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Regular Dakkanaut

So I've dusted off my old minis after seeing the new centurions GW released.... Which rather saddens me about whether GW cares more about preserving the futuristic sci fi dystopia that is 40k or by changing the 40k fluff by relasing new models into cannon that rather look like toys that haven't been thoughtfully designed anatomically to be worn by a marine. On this note, I have to say that I hate the small space marine models.... They should be alot taller and impressive according to cannon, and Im more of a 40k sci fi enthusiast than a table top gamer. I want my models to look like the space marines in fluff, not the GW models that have been kept small and puny only because GW feels no need to change what isn't "broken".
On that note, true scale blood ravens! IM no pro with greenstuff but Ill try to make up my lack of experience by the extra time I put into sculpting. When it looks mis shapen I start over, hence.... Progress will be slow. When IM tired of touching greenstuff I'll be painting up some vostroyans. Right now IM fabricating my true scale parts, so all I have are a bunch of bits filled with GS and there test models I've been working on. I know they need alot of touch up..... Cameras are the ultimate instrument of disappointment. Since IM kind of new to greenstuffing I'll appreciate any advice.
[Thumb - 20131029_214018.jpg]
my fist three test models

[Thumb - 20131029_214115.jpg]
from the back

[Thumb - 20131029_213839.jpg]

Current Projects: Pre-Heresy Dreadnaught / Blood Ravens Honor guard / Rhino / scratch built drop pod /  
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Powerful Spawning Champion

Shred City.

Good luck with this man, that thing is a nightmare, lol.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I've figured out a good way to make scouts look tougher than storm troopers... But it's not final, I want to make the night vision goggles attached to the helmets and I won't be using the leg armor without knee caps. Looks too much like space marine armored legs. The true scale marines are nearing final fabrication and IM still trying to figure out the right dimension for the termie... The first one was way too big.
[Thumb - 20131118_205123.jpg]
hollowed out helmet with scout head

[Thumb - 20131118_205135.jpg]
needed to make them look recon with a heavy gear loadout... still need to add more i think but it might look awk

[Thumb - 20131118_205106.jpg]

Current Projects: Pre-Heresy Dreadnaught / Blood Ravens Honor guard / Rhino / scratch built drop pod /  
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Oh... And a size comparison wouldn't hurt
[Thumb - 20131118_211322.jpg]

Current Projects: Pre-Heresy Dreadnaught / Blood Ravens Honor guard / Rhino / scratch built drop pod /  
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Beefy. Keep us updated!

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