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Made in us
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

This is an extremely detailed narrative campaign I have been developing for the past few years. I'm putting it up here as a resource for the community. I'm currently using this Sector (that I made completely from scratch, but was inspired by the Anargo Sector Project) as the campaign setting for a Deathwatch game I've been running for the past 2 years or so (Watchfortress Mnemom).

This is a brief timeline of the history of the Darion Sector. As I add more to the campaign backgrounds and goals, I'll post more here. It is my hope that this thread can be used as a sort of narrative hub for players who are interested in getting involved in this campaign from the comfort of their own homes and gaming clubs. I want to add to the ongoing narrative and evolve this Sector, this grand and sweeping story. I also want to use this thread as a means of inspiring epic terrain projects. Grand Battles deserve beautiful battlefields; Legends demand Legendary stories.

304.M35 The fleets of Warmaster Asteron breach the Gossamer Veil – a vast nebula 6 light years across – and enter a region of space not seen by human eyes since the dawn of the Golden Age. All contact with the Astronomicon is promptly lost. The Asteron Crusade soldiers on regardless, winning countless battles against the most depraved and degenerate alien species.

309.M35 Admiral Soross leads the Second Fleet into what will become the Persyon subsector and, beginning with the temperate river world that would later bear his name, proceeds to carve out a swath of newly conquered worlds.

311.M35 Lord Admiral Octavian Sorgun, aboard the Battleship Divine Interventionist, lumbers into the Tetrion system with 17 ships of the line in tow. They have received extensive damage in engagements with an unknown foe and have retired to what augurs had determined was a mineral-rich system. Here they discover a pre-Imperial, system-wide human kingdom under the technological guidance of the University world of Turhko. Peaceful negotiations allow the Divine Interventionist and all its 17 cohorts to repair and refit before returning to reinforce Warmaster Asteron as he battles the increasingly resistant alien Cephalon empire in and around the planets of Khskaya, Chiaktur, and Tzinkvala.

312.M35 Another pre-Imperial human planet is discovered, the boiling world of Xtarko. Along with numerous, warring hive-nations, Xtarko’s dense and steaming atmosphere hides the remnants of an Adeptus Astartes Fortress Monastery. The Aeonic Legion Space Marines Chapter has left behind partially altered stewards who have been awaiting the penitent chapter’s return for over six centuries. After a lengthy ground campaign, Xtarko is eventually brought to heel and in 320.M35 begins supplying Imperial Guard Legions to Lord Asteron’s dwindling Crusade.

327.M35 The Cephalon race is finally defeated and driven to ground beneath the chaotic waves of Khskaya. Two whole Legions – the all-female “Red Widows” Artemis 614th and the Valhallan 96th Mechanized – are retired and given settlement rights on Khskaya, establishing a strong martial heritage that will later serve them as an Astartes recruitment world.

335.M35 The Battleship Asteron’s Legacy takes up permanent orbit around a rainy, temperate world in the newly established Astero Sector. The planet’s largest moon – christened Bishop – has extensive fortresses built across its surface. This becomes the Sector Capitol. The Adeptus Administratum begins to establish order.

337.M35 The last of the Second Fleet, under the command of recently promoted Admiral Leeshii, attempts to escape the Gossamer Veil and return with news of triumph to the Imperium of Man. They are never seen or heard from again.

412.M37 For more than two whole millennia the Astero Sector and its subsectors – Persyon and Tet – flourish under an Imperium-like rule, but without the guidance of the Astronomicon order begins to deteriorate. Finally, from across the void, comes a new Crusade. This, under the guidance of the Bishop of Dianna, has come from the recently established Teme Diocese to the Galactic Northwest. The Age of Apostacy has reached Astero. For nearly seven bloody centuries it is ruled by the unyielding Ecclessiarchy. In the end it is the Sisters of the Ardent Shroud who finally free Astero from the very institution they once served.

114.M38 Astero is renamed Darion and the Sector Capitol is moved from the Cathedral world of Asteron and its Bishop Moon to the Imperial world of Dario. With this establishment comes the Adeptus Mechanicus’ colonization of the acidic swamp world of Omari. The long and ultimately bloody rivalry between pre-Imperial Turhko and Omari begins.

117.M38 Construction begins on the Ocean world of Gabrielle as its tiny islands are converted into shrines and fortress abbeys to house the Order of the Vigilant Sisters under the Prioress Organa. The bodies of Saint Cyr, Saint Indira, and Saint Gabriella – the last survivors of the Sisters of the Ardent Shroud’s campaign to free Astero – are interred here.

119.M38 The newly established Heralds Space Marine Chapter arrives in the Darion Sector and establishes its Fortress Monastery on Dario, quickly incorporating itself into the ruling caste. The Heralds are an Ultramarines successor chapter and pride themselves on their parent chapter’s wisdom. Thinking they can emulate Ultramar, the Heralds begin to recruit from the noble houses of the sector and insinuate themselves into every aspect of Sector governance.

278.M40 A Tyranid splinter of Hive Fleet Jormandgr invades Darion and immediately attacks the Prison world of Ceel. The Heralds send six of its ten companies to eradicate the xenos, but after severe losses, manage only to contain the threat at Ceel. All inmates and citizens of Ceel are considered lost, but the planet’s mineral riches are considered too vital to write off and so the planet is quarantined. The entire 3rd company is lost, and most of the Heralds’ remaining companies are reduced to less than half strength. The 8th Reserve Assault Company is permanently deployed to the Quarantine Fleet and begin to earn the nickname “Dragon Slayers”. For reasons still unknown the Tyranid threat has not moved beyond Ceel although all nearby systems remain on high alert.

789.M41 Tensions between Omari and Turhko finally boil over and the Heralds, who believe that every action they take is the Will of the Emperor, declare the planet to be Traitoris. Lines are drawn and many worlds side with Turhko, a long time supplier of machines, medicine, and knowledge. Within one year full-scale civil war breaks out and Darion and its subsectors are left vulnerable to the depredations of the expanding alien Tau. These xenos quickly seize the Agriworlds of Soross and Hant and move to threaten even more vital systems in the Persyon subsector.

