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Made in us
Splattered With Acrylic Paint

Irvine, CA

I recently became enchanted with the idea of Mordrak and his ghost knights, I really like the fluff so I've started working on some. So far I've finished two, one with a hammer, and the second one is magnetized for swapping out for sword or halberd.
I've used a paint called sophisticated finishes that creates an actual patina from paint that contains actual copper particles. Airbrush for the power weapon effect and glow on the feet area.
[Thumb - ghost knight halberd 1 7-21.jpg]

[Thumb - ghost knight halberd 2 7-21.jpg]

[Thumb - ghost knight sword 1 7-21.jpg]

[Thumb - ghost knight sword 2 7-21.jpg]

[Thumb - ghostie.jpg]

Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

Gunblaze West

At first i thought what a rusty piece of crap! Then i read and realized that it was a paint effect and was pleasantly surprised.... though this might be me but that rust effect looks mostly sea-related to me instead of ghost related however YMMV

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I swear I think those two have a hate-crush on each other sometimes.
Made in us
Splattered With Acrylic Paint

Irvine, CA

I wanted to do something different for the Ghost knights, and I'd been wanting to try out that paint. That and since I'm doing an alternate paint scheme for the rest of my Grey Knights, I think it works. for example, here's the Hammer Ghost knight with the Justicar for my terminator squad
[Thumb - IMAG0195_1_1.jpg]

Made in no
Archmagos Veneratus Extremis


I like this....moar please
Made in us
Splattered With Acrylic Paint

Irvine, CA

Here's a better shot of the justicar, I painted everything except for the blade of his halberd last, and then realized I could'nt mask everything off properly, so his halberd isn't activated... yeah.
[Thumb - justicar 1.jpg]

[Thumb - justicar 2.jpg]

[Thumb - group shot.jpg]

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Made in gb
Morphing Obliterator


Seriously cool. Where can I get that paint. It'd look amazing on plague marines

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