin and scales. Aaand in true old-pot style the lid went off, on my pants then on the floor and making a right old mess....not everything was better before! On the subject of saurus, the last four will be done in a day or two.

I`ve also made more progress on the kroxigor:

Mainly smoothing out the damage after I clipped off the legs and arms of the original mini but also making the necklace. Very pleased with the greenstuffing on the necklace.


Made in gb
Servoarm Flailing Magos

Nice stuff! The rat ogre is coming along very nicely. The claw is great (And a great mutation too! )

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"Three things make the Empire great: Faith, Steel and Gunpowder!"

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

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Come at me Heretic. 
Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

Thank you I know, been trying to get that claw arm into use for ages now so happy it fit!


Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

The last four saurus are done

I`ve also basecoated the kroxigor and 4 skinks.


Made in no
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Northern Wastelands

The last PiP players for the lizardmen team:

Some skinks and the kroxigor that are finished:

And for last some new markers I`ll use on all of my teams. These are for touchdowns, turn and re-roll.


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