791.M41 The Shrine World of Teme Impolshu, in the nearby Teme Subsector, launches a Sisters of Battle Crusader fleet hell-bent on securing sites of Ecclessiarchal significance throughout their warring neighbor Sector.

792.M41 Total chaos still reigns across the entire Darion Sector. Its worlds locked in battle , its cities in ruin. There is no peace amongst these stars, only the laughter of dark gods and an eternity of war.


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Waaazag da Kan't Stoppable (ORKS) ~6,000 points
Orks-in-Progress, Finished Orks.
Terrain I'm making.
The Darion Sector War Campaign.
Into the Jaws of Hell 40k campaign.
I do commissions. If you are interested send me a PM and we can talk concepts and pricing. 
Made in us
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Planetary Datafax: TZINKVALA

System Reference: Fourth planet from the star VGC6-81, in the Gorgi system, designated Tzinkvala, Ice Planet. Atlas Stellarum Astero (Darion); sub index Persyon, M35 reference.

Population: Approximately 575 million

Tithe Grade: Exactus Median (Since the end of Ecclesiarchal rule in Darion [+ cross ref/176001/Nerfler Cogis/Minimal: Age of Apostacy; Astero Sector; Bishop of Dianna +] Tzinkvala has been largely isolated. Although its many sub-oceanic hive cities still produce in massive quantities, these goods are mostly distributed locally to fuel algal and plankton harvesting. Principle exports from Tzinkvala include foodstuffs, fresh water, extreme-environment survival suits, and machine components, as well as significant Militant tithes currently to the Omari ‘Martian Crusade’. With the threat of invasion imminent however, these Regiments have been semi-permanently stationed to Tzinkvala proper and, although officially designated ‘Infantry Only’, currently include thousands of locally fabricated submersible craft and armored walkers.)

Geography/Demography: Tzinkvala is a ringed Iceworld in the proximity of the ‘Basket Belt’ – a string of worlds in the Persyon subsector that largely provide food and goods to the majority of Imperial citizens in the Darion sector. Tzinkvala itself is largely liquid water with a massive layer of kilometers-thick ice at its surface. Surface conditions are unsuitable for human survival although a few scattered and heavily insulated ‘encampments’ do exist there. Largely these outposts are manned only by servitors and specially modified tech adepts. However, these frozen stations are vital to Tzinkvala’s continued existence for it is here that atmospheric gases are recycled and goods from below or off world are transferred.

Beneath the massive glacial flows, and tenuously connected to the surface via long, insulated tunnels, are Tzinkvala’s hive cities. Each hive is a collection of multi-tiered and encapsulated habitats or manufactorums; its teeming citizenry ply their trade within the labyrinthine gangways and frozen passages. An intricate mag-line traverses the under-ice, connecting the many isolated cities. Every section of each city-hive also maintains and operates its own submarine facility for commerce, harvesting, and travel.

Deep beneath the suffocated waves of this world lurk vast Cephalonic predators, feeding on the virtually limitless variety of chemo- and zooplankton species this world has to offer.
Like any world of this complexity Tzinkvala is home to myriad strata of Adepta. However, due to its unique isolation, Tzinkvala has suffered little in the 6,481 years since colonization. Tzinkvalans know a peace and prosperity, even a safety, unlike any other citizen of the Imperium in the Darion sector. Although they risk drowning if a seal fails, or freezing to death if their environments degrade or their equipment malfunctions, even the prospect of death in the tentacled clutches of some alien predator does little to dampen the mood of these fiercely independent people.

To this end, the Tzinkvalans are loathe to trust outsiders and Ecclesiarchal, Arbites, and Inquisitorial forces have each in succession learned this at their peril. Now this ice world is threatened from Outside and as the forces of the Tau Empire close in upon them Tzinkvalans are more determined than ever to defend their homes.

Governmental Type: Imperial Oligarchy; Semi-Autonomous Hive-Citystates

Planetary Governor: Lord-Elector Kuchinku Jagdiri

Adept Presence: Myriad Adeptus Administratum; Minor Presence: Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Arbites. Totaling less than 10% of the population’s total make-up.

Military: PDF comprised of 150,000 standing troops – all professional volunteers, well-equipped with local manufacture harsh-environment survival gear and imported las-weapons of primarily Tuhrkon manufacture [ + ref.Tech-heresy/Omari Edict ALX17/Tuhrkon Suppression + ]. Steady replacements from Omari have officially phased out use of Tuhrkoni designs, but many veteran units still use their old weapons [ + addendum status: classification High/High + ].
Recent Regimental tithing has increased the standing military force on Tzinkvala by nearly 3 million fighting men and women, although these new recruits are primarily conscripts and lack both the superior training and weapons of the indigenous PDF. Status (Low/Average).
Locally manufactured service/maintenance walkers and harvest submersibles have either been converted or modified (+ priority reference: Magos Augustine/Extremis: Heretek, [EXPUNGED] + ).

+ Inquisitorial Addendum: Code Gamma/All Eyes +
The high presence of Turhkon technology on this world renders all echelons of military command suspect. Should news of the ‘Martian Crusade’ (+ reference: Omari Forgeworld, Magos Augustine/Evidenum; cross ref. Heralds Space Marine Chapter, Dario++) reach Tzinkvala, agents are authorized to implement Operation Stalker (+ cross ref. [OMITTED], Assassinorium Agents in place: [OMITTED])

+ Tzinkvala Must Remain in Imperial Hands, Let Neither Heresy nor Xenos Trespass: Never Falter in Thy Duty, For Even the Mightiest May be Brought Low by the God-Emperor’s Merciless Hand +

Automatically Appended Next Post:

Planetary Datafax: KVARJA

System Reference: Principle satellite moon of the Tzinkvala ice planet, designated ‘Kvarja’. Atlas Stellarum Darion; sub index Persyon, M38 reference.

