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2013/06/27 16:27:34 - Contact by chadbacca regarding a trade involving his Circle Orboros army for a portion of my Space Wolves
2013/06/28 01:06:03 - Trade terms agreed upon (we would should at the same time)
2013/06/28 13:53:23 - I inform Chadbacca that I've shipped my end of the trade.
2013/06/29 10:19:12 - Chadbacca informed me that he might be slightly delayed on shipping out his end but will be taking the following Monday off and will be able to ship.
2013/07/20 06:55:48 - Informed me that he has been unable to ship after numerous contact attempts on my end
2013/07/23 16:37:16 - Chadbacca confirms he shipped his end with tracking number
2013/07/28 12:20:38 - Package never arrives on my end, I confirm with USPS that the package was being sent back because my address could not be located
2013/08/09 22:35:18 - Chadbacca informs me that the packaged was returned to his old address (in-laws)
2013/08/27 00:28:40 - Numerous non-replied PMs from me, Chadbacca finally informs me that he has resent the models on Aug. 23 2013.
2013/09/13 09:48:12 - Chadbacca emailed me the tracking number for another package sent out
2013/09/15 08:58:27 - Package is returned to his address (never entered Canada according to the tracking number and Canada Post)
2013/09/20 16:47:57 - Chadbacca confirms that the package was returned to his address
2013/11/04 15:49:48 - Chadbacca says he had shipped out again and the package was returned again. He also informed me that customs had opened up the package before returning to sender
2013/11/08 15:24:27 - Last contact with Chadbacca

2013/11/27 11:21:48 - Contacted by Chadbacca by email
2013/11/28 13:02:51 - Informed that Chadbacca will be having a third party (that I have a good trade rapport with) ship his end of the trade

2014/1/21 20:16:00 - Contacted by Chadbacca and he informed me that he received the models back from the post office and will be meeting with a third part on the weekend (01/25-26) to ship out the models
2014/2/13 12:12:00 - I emailed Chadbacca to see if he ever met up with the third party no response.
2014/2/13 11:54:26 - Sent another email to Chadbacca to see if any progress has been made.

I've contacted a few other people so far regarding this whole mess who know, or know someone associated with, Chadbacca (an acquaintance of his on Barter Town, his wife via Facebook, Ed from LAtCS). Not much has come out of this, but the effort is very much appreciated.

To my fellow forumites, I would avoid dealing with Chadbacca for the time being. He's had trouble shipping out previously (as per his references on Barter Town) and he's very difficult to get a straight answer out of. If you think you could help my situation out, feel free to PM me!

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