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Fresh-Faced New User

These are my first models since I was doing airplanes in the late 80's, and I'm pretty much the opposite of an artist, so I'm not expecting a lot of compliments on these. What I do want is honest commentary and suggestions, and to know if this is considered "tabletop" quality or what (should I feel good or bad about bringing these to a 'serious' game.) I'm still working out some color choices and I'm working with a pretty limited assortment of paints. Thanks!
[Thumb - Cadian IG 01 01.JPG]

[Thumb - Cadian IG 01 02.JPG]

[Thumb - Cadian IG 01 04.jpg]

[Thumb - Cadian IG 01 05.jpg]

[Thumb - Cadian IG 01 06.jpg]

[Thumb - Cadian IG Sgt 01.jpg]

[Thumb - Cadian IG Sgt 02.jpg]

Made in us
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets


they are very well done,keep practiceing and trying new things,and lastly have a happy time painting!

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Walker MN

Tabletop quality for sure! You should be proud of your first models, you did well. I'd recommend that you add depth to the armor plates with either a wash, hardlining highlights, or both.
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Witch Hunter in the Shadows


Looking good. You should really add something to the base. Even just a little sand, paint it up, highlight, and your minis will look 100% better. A solid start you got there.

Made in us
Focused Fire Warrior


First off, your models are not based, so as per the rules of the P&M Showcase, they don't qualify for posting here. No huge deal, as you are pretty new, but just be aware of that for the future.

Beyond that, you have a few areas you can improve in. First off, taking a few extra minutes to trim down the mold lines on your models will make a huge difference in the final product. Every model needs this simple step of TLC, but these older models definitely need a little more, as the molds aren't as good and sharp as the newer ones.

Definitely tabletop quality, but from here, work on brush control, try a little inking and highlighting to make the models pop. Dipping is also an option, if you want to take that route. Doesn't look as good as an inked and highlighted model, but it's better than nothing, and it's great for armies with a large volume of models (i.e. Imperial Guard). Keep at it, and you'll get better!

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Good work. Definately table top quality. Don't know if you want tips, but heres what I've got
To get to "one of the nicely painted in my hobby store"
Base them, watch mold lines, and add some depth to the armor plates: highlights on the green armor, more washing on the red parts
To get to "armies on parade"
same as above, with scratches, battle damage, eyes, edge highlights on face
To get higher:
No idea: im not there. Make a pact with the dakkadakka devil.

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Nothing wrong with those at all, only thing I would add is a lighter green as highlight on the armour pieces.

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