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Made in za
Wicked Canoptek Wraith

South Africa

Hi all

I've read about but never used the salt weathering technique so I decided to give it aa bash on my cardboard models to see if they could stand up to it.

I used a set of the converted shipping containers as well as a model that is still under development (a South African mine protected vehicle called a Casspir).

Both these models are made from 1mm cardboard.

I tried two different undercoats: the Casspir got matt varnish spray paint and the containers got matt black spray paint.

Both models were then sprayed with Tamiya Hull Red acrylic.

Then I wet parts of them with warm water using a paint brush and sprinkled coarse salt on.

I let that dry overnight and then gave them a few coats with the airbrush. The horrible yellow and blue paint scheme on the Casspir is the old South African police livery.

I then just scrubbed off the salt with a dry brush and it looked great!

When I do it next time I will vary the undercoat a little.. bits of orange and brown splotches will make it a lot more interesting visually.

Of course, I really overdid it on these models, particularly the Casspir as this is a wrecked vehicle. For a vehicle in use more restraint is indicated.

There are more WIP and finished shots here: http://nothingunpainted.blogspot.com/
[Thumb - IMG_5328.JPG]
Containers - undercoat

[Thumb - IMG_5332.JPG]
Containers - salt

[Thumb - paint01.jpg]
Casspir - undercoat

[Thumb - paint03.JPG]
Casspir - salt

[Thumb - paint07.JPG]
Casspir - finished

Made in za
Wicked Canoptek Wraith

South Africa

Not sure why this pic did not upload in the original post
[Thumb - IMG_5341.JPG]
Containers - finished

Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


That's a neat little trick for sure.

Its not about the type of weapon, its about how you use it.
Made in us
Sneaky Kommando


Very nice, im gonna try this technique once i get ahold of some terrain!

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