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I know there is a thread but it looks like the other person is not active. Here is my account. I would really like to end this peacfully but have realized that is not likely to happen. I really do want to give him the benefit of the doubt as he is a nice guy but here it is.

I have had a deal going with him since 03/2013. He has had some bad stuff going on and promised to mail my models back recently but there is always an excuse as to why he can't. I have been very very patient with him but I am starting to consider getting the police involved. If you still have not got your stuff back PM me, I have his cell phone, address, and facebook information.

This is a rundown of my dealings with Josh Velo aka Kamsm8, he has always been in communication but it currently looks like I am going to be out close to 500.00 in models.


We agreed on a quote to paint a Cygnar force.

Inbox :: Message
From: Kamsm8
To: primalexile
Date: 2013/03/12 18:11:30
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Cygnar Commission Quote
Official quote - $325. I guess my phone didn't get the call. I'll call you in a moment.

Through texts of which I have all still.

Essentially the project was estimated at 2 months.

First delay excuse came in April 29
Brothers friend tried commiting sucicide so he had to put progress on hold to help.

Updates start rolling in on models with pictures and everything looks great, Starter set gets completed June 1st

We reach an agreement to have him send the starter set back as it is finished June 7th I receive tracking June 10th they arrived and everything is great!! He continues to send updates.

June 18th he sends me word that his Father passes away and he needs to take time off. Which I am totally understanding and tell him not to worry.

Huge gap in replies to my texts finally hear from him July 15th he admits he is lagging really far behind on the project.

July 24th He sends me word now that a friend of his passed away on the 23rd and he is going to try to return focus to the project soon.

August 8th I get more progress photos
August 22nd I get an update that he is basing all the models doing the sand and water effects on the bases.
August 31st he says all bases are done and he is working on calvary
Sept 1st I get pictures of the stormblades complete and based
Sept 11th he says he is starting school and is done with the horses and needs to finish the troops and other soldiers

September 19th no progress been in school and a friend suffered from Organ failure and now the horses are not done but being finished.

October 1st we decide he has one more month to finish up before he sends everything back complete or not

October 26th - he has been sick and buried in school work he is trying to finish the calvary

Nov 8th - I ask how much of the calvary is really done he says he is being kicked out of his house and he can ship everything back next week. He offers a partial refund I tell him to keep the money to ship everything back using the money.

Nov 15th - Claims shipping the next day

Nov 18th - Beat up by girlfriends ex boyfriend in the hospital and wasnt able to ship

Nov 22nd - he provides a picture of a tracking label that has never moved

Tracking Number: 9405511899560938196714
Product & Tracking Information
Postal Product:
Priority Mail 3-Day™
$50 insurance included
USPS Tracking™
November 25, 2013
Electronic Shipping Info Received

December 1st - I notify him it has not moved, he tells me his parents were to ship it. He is having GF issues

Dec 7th - He claims he took it to the post office

Yesterday - Claimes he dropped it off personally and he does not know what to do

At this point I have to him I have had enough and he has until the end of the week for the package to arrive before I pursue other options.

Here is the list

I am looking to get a quote for a Cygnar Commission.

Major Victoria Haley
Stormwall & Lightning Pods
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages w /UA
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team

^ All models will above will be provided to you, new in box with cards removed.

Cygnar Starter Box all models are already assembled. (Mold lines need cleaning) *I DID RECEIVE THE STARTER BOX BACK A LONG TIME AGO PAINTED INCREDIBLE*

Coleman Stryker



as well as

Tempest Blazers
Stormblade Officer & Standard Bearer
Stormblade unit w/Three Weapon Attachments Stormclad Heavy Warjack

What is my legal action to recoup my models if they do not show?


Since he is claiming that he shipped the package that wont track and has not arrived would I need to notify the post office of mail fraud or will contacting his local PD do the trick of getting things going?

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Spoke to his local PD they are making me file a claim locally. I am to ask my local PD to then contact his to begin investigation.
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Either this guy has the worst luck, or you are getting the run around. Hopefully it works out for you.

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having two trading ID's is a no no

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Still no word from Josh. I have an appointment with my local PD and have printed off all of our text messages. Hopefully the pressure of the Police knocking at his door will get my models returned to me.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
For those interested my local PD now has to reach out to Josh and his local PD and begin the investigation. I did tell them if all my property was returned I would drop everything.

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Josh made contact numerous excuses of why he could not ship including the death of a grandfather. He claims to have shipped the models back and will provide shipping when he gets home.



Provided tracking and claimed it was all mailed on Wed despite the tracking verifying it had not received anything other than a notification on Thursday. Police will be following up after 7 days in person.

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Received my models. Poorly packed, box was crushed but I got them back.

Models that were painted are painted to a high standard but suffered a lot if paint scraping.

Most everything was broken and and has since been revalued or fixed with green stuff.
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