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Made in gb
Disbeliever of the Greater Good


Hey Guys!

So i'm new here and been a long term fan of 40k and never joined a forum. So here i am i guess
Anywho I'm currently running a Tau army with the paint scheme of the Sa'Cea Sept. I am very much an amateur painter so be nice!
Without further hesitation here is some of my army, In particular a squad of Gue'Vesa (Yes I like the fluff) and a couple of FW from a squad
If you like i'll post more pics of my army and how its coming along.
I'm currently at Uni so this is very much an escape from all the work. Painting is very therapeutic.

Newbie Knight

[Thumb - IMG_1805.JPG]
Gue'Vesa 1

[Thumb - IMG_1806.JPG]
Gue'Vesa 2

[Thumb - IMG_1807.JPG]
Gue'Vesa 3

[Thumb - IMG_1809.JPG]
FW 1

[Thumb - IMG_1811.JPG]
FW 2

[Thumb - IMG_1813.JPG]
FW 3

Made in gb
Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot

Nottingham, UK

I'm also at uni, this hobby is a great way to wind down inbetween bashing out parts of my dissertation.

Your painting is not bad at all, i really like the camo effect you've got going. I don't play tau myself but i like the idea of human auxiliaries, it makes sense, and those look pretty solid too.

Models look so much more complete when based, this can be really simple depending on what effect you want, but it really helps bring the units together.

keep up the good work, i look forward to seeing more models from this army in the future.

Made in gb
Disbeliever of the Greater Good


Hey stargasm!

Thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah I definitely agree with the basing and I am currently working on getting them based. It's awesome to hear that someone is in the same position as me, ESP in terms of university!

I will definitely post more pictures of my army and how they are coming along!
I must admit I was looking into the lore behind the tau empire and saw a couple of tau auxiliary models. I thought that they looked pretty cool and decided to have a go and convert some IG model. I must admit I feel they turned out pretty well! (I ESP like my standard bearer) it does also give a rather multi-cultural feel to my army I guess it's nice to be fighting for a common cause! For the greater good!
Again thanks for the feedback man!
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