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Infiltrating Broodlord

Oklahoma City

Well, I hate to do this, but I think it's time.

So everything started out normal, I was pretty new to the swap shop, DakkaDakka and wargaming in general, I had made I think one or two deals to get myself a bunch of cultists and tacticals to bolster my Dark Vengeance box that I bought, but I decided I didn't want to play either faction so I put them up here to try trading them. The Dark Angels have been traded with no issues. Happily looking forward to playing Space Wolves I think that's enough background.

I contacted Dakka user HereticWolf after seeing one of his trade threads offering a pewter Protectorate of Menoth battlegroup NIB for trade. I wanted it and sent him an offer of 60 cultists (don't judge me, I really didn't want to play Chaos) for the box, straight trade no cash involved. He PM'd me back asking to chat by text message for convenience sake. I obliged, we talked and we agreed on 50 cultists plus the Chosen, Helbrute and Chaos Lord for the Protectorate box. I shipped the same day we agreed upon, that was May 9th. He said he would post out by "tomorrow" the 10th. I provided him with a tracking number upon shipping my items, the same day and gave him my address. He texted me the 11th and said that he missed post but would have the box out by Monday. It was at this time that I decided I'd rather not play Warmachine and asked him to include some 40k stuff at his own behest. He said that would be fine and that he had a Librarian and 8 tactical marines laying around that he didn't want. I said that'd be great and that he should throw them in the box if that was alright. He confirmed to me on this day (11th of May) that he had received my shipment. On May 14th, he texted me again saying that he had shipped my items and left the tracking number at home since he was contacting me while at work. He said he would text me the number the following day. 6 days later, I had not received the package and texted him saying so. He finally texted me another 3 days later (May 23rd) saying that his father had been injured and he hadn't had time to post, that it would be shipped the following day. I let him know that I was freaked out but happy that I'd finally be getting my stuff. It is now June 4th (Almost June 5th) and I still have not received my package or a tracking number. I texted him mid afternoon yesterday asking for the tracking number so I could find my package wherever it is. I still have not gotten a response.

I would like to know if anyone else has had issues with HereticWolf or his trades or items and if I could be compensated for the almost $120 in models I lost to him somehow.
I am sad and hate that it has come to this, but I need some way to take action. I can provide records for our PMs and all text messages detailing what I have written above on request.

Thank you everyone for anything you can offer at this time.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Eternal Plague

His last post on Dakka was 5/29, which is about a week ago and has posted several times since May 23rd. He even updated his Swap Shop thread since May 23rd. So his father's injury has not adversely affected him too much.

A Transaction Report brings front and center this problem. HereticWolf is still posting here on DakkaDakka at least as recently as last week, so this should either force the person to come back and deal with this or have an unresolved Transaction Report hang over any other deals he may try to do.

Right now, let the Transaction Report speak for itself and save your PMs.

The Swap Shop info thread gives you general advice on what to do next:


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