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Hello everyone,

There seems to be a bit of a rash of people starting forum threads in this forum that say things like:

'Would you allow this?'


'I need help with a couple things'

These thread titles are non-descriptive and don't allow people to know what the point of the thread is before clicking on it (which is therefore rude to everyone else)...not to mention these threads are terrible for using the search function to find later.

I've been trying to edit people's thread titles myself to add actual descriptions of what the thread is actually about, but as this behavior is getting more and more common, we're simply just going to start locking threads that have non-descript titles in this forum.

If you see a thread that has a non-descript title, please don't hesitate to click the 'notify moderator' button on any post in that thread (the little yellow icon with the exclamation mark in it) to point out that such a thread has been started.

If you are someone who has had your thread locked for having a non-descript title you have two choices:

A) You can start a new thread with a title that actually describes the point of your thread.
B) You can PM a moderator to have your thread re-opened and what you'd like the title of the thread changed to so as to actually make it describe the point of your thread.


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Not quite sure what you mean here. I just did a post about dark eldar jetbikes and blast maker hits.
Was this the kind of posts you are talking about?
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If your asking a question about dark eldar etc put

Dark eldar: jetbikes and blast markers

Simple and can be found easily with search, infact Yak, I suggest that format for all threads on ymdc from here on out
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Oh ok. Got it. Thanks Formosa

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Oh ok. Got it.
Thanks Formosa

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I think this needs doing threads forum wide the amount of threads (especially in N+R) that I have duplicated because of cryptic titles is stupid.

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