Population: Negligible

Tithe Grade: Exactus – [Non] (With few natural resources and the constant threat of meteor impact, Kvarja’s single Adeptus outpost has been exempt from planetary tithes since its establishment in 614.M39.)

Geography/Demography: Kvarja is a dense world less than one tenth the size of Holy Terra that nonetheless maintains a semi-regular orbit within the ice rings of the planet Tzinkvala in the Persyon subsector. Light from the parent star, coupled with Kvarja’s irregular orbit, and the proximity of Tzinkvala means that Kvarja’s days and nights often last upwards of several standard weeks casting temperatures wildly from sub-freezing to the lowest limits of human survivability. Constant threat of impact from captured ice, rock, and other debris renders Kvarja’s surface a shattered wasteland of craters, and powerful winds carry particulate, crystal dust that renders surface visibility practically nil.
Only a single structure was ever erected on Kvarja’s surface, that of an armored and shielded observatory, designated ‘Station Epsilon‘. Casting its gaze star-wards, the powerful magniscopes and analysis gear within the fortress-observatory has served the Adeptus Mechanicus as a research station for well over two millennia. Moreover, the Inquisition has used Kvarja’s only asset as a monitor for the entire Persyon subsector and, in particular of late, as a way of tracking the movements of Tau stellar war craft throughout the region.
Never has population been a priority for Kvarja and, being a Mechanicus stronghold, its ‘citizens’ are mostly manufactured or else replaced from the near limitless supply of menial mono-tasked servants found throughout the slums of the Omari Forgeworld.

Governmental Type: Mechanicus Protectorate

Lunar Governor: Arch-Magos Atillas Bruun

Adept Presence: Less than 100 personnel – Adeptus Mechanicus/Chthonic, Adeptus Mechanicus/Technomantic, myriad lesser strata; servitor presence – menial, labor, and defense – significantly outnumbers their masters.

Military: No significant Imperial Guard or Naval presence. Defensive servitors number less than a cohort equivalent. Departmento records show ‘Station Epsilon’ capable of landing and billeting only a single company of Guard, sans armor and support, although at no time in its 2,178 year history has this action ever been documented as occurring.

+ Inquisitorial Addendum: Code Vermillion +
Fortress-Observatory ‘Station Epsilon’ considered priority one asset. Loss of this installation would put a considerable dent in Battlefleet Darion’s ability to track and counter Tau expansionist tendencies. All personnel save principle Magos (+ cross ref/168764/Nerfler Cogis/Maximus: Magos Castillo Roega/Chthonic; Arch-Magos Atillas Bruun/Biologis; Magos Snyya Duril/Technomancer; priority +), and/or data stack, and/or hard-wired Astropathic drone Klytho, considered expendable to hold or recapture this facility.

+ The Eyes of the Emperor Stare Unblinking, His Enemies are Right to Cower +

+ Deathwatch Addendum: Code Omega +
Fortress-Observatory ‘Station Epsilon’ status /Tainted/+ Datacore and principle Magos rescued or retrieved 017.M41 by Deathwatch Team Aleph. Although station currently inert, a single Skitarii Phalanx ( + cross ref.Omari Edict ALX70/Turhkon Suppression Forces + ) occupies the facility. Efforts underway to cleanse and re-consecrate the almighty machine spirit within. Analysis of retrieved datacore suggests imminent Tau invasion of parent world ( + ref.Tzinkvala Hive world + ). Task Force Octavian (+ TFO composition elements of Heralds 4th company, allied Black Templars, and 7 divisions Errsian Shock Brigade + ) enroute. Arrival estimated 6 months.
+ We Will Prevail: May the Emperor Guide Them to Victory +

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Waaazag da Kan't Stoppable (ORKS) ~6,000 points
Orks-in-Progress, Finished Orks.
Terrain I'm making.
The Darion Sector War Campaign.
Into the Jaws of Hell 40k campaign.
I do commissions. If you are interested send me a PM and we can talk concepts and pricing. 
Made in us
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought


The Tzinkvalan Campaign:

Weather and seasonal patterns: Although Tzinkvala does show temperature and weather-pattern change over the course of seasons like any other world, these changes are so negligible as to hardly matter. Surface temperatures remain lethal to all but the most heavily shielded personnel and even then survivability outside stabilized-environmental facilities is typically less than 6 hours. It should be noted that this climatic severity has been factored into Tzinkvala’s overall defensive strategy and is likely the reason the planet has not witnessed full-scale invasion.

Surface variety: Being essentially a frozen water world, Tzinkvala’s surface is shaped by the winds and the currents below. Wide, crenulated plains crisscrossed with crevasses and crystalline outcroppings dominate the terrain. Seasonal blooms of crimson algae paint bloody portraits across this world’s surface, but the only real variety exists near the spaceports. Strong, heated edifices of Humanity carve black shadows in the ice while wind and snow create immense drifts and bizarre glasswork patterns where the touch of machines momentarily render the endless glaciers to water.

Pre-war imports and exports: Imports: petrol, lubricants, trace minerals, and rubber from Khskaya, heavy metals and industrial alloys from Zleko, grains and fruit from Soross, grain from Hant, military goods and specialized industrial parts from Tuhrko, and high-grade plastics from Krokshii. Exports: extreme weather gear, submersible craft, fresh water, algal paste, frozen seafood, trace minerals – primarily to Khskaya.

