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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Putting together a new scenario, I should have the PDF done in the next couple of days. I still have to finish making the gift token sheet... but here's what I have so far

This town ain't even safe on Christmas morning. We awoke to the sounds of gun shots. Nothing new here, but I hoped at least this one day out of the year would be quiet. As it turns out, some sort of supply wagon tore through town last night. The Sheriff said it was an old prospector in a red coat driving, and a couple of circus folk dwarves throwing brightly colored packages all over the road. This morning people are waking up (or sobering up) and finding these packages all over town. Of course, the gangs got together to try and round up as much loot as they can. So much for having a peaceful holiday in Blackwater Gulch...

Set Up

Use a Cornered board setup. Both players should have a number of Gift Tokens for each member of your gang. You may use glass beads or coins or print and cut out the tokens on the following page.

After the terrain and gangs are set up, but before you roll for initiative, each player should take turns placing their Gift Tokens on the board, 1 at a time, in random locations. Tokens must be at least 6" away from your starting area.


Get all the presents! The game ends when all Gift Tokens have been brought back to the gang's starting area. Gifts have a point value depending on what is in the box, and whoever has the most points when all of the gifts have been claimed is the winner.

Special Rules

If a model ends his movement with a Gift Token in his personal space, he may pick it up instead of attacking or performing any other action. Models may only carry 1 gift at a time. If a model is taken out of action while carrying a gift, it will be dropped at their feet and another model can pick it up. When a gift is returned to your starting area, it gets added to your stash and removed from the board. Weapon gifts cannot be used after they have been returned.

Roll 1 D6 when you pick up the Gift Token to open it and see what's inside. Weapons may only be used while the model is carrying the gift.

1. Lump of Coal - Reward: 1 point
2. Little Wooden Toy - Reward: 2 points.
3. Bottles of Booze - May be thrown like the weapon - Reward: 3 points.
4. Sticks of Dynamite - May be thrown like the weapon - Reward: 4 points.
5. Gold Coins - Reward: 5 points
6. Big Chunk of Gold - Fills the model with holiday cheer, granting +1 DP for the rest of the game. Reward: 6 points.

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