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Fort Worth, Texas

I've had many fantastic trades on dakka and those whom I've traded with can vouch that I always sent clear pictures and concise descriptions of my items.

I offered IMPERIALGUARD40k a NOS valkyrie, NOS cadian squad and some ork nobz in trade for 30 slugga boyz, 20 gretchin, 2 necron destroyers and 30 warriors. He sent me 30 warriors in a poorly packed box so they arrived broken and an ork lobba. When I asked about being shorted on the trade, he stated he thought it was only for the necrons when our PMs were very clear. Then while looking on bartertown, I notice he's got a post including on NOS Valkyrie and 10 NOS cadian shock troops. I pm him stating I want either the orks promised or my items back. He offered $25 compensation. I countered with more and he's been silent.

When I stated the trade was wrong, he stated the orks were traded and so were the guard units I'd sent him.

Today's post now shows a NOS Valkyrie and a NOS cadian shock troop squad. He's either very ignorant or lying. I suspect the latter. The handwriting on the package he sent was either done by someone with a broken hand or couldn't read as even my name and address were misspelled. So I asked for my models back and have heard nothing.

Until I get my models, I'll soon be filing a fraud report with the police.

For your own safety, do not trade with this person. Feel free to PM me any questions and I can give you more details and we are not allowed to post personal info on dakka.
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I have recently traded with him, and I sent him some Daemons for 6 killa kans, a Dakkajet, and 5 Nobz. When I received them, they had been badly packaged and all but one of the Kans was missing bitz, and one or two of the Nobz were AoBR, when I had SPECIFICALLY been assured they were all from the Nobz box. Because of the bad packaging the Dakkajet was broken and needed repairs. Now, it is my fault for not asking him to send me pictures of the Kans, but the bad packaging and the lying about the Nobz are on him. I haven't asked anything of him, mainly because I just didn't feel it worth the trouble, but since there's already a report here going, I'd at least like to mention my own troubles with this individual, and wish Maxstreel luck.
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St. Louis, MO

I sent him a PM on Bartertown with a link to this thread. I explained my concerns with him and asked him to come here to address the situation.

I hope it helps.


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To Purifyingflame_7 Iam sorry about the packaging I thought it would be adequate and the nobs I thought I gave you non aobr nobs if you like I can ship you 2 nobs if that would help.

To Maxsteel like he said miss understanding about how much for the trade on which models. I thought he meant choose from the list of mottles he wanted to equal value of his 10 ig ,Valkyrie, and 3 nobs.So I sent him the 30 warriors and necron destroyers.
For the broken crons I told him that I was shipping his crons when they were dropped and broke.So to compensate I asked him would it be okay to ship him and ork lobba gun to compensate for the crons he said that would be fine.
He dint say any thing about the orks even when I said I shipped your crons.
I offer to compensate for the ork models which I already traded by giving him $25 he says that $25 is not good enough and wants $60.
All during the trade he was harassing me about the models calling me ignorant and other things.
He sends me a pm I am not home to respond went to go visit family then go to Baltimore bronycon 2013 (Fluffle Puff best pony) with family come back he opens a transaction report on me.
Get an email notice about the pm on barter town check it out and response and now typed this and waiting for response.

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Fort Worth, Texas

I stated it would be fine to send the models. More than 5 of the necrons were broken. On top of that you conveniently (in your favor) forgot to include the orks that were part of the transaction.

The problems are these:
1. The transaction details were clear and your errors are in your favor.
2. I told you I want my models back and I'll send yours back to you. You have not responded yet are offering my models on dakka and bartertown.
3. You refuse to contact me when I gave you my phone number and followed up with private messages here.
4. I didn't say anything about the orks as I expected, as most honest people on the dakka trade forum, you to be honest and honor the original deal, not conveniently decide the details without verification.

If you're not being dishonest, then send back my models and I'll send yours back to you. The original deal was not honored and you sent me many broken models, more than the 5 you stated were broken. The packaging was minimal and all of this is benefitting you. So please explain to me how you think this is okay?

My motivation is this: you did not honor your end of the deal. You may wonder why I'm so adamant about this: I am a professional and own my own business. My word with my patients is my bond. I have a solid code of ethics to provide the best possible service in benefit of my patients. If they feel they're not getting their end of the deal, we find the best solution together, up to and including not having to pay for their visits and finding another provider that has a better fit.

The cost of the models is actually neglibible as I can purchase them many times over. The problem is your lack of being forthright and conveniently stopping communication after your "error" was noted. That can only be interpreted as dishonesty.

There are such things as honest mistakes. However, they can be fixed. I expect you to fix your end of the deal. As you stated the orks are gone, no problem. Then send back my models that you have conveniently offered for trade on dakka and Bartertown.

For other dakka members, if you'd like pictures of the models and terrible packaging, I can post those. I can share his personal information if you'd like but cannot post it on the forum.

Thank you Purifyingflame_7 for sharing. Sorry to hear how IMPERIALGUARD40k has dealt with you. Too similar to how he's dealing with me now. Hopefully IMPERIALGUARD40K will do the right thing without me having to involve the authorities.
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I traded 5 broadsides IMPERIALGUARD40k and he was suppose to give me a baneblade sent him the models never got broadsides.
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I sent him a 6 kill kans and ork nobs for baneblade sent the orks. never got my stuff.
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I would like to see the pics. I just started trading and would like to see what is not acceptable packaging.

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British Columbia

Likeman and orkrulz were those trades done through Bartertown?

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Two profiles made 20 minutes from each other? Interesting.

Check out my trades http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/515178.page

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Fort Worth, Texas

Here are images of the packaging and models:

Picture 1: The outside of the box. I covered his return info with a sheet of paper. Notice the post office even was asking what the mailing address was supposed to be.

Picture 2: The box once opened. Here we are greeted with a bunch of bubble wrap and plastic bags placed on top of the models (not wrapped around them where the packing would actually do their job of protecting the models). This allowed the models to move around the box very freely in transit.

Picture 3: The inside of the box. Models being able to move freely while in transit is a terrible thing. These finally came to rest in the inside left corner of the box with numerous broken models. The packaging appeared to be an afterthought just to fill space.

Hence, here is an example of what I've had to deal with. Unacceptable packaging is anything that doesn't protect the models or items being traded.
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Ouch. Well now i know how NOT to pack. Kinda feel bad i just shipped some tau but most was on the spru. No bubble wrap but all the sprus are in a box thats in a box.

Imperial Fist-6k
Dark elves-4k
Dark eldar 2.5k
Warriors of chaos-4k
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Was this ever resolved?

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