Orbital facilities: Heavily shielded space port to receive commercial vessels; 16 high orbit defense platforms; 74 sub-light bulk transports. ( + ref 16117/Surveyor Capt. Dartagn Cirillios/estimates: lost contact with autonomous platforms 6 through 10, 12; presumably destroyed by Xenos aggressors. Minimal contact with platform 11 is pict only [see ref A986.1414 Xeno ‘Manta’ class drop ship]. Enemy presence estimated at 6 ships of the line, 112 assorted other craft. Space Port intact but inactive. Recommend immediate counter-action; reinforcement of PDF. + )
The Emperor Protects

Defenses in place: Extensive surface batteries and interlinked, sub-surface defense network
(+ Imperial Reference Epsilon-Omega + 138.M38 Omari planetary survey: ~/installation of surface defenses complete/self-replicating drones installed/hostile environment requires minimum maintenance cycle: 676 days/~+ last known Mechanicus vessel in-system: Excelsior/Monitor Class Frigate 787.M41 + ); current capabilities unknown. Hive cities heavily reinforced. Standing Military forces estimated at 150,000 individuals classified as Militia Elite, plus ~3,000,000 individuals classified as Militia Noviate. Minimal armor assets on hand. Regiments classified ‘Infantry Only’. Invasion Imminent.

Command structure: Overall command: Lord Marshall Goro Shokshvili; PDF Lord General Moldiro Otchiko; Regimental Commanders: General Adaf Kyanko and General Idira Tatmak; myriad lesser commands.

Popular Disposition: Tzinkvala is dominated by massive Hive cities and few settlements in between.

The age of apostasy brought inquisitors and arbites to Tzinkvala and although their rhetoric did not catch on as feverishly as the Bishop of Dianna may have liked their influence has survived his disposal and incorporated itself into the laws and traditions of this world. Many citizens of Tzinkvala adhere to one of three sects of the Imperial creed and display aspects of their fanaticism to a greater and lesser degrees.

Government on Tzinkvala has developed as a “separate and equal” distribution of power between the Adeptus Terra and the Adeptus Ministorum. Many temples have spawned within the fortified confines of the hive cities and isolated settlements and every noble house on this world maintains a private temple within their sprawling manors. The path of the temple acolyte is open to both noble and serf and is often the easiest way out of the degenerate pits of poverty.

Tzinkvala also has a very well developed middle class, unlike many other Hive worlds in the sector, or even the entire Imperium for that matter. Many people are born into working families that ply their trade fishing, exploring, repairing, manufacturing, etc. Apprenticeships are the typical path of any child and it is rare for a son or daughter to do anything other than the trade of their parents. Nevertheless, sometimes ambitious children bloom. Political counsels, trade guilds, and social clubs abound on this world as local entertainment is often a rare commodity. Tzinkvalans who venture off world are typically characterized as agoraphobic having spent most of their lives inside the confines of their cities or submersibles. And although light filters to a degree through the ice, in so far that these people know that day is brighter than night, it is only the bioluminescence of the shifting swarms of zooplankton that light these people’s world. The stillness of the stars would make a Tzinkvalan uneasy.

* The Battle for TZINKVALA:*
The battle for Tzinkvala is proving to be tricky and costly for both sides of the conflict. While the planet’s harsh environment makes invasion difficult and defense easier, it also makes getting reinforcements to the places they need to be more than simply a matter of landing and disembarking. Often landings suffer casualties to the weather and the ice, or have to contend with enemy forces at the surface before ever making it to the battle beneath the frozen waves that they were sent to bolster. Taking and keeping any surface station is a crucial task to holding Tzinkvala. However, such a task is proving deadly not only from constant skirmishes, but also from exposure when the overtaxed generators suddenly fail. The red stains across Tzinkvala’s icy surface are not just algal blooms anymore.

Surface Installations:
Batuu: ~6,000 inhabitants; mostly augmented Imperial and Mechanicus servants and/or servitors of various function. Batuu is the most populated installation on Tzinkvala’s surface. It is a sprawling complex of generatoriums, sealed landing platforms, and insulated habitats. Batuu has been the scene of continuous battle for at least 16 weeks. Tau forces have succeeded in securing only 23% of the total installation. It is hoped that the arrival of TF Octavian will be able to pinpoint non-vital regions of this occupied area and neutralize them from orbit.

Guulripsh: ~200 inhabitants; Guulripsh is the direct link to Hive Rostnova. Guulripsh’s critical defenses are dangerously low on ammunition and under-staffed. However, Tau forces have so far bypassed this miniscule facility; Imperial decree has already written off Guulripsh as a loss. The longer it holds (or is ignored), the longer Rostnova has to prepare its own defenses. May the Emperor accept these doomed souls into His embrace.

Ganatiadir: ~1,400 inhabitants – at least half pilgrims and itinerant Eclessiarchal personnel; currently reduced to ~500; Ganatiadir houses Tzinkvala’s Astral Shrine. This ice-caked cathedral is dedicated to that beacon of the God-Emperor’s Divine Light – the Astronomicon. Although dim through the Gossamer Veil nebula that surrounds the Darion sector, (+ Classified Heretek//Omari Edict ALX53 + ) technology housed within the temple allows significant amplification of His Holy Light. Pilgrims come to bathe in the glow of divinity. Eclessiarchal presence ensures absolute loyalty ( + cross ref. The Gana Sect/Ganatiadir Imperial Synod + ) and unwavering faith in the face of Xenos infiltration. Scattered confrontation over the course of the first 10 weeks of this conflict has resulted in hideous losses for both sides. Less than half of all defenders remain alive and only the Cathedral & primary landing station remain in Imperial hands. TF Octavian prioritizes Ganatiadir as a primary landing zone.

+ May the Defenders Hold Their Ground Till the Last Man Stands or Till the Last Drop of Divine Human Blood is Shed +

Pot’: ~3,000 inhabitants; Pot’ is the direct link to Hive Cherkessk. Pot’ is unique in that it delves deep into the Tzinkvalan surface ice; it is almost a hive in its own right, albeit with a tiny comparative population. Pot’ has been heavily bombarded, but this has actually worked to Imperial advantage. Most of its entrances have collapsed or been obliterated. Defenders remain, choking the Tau into narrow divides to be slaughtered. Pot’ has lost 58% of its structure to bombardment and Xenos occupy the uppermost 12 decks, including all surface landing zones. However, Pot’ is still classified as secure and Imperial defenders estimate it will still be under at least partial control by the time TF Octavian arrives.
The standing armies of Cherkessk have been redeployed to Hive Gorzy to confront breakthrough enemy forces.

