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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Hey guys, My name is Drew and I've been stalking this forum for a good long while trying to get a handle on the concept and I really like it. As long as it doesn't go Cowboys and Aliens I'm cool with it.

I've found a lot of miniatures of "cowboys"and the like from a lot of different manufacturers and there are a lot of really great figures out there.

That being said, I have always like the pulp western idea and while I was doing some miniature reconnaissance for a French and Indian War game I stumbled upon some interesting miniatures. I haven't seen these posted up so instead of continuing to troll about I figured I would pop on and share what I've stumbled across.


I had to chuckle at them but then I started thinking, Native American dress did not change that drastically over the millenia they inhabited North America too much and they would be perfect for the Weird West expansion system if anyone was interested. Obviously the true scale of the miniatures is unknown to me but if anyone has any of these figures to compare them to any existing lines or gave them a shot it would be great to know.

A fellow gamer posted up some pictures of Abraham Lincoln as his pulp self from the vampire movie and this would be great. I'm sure zombie cowboys are out there as well and would keep with the time period.

Great invention/idea for a game and I wish you continued success.

I am anxiously awaiting the first of my posse to arrive so I can get gaming.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Necros is looking at doing his "undead" expansion after the "Curse of the Skinwalker." I'm eagerly looking forward to it. I bought my Abe Lincoln mini from Ainsty, and I love it. Honestly, I just sold the other two minis because Abe was the only one I really wanted.

I also love Conquest. I just wish they made more Old West stuff! They have a very small selection of Sioux and Comanche, but the sculpting is always beautiful. I love the Zindians, but I haven't gotten around to buying them yet. In the meantime I'm painting some Victorian Zombies from West Wind. I know Wargames Foundry makes cowboy zombies but they did not look very appealing to me.

My other favorite is this guy:

Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Welcome and thanks

I'm not sure about the scale of those zombies, the only other company I've seen with similar sized cowboys is probably Black Scorpion, by BWG figs are a teeny bit taller than them, maybe half a head or so. More like 30mm to the eye, instead of 28mm, but you can't tell unless you have a ruler.

We won't be doing cowboys vs aliens.. not like the movie anyway There are some old indian stories about star children, I might look into that later on and see if there's a way to incorporate them without it just being silly.

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