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'Jack Scrapper


how wide are the tracks?

as something like this might fit and would be a good alternative to the vinyl

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Fresh-Faced New User

That might work, if you're willing to put in the work. The Char tracks are about 1,2 cm wide. Also, that set of tracks is as expensive as the tank itself, but that's going to be the issue with pretty much all aftermarket bitz.
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Aspirant Tech-Adept


I think the easier conversion is to plasticard up the track areas, and then mount the tracks further out from the body, to widen it to Chimera/Hellhound size. In fact, I think I might give this a go myself... Might be easier to just cut the track sections off altogether and just widen the hull using whatever method, then putting the wheels and tracks on to that part.

Edit: Bought one for $22 AUD. That's 1/3rd the retail price of the Chimera here in Australia, and who knows what fraction of the $83 price for a Hellhound. Absolute bargain, and I no longer have to think about how to widen 1/48 Sherman's or M10's to make them into Chimera's/Hellhounds.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Here's a Meng Toon M5 Stuart, converted into a Grot Tank:

It's a little big for a Grot Tank, admittedly - if you want to emulate the FW models, you'd better stick to Meng's Shermans.
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