Kabu: pre-war estimates a population of ~2,000; Kabu is broken, utterly destroyed. All inhabitants are considered lost. Kabu is the direct link to Hive Gorzy. Enemy forces have broken through and continue to pour into the planet’s interior from this installation. TF Octavian is instructed to retake Kabu at all costs.

Grigolet: ~900 (pre-war, current estimates unknown); Grigolet’s status remains unknown. Although Tau forces have broken through to the Micro-hive below (+ cross ref. Letanki harvester facility +), they have done so only with enough forces to affect little more than a guerilla campaign. Also, no significant reinforcements have broken through in more than 3 weeks. Grigolet is assumed held; communications are either impossible or intercepted. Grigolet is classified as a Tertiary Objective for TF Octavian.

Suukhumi: ~200 inhabitants; beneath Suukhumi is a nexus of mag-lines. Surrounded since the beginning of hostilities, Suukhumi is re-supplied to withstand any length of siege. If the Tau think they can out-wait Suukhumi we will find the bones of their children buried beneath the ice of a thousand winters.
+ Suukhumi Will Endure Indefinitely +

Sub-Glacial Settlements:
Ochamchir: estimated local population is less than 10,000; hardly noticeable except that Ochamchir specializes in the production of huge transport submersibles. These undersea vessels rival the Maglevs as transportation of choice for Tzinkvalans. Recently Ochamchir has come to the attention of PDF command, securing contracts to mass produce military-grade ships for alternate transport/landing operations. The newly designated Ocham Class Submersible can deliver an entire platoon and all of its support personnel & hardware either through the existing commercial sub-sea ports or directly to a conflict area by means of boring through a Hive’s outer shells.
[PDF garrison currently estimated ~1,000 Militia Elite; ~1,000 Militia Noviate; 100+ Military Sentinels]

Guduat: this Maglev nexus nestles just below the Suukhumi surface station and boasts the smallest population of all Tzinkvala’s significant micro-settlements with less than 1,000 registered citizens. Mostly a repair and refueling facility, Guduat is also a bustling market town, with a thriving Brew Guild, significant Drawan [ref.Tzinkvalan black marketeers] presence, and numerous Maglev Guild Houses.

With no significant threat from Tau forces imminent, Guduat has become flooded with Imperial and PDF regiments moving from one warzone to another. This has bolstered Guduat’s criminal underground significantly, making it one of the most profitable and lawless places on the planet. [PDF strength fluctuates; no permanent garrison]

Letanki: with a population numbering fewer than 86,000, Letanki is considered locally as a Micro-Hive. This status is mostly a nod to the immense harvests this comparatively tiny facility draws in. Letanki specializes in the abundant black and red chemoplankton varieties found deep near the boiling core of Tzinkvala. At constant conflict with native fauna, Letanki nonetheless provides nearly 13% of Tzinkvala’s total nutrient export.
Scattered Tau infiltrators wage a guerilla war against Letanki harvesting efforts. So far these attacks have not resulted in a significant slow-down of efficiency. Local forces appear to have things under control. [PDF strength estimated 2,000+ Militia Noviate; >100 Militia Elite; facility secure]

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Waaazag da Kan't Stoppable (ORKS) ~6,000 points
Orks-in-Progress, Finished Orks.
Terrain I'm making.
The Darion Sector War Campaign.
Into the Jaws of Hell 40k campaign.
I do commissions. If you are interested send me a PM and we can talk concepts and pricing. 
Made in us
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Space Marine chapters participating in the Darion Sector War.

Sons of Medusa

Carcharadons Astra


Dark Angels

Black Templars

Flesh Tearers

Nova Marines

Blood Angels

Black Wasps
(This description needs to expounded upon and will be in subsequent weeks. These are just my working notes so far) Fleet based, HIGH number of Librarians in their ranks, Librarium Guard similar to a cross between Grey Knights’ terminator units and Space Wolf Wolfguard without the terminator armor; renowned for their swarms of ships and their arrogance; rely on the Emperor’s Tarot to guide, scan the ether for distress calls from Imperial forces, arrive to aid unannounced and unlooked for; Arrived in Darion to the aid of Tuhrko, like the Adjucators refuse to switch sides.

Brotherhood (of the Bolter)
The Brotherhood, sometimes also referred to as the Brotherhood of the Bolter is a close-lipped, monastic, and isolationist successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists. With armor unadorned and factory-grey, these quietly efficient supermen stride purposefully into battle scorning all weapons save bolter and sword. Fleet-based, the Brotherhood has spent nearly three millennia traversing the stars at the border of Segmentums Tempest and Ultima, crushing all opposition to Imperial rule. The Brotherhood has only recently altered its patrol loop to include the Darion Sector and has participated in actions as recent as the Scouring of Ceel against Hive Fleet Jormangdr.

The Brotherhood uses only bolter weaponry – bolt pistols, bolters, storm- and heavy-bolters, & while they will take up sword or power sword against the foes of Mankind, they shun the chained-blades so common amongst other Space Marine Chapters. So pure is this militant devotion that the Chapter uses it even for its heraldry – a Phobos pattern bolter in stark obsidian silhouette upon the shoulder of every brother.

The Brotherhood’s Chapter strength numbers only 451 marines total. They possess not a single tracked vehicle, although their fleet boasts enough drop pods to deploy the entire chapter. With no reserve companies and no scouts to speak of, the Brotherhood employs a small cadre of partially augmented stewards who pilot their numerous Thunderhawks in a primarily support function, often held in reserve to assist in fleet actions. The Brotherhood also possess no suits of terminator armor and although they have many fallen heroes interred in life-sustaining Sarcophagi, they maintain far too few dreadnaught chassis to carry them. What the Brotherhood do possess in disproportionate abundance are suits of intricately inlaid artificer armor. Where these suits came from or how the Brotherhood maintains them remains a mystery to chapter outsiders.

