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Here at Shadesofchaos.com we have been running a Warpath showcase since the beginning of April. We planned to run it for a month but despite a strict posting schedule we are not yet finished. This is due to the fact that we still have so much we want to talk about on the subject, as problems go its not the worst

One of the best parts about this showcase so far has been the battle reports. The first battle report used the contents of the original starter set...

The Marauders make contact with the Forge Fathers in turn one!

The Raptor didn't last long when faced with the superior fire power of the Forge Fathers.

In our second battle report the Forge Fathers where trying to recover the data core of a crashed ship in an attempt to explain the reason for its fate. There was just one problem, the Veer-myn dont want them to have it...

The Veer-myn advance.

The battle lines clash.

If you would like to read the battle reports in full and take a look at our other posts (including tactics and home brew rules.) just click the following link http://www.shadesofchaos.com/search/label/warpath

Thanks for reading.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Myrtle Creek, OR

Very nicely done.
I probably missed it but were all the Veer-myn Mantic models or are there rat-men from other mfr's in there?
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mantic night crawlers and nightmares, GW rat ogres as shredders and GW giant rats from various places including warhammer quest.
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