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Made in nz
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Wellington, NZ

Hey guys, just wanted to know what you guys thought of the sternguard sgt I recently finished. Also included are a couple photos of a similar looking captain im currently working on.

[Thumb - IMG_2771.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2772.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2775.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2776.JPG]

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Made in se
Regular Dakkanaut

Looks cool mate, I like the model and the paint scheme.

A couple of things I think you can improve on:
Thin your paints a bit more, some spots look a bit globby (the face of the helmet), this might just be the photo though, you decide.
Also the robe in the front, you overpainted red onto the tan, its visible on the third picture. Fix it, fix it, fix it

Other than that I think its good, the photo quality differs quite a lot between the shots and the lighting changes between them as well.
Keep it up!

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Made in nz
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Wellington, NZ

@Tommy Cheers man, yea I agree, the helmet is a little thicker than it should be. And don't worry, the captain is WIP still, I just haven't got to touch ups yet, and that's also why the gold's so flat

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Made in au
Death-Dealing Devastator


Looking good mate! It would be nice to see a squad pic once they are all done.

I'm really liking the new Sternguard kit too, the plumed helmets are very cool plus all the extra bits you get.

Made in us
Terminator with Assault Cannon


I think you have done a good job and I think my nitpicks on the painting have been covered. I would have left off or changed the backpack ornament on one of them.

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Made in gb
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

Nice work!

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Loving the new Sternguard kit, so many options, GW out did themselves this time.

Looks good, I agree with what Tommy said, maybe put less paint on the brush when detailing or use a spray can or gun when base coating. Usually you can get a nice thin and uniform coat that you can't achieve using brushes for base coating.

No Pity, No Remorse, No Fear  
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