Actions of Significance/Battle Honors:
The Defense of the R’tan Agriworld:
The stony, windy Agriworld of R’Tan was considered a low priority by Imperial High Command during the Invasion of the Ruou Sector by Chaos forces under the Traitor Marine Warlord Bloodfist. While Ruou was a regular checkpoint along the Brotherhood’s patrol route – they materialized there every 300 – 600 years or so – the Brotherhood placed no particular loyalties with Sector government. However, as R’Tan just so happened to be in their path when the fleet arrived, the Chapter took it upon themselves to defend this isolated Imperial World.

Elements of the Renegade Regiments of Roepol had been landing troops and harassing system defenders for the better part of a standard year before the Brotherhood arrived. Virtually all orbital defenses were either destroyed or captured by the traitors and more than half of the world’s surface was completely overrun. The lumbering, antiquated mechanized PDF, using heavily armored “land trains” could fare no better than static defense or saturation bombardment and were fighting a losing war against a technologically superior foe.

With the arrival of the Chapter fleet, the war for R’Tan quickly changed tempo. After fighting a series of quick hit and run actions against lead elements of Roepol’s invasion fleet, Chapter Master Gurur Urg ordered the entirety of the Brotherhood to make landfall on R’Tan. Meanwhile, Urg’s Battlebarge Reducer cut a bloody swath through the orbital vanguard of the traitor’s forces with heavily modified macro cannons firing unstable vortex shells. As soon as the last drop pod was clear of its bays, the Strike Cruiser Retributer ascended from low orbit and joined Reducer in pounding enemy forces. It was not long before the Brotherhood’s Grand Cruiser Sanctity, & its Gladius frigates and Cobra Destroyers added the weight of their guns, torpedoes, and thunderhawks to the fray as well.

While Roepol attempted numerous reinforcements of his beleaguered regiments, he was never able to break through the Brotherhood’s picket. With every failure, Bloodfist’s support of Roepol’s endeavor wavered, until finally the Traitor Marine simply removed his useless general and let his leaderless forces perish at the hands and bolters of the Brotherhood. The Defense of R’Tan campaign lasted 14 months and caused only minor losses for the Brotherhood. However, the indigenous PDF suffered an almost 96% casualty rate. However, whether by design or coincidence, the Chapter stayed on R’Tan until reinforcements from the Anorian 516th arrived, bolstering planetary defenses to almost 50% pre-invasion strength. The Brotherhood also took on nearly a dozen Initiates during the campaign of which their Chapter Librarium records 3 survived long enough to be inducted.

The Battle of Imhollian Deeps:
The warp anomaly known as the Imhollian Deeps can cause catastrophic failure of even the strongest Gellar fields. The warp eddies of this dangerous track of space between the Endaro and Skalaithan sectors are as unpredictable as they are dangerous; as often as ships pass unscathed is as often as they are lost forever or worse, emerging as twisted parodies of their once-glorious selves.

Little is recorded of this battle save that the Brotherhood’s fleet entered the Warp at Endaro in 750.M38 and did not emerge in Skalaithan until 014.M39. A journey of 14 weeks had somehow stretched into one lasting 264 years. And while the Brotherhood’s ships emerged badly damaged and its numbers greatly reduced, there was no evidence to suggest that the chapter had fallen into the clutches of the Ruinous Powers. Since this journey, however, the Brotherhood has altered its millennia-old course and taken on no new recruits. Enigmatic at best beforehand, the Brotherhood has fallen into a catatonia of isolationism; close-lipped, suspicious, and narrow.

(again, these are notes to be expanded upon) The Centurions are rigid adherents to the Codex Astartes, despite their 4th founding origins. Mild natured at rest, the Centurions are a tireless force on the battlefield, attacking en mass whenever possible. The Centurions also make extensive use of armored spearheads and landraider columns. They have been active in Darion since the beginning of the civil war, but have since wavered in their support of the Heralds. Instead they now wait and are busily replacing their losses at worlds like Rjukan and Khskaya.

Their chapter symbol is a red hourglass.

(more notes) The Heralds are an over-strength Chapter whose fortress-monastery is located on the Sector Capitol world of Dario where they actively recruit from the Sector's ruling aristocracy. With close ties to the Forgeworld of Omari, it is the Heralds who lead the war against the ancient world of Tuhrko. Ultramarines successor chapter. Battle cry: "Our Will is the Will of the Emperor!"

Legacy Ultra
(notes) Ultramarines successor chapter

Knights Amethyst
Little is known of the founding of this chapter except that it occurred recently and under the guidance of the Adeptus Mechanicus. In the waning years of M39 the Forgeworld of Eden Prime was coming under increasing pressure from traitorous elements within its own ranks. The Skiitari of Malphean – a renegade Magos whose arcane practices deliberately break the boundaries of “true” science – were amassing near Fenos, a Mining world in a nearby system. Luckily, the Adepts of Eden Prime were known to be guardians of ancient genetic secrets. They chose this dire moment to unleash that knowledge. Clad in gleaming violet armor, the Skiitari of Eden Prime waged a monstrous war against their Ruinous Enemies. Phalanx against phalanx clashed aboard the Traitor’s cruisers. In the end, the Adepts gathered their survivors and forged them into a genetically superior force under a new banner.

Armed with the deadliest weapons sanctioned by Mars and clad in impregnable powered armor shot through with the blessed augmentations of the Omnissiah, the Knights Amethyst were born. Much feared and misunderstood; shunned even by their space marine fellows, the Chapter soldiered on. However, a question remains unanswered. Those outside the chapter can only speculate where their loyalties lay – with the God-Emperor or the Omnissiah? And who will say with whom they will side if ever the two come to civil war?

