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Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

I want to expand my Skaven army, and I've done many a Google Image Search for ideas, and I've come to a conclusion: I want something--conversion, kit-bash, cool bases--in every unit. I don't want to leave anything exactly as Games Workshop designed it. Not because the Skaven models aren't awesome (they are); I just want everything to really pop. To be new and interesting.
So I'm asking you, Dakkalites, for ideas.
I'm really interested in simple, elegant conversions. Re-positioning an arm, adding a bit or two, etc. Minor stuff that keeps the original character of the model.
I'm also looking for basing ideas, model poses, and spacers. It doesn't have to be Skaven, either. Anything that you've seen or done that really stands out in your mind. Descriptions, pictures, or links would all be great. Thanks!

Whatcha' got?

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Made in gb
Elite Tyranid Warrior

Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am going to make a Skaven army in the future (currently on Marines). I have a few ideas that I have come up with.

Skaven slaves. Give them as many bags, pouches etc that you can find. The Ogres have these bags that will fit without too much effort onto their backs. The idea is they are the ones that have to carry all of the supplies for the army. This will also help to distinguish them from your normal Clanrats because you will probably need to use Clanrat models to make them. Try the racks of ribs and other food items that come with Ogres, Kroot and so on to show they are carrying the army's food supply (assuming the rest of the Skaven don't use the slaves as food).

Unit filler. I have also got a Skabrus from Dreadfleet. I was thinking of putting it on a Vampire Corpse cart (being pulled by Skaven. It could be a big-dead-fish with Skaven tech inside for spreading plagues and fit in well with Plague Monks. If you remove the tech, green stuff it. It could be a big dead fish the Dkaven have been knawing on and have brought with them so they can eat the rest later.

Hope this helps or springs some ideas. Praise the Horned Rat!

Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

Ogre bits are definitely something I've considered.

I also plan on getting a Corpse Cart; the main cage will be part of my Catapult, and the other bits will surely find a home as well.

Great idea on the Skabrus! I've got a "marching out of Skavenblight" sort of marsh-theme, and I think he might be making an appearance in the murky water.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'll try to put some pictures up, assuming I own a camera at some point in the future.

Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

I guess I'll put up some ideas I'm working on, and see if they spark something in anyone else:

- I made a greenstuff mold of Rat Ogre heads that I'm going to stick on some Chaos Warhounds. Each one will represent 2 Giant Rats or as unit fillers.
I plan on getting some Wolf Rats in the future for the same thing.

- one of the giant-esque things holding up the Warshrine is shaping up into an extra-mutated Rat Ogre (...or to count as 6 Plague Monks).
A Rhinox or Mournfang with the big head from the Abomination could do the same for my Stormvermin.

- some 40k engines and exhaust bits, plus some of the zappy parts of a Doomwheel would make a convincing generator for the Stormbanner.

- the blades from a Slaanesh chariot plus a cannon frame and some metal plating have potential as an extra-gruesome Doomflayer/unit filler.

- the crew on the Plague Furnace are a lot of work to separate, but they will definitely be part of the bulk of my Plague Monks, along with a few of the more raggedy Clanrat models.

- another Plague Monk idea: Plague Bearers, with Skaven heads, tails, and weapons. My issues are that they're pretty tall, and they've got the wrong hands and feet, but are too big to just swap 'em out.
I've considered just using their swollen guts, with Skaven upper torsos, but that is...a lot of sanding and grinding.

- Jezzails and Globadiers have been haunting me, but I've seen a bunch of good ideas. For Jezzails, Empire Handgunner muskets (with the hands still on), with Clanrat bodies and arms. The left arm will be a pain, of course.
For Globadiers, the most convincing conversions I've seen involve Cadian Flamer bits and Space Marine Torsos, and a lot of the Doomwheel/Catapult/Mortar crew.

- I want my Plague Furnace and my Screaming Bell to look different. My current plan is to cut the archway in half and attach the wooden frame from the Warp Lightning Cannon (after a lot of grinding and sanding), doubling the height. The trick will be to add enough supports to the back end to make it all look structurally sound (by Skaven standards). I'm thinking another Cannon frame, maybe supplemented by another Bell chassis and some spare metal plating or plasticard?

- I've seen the Furnace Crew turned into Censer Bearers, and I've seen people take that a step further. Censers from the Bell, Gor torsos, Furnace crew heads, Skaven arms and tails...how do the Flagellant legs look, compared to newer models? I know I'll pick up a box of them, at some point; there are way too many awesome bits in there.
[Thumb - Ork Bitz-Doomwheel-Storm Banner.jpg]

[Thumb - Furnace Crew-turned-Plague Monks.jpg]

[Thumb - Jezzails.jpg]

[Thumb - Space Marine torso Globadiers.jpg]

[Thumb - Cadian Flamer-Globadiers.jpg]

[Thumb - Mandrake legs-Gor body-flagellant or ghoul arms-Furnace Crew head Censer Bearers.jpg]

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Made in us
Most Glorious Grey Seer

Everett, WA

Here is how you can make an Assassin out of the Screaming Bell's Grey Seer:

Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

This is where I go for a lot of my Skaven conversion inspiration (and to post my own stuff): http://s6.zetaboards.com/The_UnderEmpire/forum/56087/

In general, the Ork and Ogre ranges are absolute goldmines. Dark Eldar contributes some nice spikiness, although it's very symmetrical and elegant so you have to be picky. Vampires are good for some rotting, dilapidated bits, and a bunch of Warhammer armies can pitch in when it comes to counts-as Slaves or unit fillers (everything from Night Goblins to Catachans to Empire soldiers to various 40K monstery stuff). My current (somewhat stalled) project is making a Skyrye HPA out of the Forgefiend kit.

There are also lots of good options for full unit conversions to represent some of the stuff that is only available to us in old metal sculpts. ie. selecting out the robed Clanrat bodies to make Plague Monks or Assassins, using Stormvermin with plastic Engineer gasmask heads for Globadiers, Clanrats with Kroot rifles for Jezzail teams, etc.

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Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

I've been looking through those forums, actually. Tons of great stuff!

I've known about the Ork and Ogre ranges with sprinklings of Vampires, but I'm seeing more and more Dark Eldar stuff lately. Gonna' have to check in to that.

I mentioned some of those conversions above. For Globadiers, what bits do you see used for their globes?

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