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Hello out there Attack Wing fans, all 3 of us on dakka.
Well I was surfing through the net and found that Boardgamegeek.com has the wave 2 expansions up on their site, and there are pics of the card board, so here is a breakdown of what we are getting in October.
U.S.S. Defiant.
Looks like the Defiant is:
3 attacks
2 defense
3 hull points
4 shields
And 24 points
And now the federation has a ship that can u-turn.
I can’t read the ship text from the pic but it looks like it has something to do with hits and crits.
-Sisko, captain, captain skill 8, 4 pts, can have an elite ability and is captain skill 6, plus he can re-roll 1 attack or defense die per round for free (not an action).
-Kira is the other captain I am sorry to day, I was hoping for Warf. She has a captain skill of 3 can’t tell the points but it looks like a lot of words on her ability.
-ATTACK PATTERN OMEGA, is an elite ability, that is only 3 points, and unique. It is awesome, if you score a hit on an opponent’s hull you can immediately search through the damage deck and put a “warp core breach” on their ship. OUCH! But it is unique so it will not be all over the place.
-Quantum Torpedoes, weapon, 6 pts, 5 attacks at range 2-3, and something about adding one extra hit, but I can’t read all of the text so sorry there.
-Jadzia Dax, crew, 4pts, disable to make an additional “2” move, forwards or backwards, but you cannot attack that round.
It looks like you also get another O’brian and Warf
The best news of all
-Cloaking device, equipment 4 pts, gives the ship cloaking, cost +5 for any other ship. That is right boys & girls if you really want you can now cloak your Enterprise D. Look out universe.

Kronos One
4 attacks
1 evade
4 hull
3 shields
24 pts
It really seems like a beefed up version of the D-7. It is even the same model, down to the color, which is odd. But it is the card board you want in this one. A lot of people may not be impressed but I think it will make a nice medium ship for the Klingons that right now only have heavy and lights.
-Chang, captain, captain skill 6, can take an elite ability, and 4 pts. His text is Action: spend your target lock to disable the captain card on the ship that was target locked. That is cool!
-ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH, elite ability & unique, 5 pts, Action: disable this card to make two attacks with your primary weapon at -1 attack die on each attack. Put that on a Vor’cha and you will be rolling 8 attacks!
-Kerla, crew, 2 pts, unique, when defending at range 1 may convert one “battle station” to an evade. That is very good for the Klingon’s.
-GorKon, captian, captain skill of 5, 3 pts, can’t read his text sorry.

Fifth Wing Patrol Ship (Jem’hadar fighter)
3 attacks
2 evade
3 hull
3 shilds
22 pts
Ship ability, ACTION: when attacking this round roll one extra attack die, when defending roll 1 less defense die

-Weyoun, captain, captain skill 6, 4pts, can’t read the text.
-Luaran, captain, captain skill 3, again can’t read the rest.
-LONG RANGE TACHYON SCAN, equipment, 2 pts, when attacking at range 3, spend 1 scan token to force the enemy to roll 2 less defense dice
-Omet’Iklan, crew, unique, 5pts, May only be taken on a jem hadar fighter, Text: Whenever you attack you may convert 1 result into a hit result. This is nasty, he can convert either a blank or a battle stations then, and he does not take up an action.
-PHASED POLARON BEAM, weapon, range 1-3, 3 attacks, 5 pts, attacks ignore the targets shields and go right to the hull. OUCH! But it is 5 extra points on any other ship.
There are 2 more Jem’Hadar crew, and a piece of equipment call SUICIDE ATTACK that I can’t read.

I.R.W. Praetus
2 attacks
2 evade
3 hull,
0 shields (that’s right even the named ship has 0, so you better be cloaking)
14 pts
Ship ability: You may cloak if you have no active shields, whenever you do cloak, roll 1 attack die, on a “battle station” result you take 1 damage.
I am assuming that the generic cannot cloak, due to the fact that it has no text, but I can’t see its action bar.
-Valdor, (wonder what the Romulans named after him), Captain, Captain skill of 5, 3 pts, ability: When attacking and your ship is not in the enemies forward arc you gain 1 attack die.
-CLOAKED MINES, there is a lot of text there and it is really tiny so sorry you will have to wait on that one.
-POLARIZED HULL PLATING, equipment, 2 pts, when you ship is hit you may convert one crit into a hit. Very Nice for 2 pts.
-NUCLEAR MISSILES, weapon, 3 attacks, 2 pts, range1-2, may reroll one blank result.

I have to say the Praetus is a little disappointing but it is a 22nd century ship so it should be crap compared to what else is out there. One the bright side it has 2 attacks, and comes with some good cards, granted most of them would work better on other ships. Down side is it only has one named captain and one generic. It also looks like this can take weapons so it may be a little better that the science ship for the romulan players who want a cheap light ship.

Well folks that’s about all I can read from the pics, so discuss.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


Another coolthing I just noticed it that Kronos One has a rear firing arc. It will be the only Klingon ship to have one so I can see it poping up in a few lists for that reason alone.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
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Fighter Pilot


I was hoping the Defiant would be a bit cheaper, but it would have been too good at that point. Do you know how much the cloaking device is to put on the Defiant? 5pts?

This seems to be the wave of small ships, so I was surprised that they didn't release the Bird of Prey for the Klingons. I bet the Bird of Prey has a very similar profile to the Praetus.

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Stubborn Prosecutor


The cloaking device for the defiant is 4 pts, 9 for other federation ships, and 10 for everyone else. It would have been nice to get the bird of prey for the klingons, but I think kronos one is cool too. Besides it is only a small wait, there is a bird of prey in the December release. I know what I will be asking for Christmas and I don't mind duplicates

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Honestly the bird of prey should be way better than the Praetus. They are newer and the in next gen time the bird of prey & K'T'inga (kronos one) class make up the back bone of the Klingon fleets so they should be a little tougher. I think the praetus is the worst ship so far, I will only bebuying it for the cards that come with it, but that's me. I am not a big fan of Enterprise the show so I am not really jazzed over anything coming from it.

For the bird of prey I am hoping for something like:
and around 18-20 points.

You don't really want it cheaper because then there would be no point to take the D-7.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Though I do have to say even though I don't care for its rules every time I see the praetus the more I like the look of it. I was mistaken above, its not the worst that title is for the romulan science vessel.

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It's time to go full Skeletor  
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Can't wait to get my hands on the new ships. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying multiple of them.
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To me the Defiant seems a little under gunned. Considering it was built to combat the Borg and was always described as way over gunned amd overpowered for its size I would have expected at least a 4 or 5 Attack on it. On the other hand I am glad to see the ability (When defending convert all your opponents Crits to normal hits) reflects the ablative armouring the ship was supposed to have.

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Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


I think the defiant is good. I too had the same thought at first, but you do have to think about the size of the ship. It was desinged to fight the borg, but there was supposed to be a whole fleet of them. The defiant class is small ship with big guns. It has close to the same stats as a galaxy class but only a fraction of the size. So the federation could build a bunch of them for the resources that it would take to build a larger ship. The defiant was never supposed to take one a borg cube by itself but it was desinged to be one of many in a antiborg battle fleet.

At first I was also concerned over its points but the maneuverability that is has balances it out.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
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