The Misnamed World
Eden Prime is a land of deception. While on its surface there appears verdant jungles and vibrant life, this is in fact manufactured and artificial. Some of the flora is bio-engineered, but most is actually plastic or even painted metal. A stroll through Eden Prime’s valleys will reveal the absence of bird calls or insect noise and even a cursory glance will unmask the crudely-made animatronic “animals” that dot the planet’s landscapes. Beneath this colorful lie, in crawling catacombs under the world, the Biologis and Magos toil, cruelly prying the secrets of life from every plant and animal the Imperium harvests or administers. The Eden Adeptus has increased the genetic yield on countless Agriworlds and perfected thousands of viral strains for the weapons of the Inquisition’s Exterminatus fleets.

Straddling these diametric realms is the Knights Amethyst’s Opal Palace, their fortress-monastery. The only edifice upon Eden Prime clearly discernible from orbit, the Opal Palace is a sprawling mountain of firepower and glorification. Within its titanium halls the marines of this chapter practice their Catechisms of Loyalty and their Rites of the Machine.

The Knights Amethyst do not recruit as other chapters do. Instead, each marine is crafted by geneseed alone, cell by precious cell. Often, large portions of this new marine are supplanted by bionics and the result is a fully grown cyborg that knows its first waking moments in the vat in which it was made. Already conditioned for war, the new Knights Amethyst marine must develop personality and approximated Human emotional responses over the course of its training and service. However, even the oldest veterans of this chapter maintain a cold, machine-like distance.

In service of the Machine
Due to their manufactured natures, the Knights Amethyst do not employ Librarians. Their tactical doctrine emphasizes ranged combat, eschewing close assault as a waste of engineered precision.

Pact of Prometheus
Towards the end of the 36th millennium, three waning chapters converged in the defense of a tiny, isolated mining planet called Promethius. Against a numerically superior Eldar force, the Angels of Fire, White Griffons, and the Destroyers waged an uncompromising war of attrition that left them all but shattered at the conclusion of the 34-month campaign. In the end the Eldar were repulsed, vowing vengeance for a war they themselves initiated. The Imperial defenders took stock of their losses. Combined these chapters could barely muster a single company and the Chapter Masters of both the Angels of Fire and the White Griffons had been grievously wounded. Both near death, they swore an oath with the Chapter Master of the Destroyers to unite the shattered remains of their chapters and to share their geneseeds in order replenish their numbers. On 0423_989.M36 three Chapters died and a single rose in its place – the Pact of Promethius.
Chapter Master Tristan Vorcar of the White Griffons was interred in the last Dreadnaught of his chapter and remains the most venerable of the Pact’s heroes. Chapter Master Tyanfinus Vlot perished of his wounds and is remembered to this day as the progenator of the Pact’s geneseed. Chapter Master Wolchau Zigano of the Destroyers served for 700 years as Pact, before being felled by the hideous Plague Father on Tantarrano VI.

All iconography and chapter colors were combined to create the Pact of Promethius and their chapter symbol remains one of the most complex heraldries of the Imperium’s fighting forces. A white spear wreathed in blue flames stands before a red atomic blast on the left shoulder pad of every Pact marine.

The Pact boasts one of the most varied and versatile armories of any chapter and their tactics reflect many specialties and varying methods of attack. They are proficient hunters, masters of inferno, and deeply committed to the complete annihilation of their foes. What once promised to be the end of 3 powerful armies has now merged into a single, versatile engine of destruction.

The Adjucators are a Dark Angels successor chapter founded in the late 37th millennium. Not long after their founding an internal power struggle caused them to sever all ties with their progenitor chapter. The Adjucators increasingly engaged in actions that would appear questionable to other Imperial Forces. No longer calling themselves The Fallen as other Dark Angels successors do, the Adjucators began an active campaign against former allies and other Dark Angels successors. For reasons they will not share with outsiders, this chapter has since set itself against the Dark Angels whenever possible and their battle cry of “Awash in the Blood of Heroes!” causes intense speculation on the part of the Inquisition.

Already suspected of heresy and deviance, the Adjucators arrived in Darion in answer to what they viewed as Imperial cries for help by Turhko. They argued fervently that the worlds being set upon by the Heralds and their Adeptus Mechanicus cohorts were loyal to the Imperium and were right to defend themselves. Perhaps to prove their loyalty or to throw off suspicions, the Adjucators freely submitted candidates to the Deathwatch fortress in orbit of Ceel. However, they did not back down from their defense of Turhko and continue to shed loyalist blood in conflict after conflict.

The Adjucator’s chapter symbol is a striking hammer with a shaft of silver and a sanguine head. This chapter also eschews the use of any sword or sword-like weapon, arming its Assault marines instead with hammers, shock mauls, and Thunder Hammers.

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The Darion Sector, its Subsectors, and its principle planets. I'll update this as I write more about these worlds. Also, if abyone knows the artists of these planets, please let me know. I would like to give them credit if possible. I got all of these illustrations from public sources (mostly deviant art).

Subsector Darion
Seat of Government. Center of Doctrine. [At least in theory]
Planeta Majoris

Ceel - Quarantined world; Living Laboratory; Permanent Quarantine Fleet hides Watchfortress Mnemom

Dario - Sector Capitol world

Duusol - Chemical Desert World with giant, sealed cities that roam the surface

Ers - Once a Quarry world and the source of the Black Marble used across the Sector for Administratum Structures, Ers has since become a Fortress World.

Omari - Forgeworld and acidic wasteland, the foundations of the adeptus mechanicus buildings on this world are constantly collapsing in upon themselves. New construction is unceremoniously piled on top of old. The planet's surface is an undulating landscape of teetering towers and half-crumbled manufactorums.

