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Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

Hey guys. This will be my blog for commissions.

First up. My test model for a squad of Penal Legion.
The base is not done, the client did not want me to do it. It is a british themed squad.
[Thumb - 023 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 024 (3).JPG]

Made in nz
Heroic Senior Officer

New Zealand

looks great Keep it up!
Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

This is an Eldar Farseer I painted up for my personal Army. I'll put it on CMoN and I put up what it gets.

EDIT: Mind the Blu-Tack

EDIT: So far 5.2 On CMoN
[Thumb - 003 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 005 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 007 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 011 (2).JPG]

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Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

So far its moved up to 5.5 on CMoN.

Received an Empire Army a couple of days ago. Will put pics up soon.
Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

Finished the Penal Legion Squad. Please leave comments on what you guys and gals think.
[Thumb - 002.JPG]

[Thumb - 003 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 004 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 005 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 007 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 008 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 009 (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 012 (3).JPG]

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

The EYES. My God, the eyes. Being British, I have never taken anything that made my eyes reach my cheeks like that. It's just not proper.

Laughing aside, you really need to go back in with a flesh shade colour, tidy those up and then re-highlight the cheeks and brows. It's pretty Basic technique on faces, you're showing yourself up by not doing it.

I would not be so harsh without 'commission' in the thread title. That indicates you are attempting to present this work as of a professional standard. I hope you're cheap.

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Made in nz
Heroic Senior Officer

New Zealand

As the owner of the penal guard i am pleased. I have already given him some advice on the eyes and im sure my next batch will be an improvement. With that one exception i think they look wonderful and they will look even better when i base them.

They look very dirty and i like the mix of fear, insanity and anger that actually show up quite nicely.

Aside from the eyes i couldnt be happier and im very excited to receive them in the next few days.

Thanks for the commission and i eagerly await seeing my friends empire army when you are done with it and my kroot and much more early next year.

Made in nz
Deadly Dire Avenger

Yea, sorry about that. I touched up the eyes. Thanks guys.
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