Veltan - a poisonous world close to the inside edge of the Gossamer Veil. 3 massive hives sprout through the opaque cloud cover like massive metal trees, each topped with 13 agridomes.

Zleko - an icy deathworld far from its parent star, Zleko has been adopted by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a machine graveyard. Its surface is covered in seas of disintegrating scrap and mountains of the ruins of war. The jungles and fungal forests of this world struggle to counter act the encroachment of the debris, but it is a losing battle.

Planeta Minoris

Deemo - a Library world where all the various interpretations of the Imperial Creed are compiled and taught so that the missionaries who come here can discern the Righteous word from the Wicked. Deemo also houses a Schola Progena, producing all of the Sector's Commissariat.

Leiphak - a low gravity world all but forgotten by the Imperium.

Prandast - a pastoral agriworld, as yet untouched by the hand of war.

Chev -

Brene - an abandoned shrine world

Narsarssuak - Once slated as an agriworld, Narsarssuak has since become a Graveyard world. The ruins of prefab farms lay crushed beneath the massive footprints of titanic mausoleums, each housing the cremated remains of billions. Servitors work tirelessly cataloging the oceans of skulls, marking each one in turn with a number and a catechism. These skulls are then shipped across the sector to adorn shrines, temples, and fortresses.

Subsector Persyon
Planeta Majoris

Gabrielle - an ocean world whose 12 tiny islands compose the Fortress Abbey of the Sisters of Vigilance militant order.

Soross - an agri-riverworld invaded by the Tau.

Hant - an agriworld conquered by the Tau. Creatures similar to giant spiders live here and their psychic presence keeps the population placid and motivated. For centuries these creatures served the Imperium well, but with the coming of the Tau, they now serve that empire instead.

Tzinkvala - an Icy Hiveworld

Xtarko - sometimes called the boiling world, Xtarko is a hiveworld locked in a perpetual world war.

Chiaktur - an agriworld specializing in self-regenerating trees/alien archaeological survey colony.

Khskaya - a seismically active civilized world and the last battlefield of the Crusade that originally liberated this Sector.

Planeta Minoris

Kolki-Ost - twin feudal worlds that pass close enough to affect each other's ecosystems.

Ott - a feudal colony world

Danf - a ruined world, only the dust and bones of a civilization long dead remains here.

Shkeila - a jungle deathworld

Chingushxa - a cold feudal world

Sipar - a foggy colony world haunted by the ancient dead

Ngansi - heavily forested Maiden world

Subsector Tet
Planeta Majoris

Bishop's Moon: Seat of the Ecclesiarch in the Darion Sector

Asteron: once the seat of power in the sector, Asteron is still the seat of power for the Eclessiarchy in Darion. A mighty fortress spans the surface of Asteron's principle satellite - called the Bishop's Moon. A disintegrating Battleship lies permanently moored in orbit of Asteron and the planet's surface is dotted with the most number of Cathedrals of any world in the Sector.

Kirsehir: the planet itself is a wasteland, but its moon of Blackstar hides a Naval battlestation. Kirsehir is mostly used for naval target practice.

Olpis: an ocean hiveworld, Olpis is home to two completely separate cultures. One that lives in the shadow of the metal islands that dot the world ocean's surface and the other that lives inside the massive spires whose tops are these same "metal islands".

Phmiir: a planetoid with extremely sophisticated atmospheric processors.

Turhko - a University world with working relics from the Golden Age of Technology.

Sorgun: a self sufficient research world. A holding of the Omari Forgeworld's Adeptus Mechanicus.

Planeta Minoris

Rjukan: a subterranean insect deathworld

Imphaledo: isolated mining world

Kaimaing - feudal world dominated by indigenous, centipedal "dinosaurs"

Ghee: icy colony world

Beiro: Imperial training world

Umanak: high density gas giant with orbital colonies

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Planetary Datafax: Veltan

System reference: Principle world of the Voltani system, Atlas Stellarum Asteron, M.37 reference.

Population: approximately 88 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus – {Edict Dario}: (Veltan is the principle food source for the civilized planets of Darion. With the loss of both Hant and Soross, Veltan has become the last bastion of sustenance for the struggling systems.)

Geography/Demography: Veltan’s surface is covered in rolling hills and broken mountainous chains. However, its atmosphere is also a poisonous soup of corrosives and chemicals. No known indigenous lifeforms exist here. Instead vast, tree-like hives sprout from the stable planet surface each with thirteen overlapping agridomes poking through the purple miasma of Veltan’s cloud layer. Bathed here in the soft blue glow of the Voltani star, these fully enclosed farms manufacture and mass produce genetically superior food plants and animals for Darion’s billions.

The people of Veltan are a strange mix of pastoral agrarians and hiveborne. Vast farmlands stretch in all directions, but massive support structures like industrial columns, ducting, and water recycling plants dot the otherwise peaceful, artificial pastures.

Governmental Type: Hive Oligarchy

Planetary Governor: Formerly Tempestus Strond; Acting Planetary Governor: Lord-Militant Admiral Agish Augustine

Adept Presence: Heavy Omari presence has recently replaced heretekal Turhkoni overseers. Estimates are in the billions.

Military: With rebellion raging in the Hives, Veltan is officially classified as a Theater of Operations. Known locally as the Internal War or Fortress Voltan, VT (Veltani Theater) is home to some 100 million+ Imperial Guardsmen and accompanying materiel, including an entire strike wing and a Naval Host.

+++Code Vermillion: At least three known Inquisitors are operating on or near Veltan – Horred Ryjand; Martyne Dane; Alkestis Daphne. Use caution Brothers+++

+++His Gaze Can Pierce the Fiercest Void and He Sees+++

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Waaazag da Kan't Stoppable (ORKS) ~6,000 points
Orks-in-Progress, Finished Orks.
Terrain I'm making.
The Darion Sector War Campaign.
Into the Jaws of Hell 40k campaign.
I do commissions. If you are interested send me a PM and we can talk concepts and pricing. 
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