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The following is a Battle report from WeeAndy, I was using the Rangers:

''Finally having enough models painted to not feel embarrassed at putting it on the table. Sadly the recent iPad death and subsequent resurrection had deprived me of the rule book which I only got around to grabbing back on Sunday afternoon.

As a Western requires a suitable landscape was set up using some flames of war mud roads, Battleflag buildings some Battleboards rocks and a suitable sprinkle of trees. The old GW Dwarf Stronghold was pressed into service as a makeshift mine ( and now will be converted to such) and a renadra plastic camp set up near it.

The scenario ended up a tad more elaborate than planned, but none the less appeared to work and suit Chris and Andy K, I threw a gang in for colour more than anything else but that ended up working out too.

Andy k took the widow makers an all girl team backed up with a professional extra in the form of the John Wayne true Grit style model. Their mission was to escape out of town with a mother load of gold found in the believed exhausted mine.

Chris had taken Wilde's Rangers complete with Gatling Gun and loose cannon law man Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell style) seemed the girls where not to leave town, that gold belonging they decided to the state, and the ladies to them!

Meanwhile back in town the Tranquility crew, oblivious to goings on had ran into a little situation. James (Jayne) had only gone and gotten himself lynched by the law, we didn't rightly know what he'd done, but it being James we didn't figure it outta matter none. Suffice that the Captain and team along with one odd ball (Doc Brown) had to figure on rescuing the sap before they took to stretching his neck.

The ladies broke out to a run, staying off the road and heading for the edge of town where they figured the lest harm would be, Wilde had spread his men out and the Big gun was right across at the other side of town, wouldn't you know pointing right at the Hotel that Tranquility had set up in to get a better view of the Gallows- that gun was another hiccup in an otherwise broken rescue plan!

Seeing the girls start running Wilde ordered up a couple of men to take the houses for cover. Doc brown opened up on the Bounty Hunter (NPC) overseeing the hanging, that didn't work to well clipping him despite a fairly powerful rifle of his own devising, luckily the Hunter was with his back to him, so when he turned round the only guy he could see was one of Wilde's men. This was enough to confuse him we guess as his random roll to shot did find the doc but done nothing.

The girls broke cover of the woods and started their run across the open towards the houses, luckily Wilde had nothing with range to crack at them. Instead he decided popping the Gatling gun at the hotel seemed in order (maybe the ladies had circled around. John Wayne drunk as a skunk bizarrely choose to walk right down the track towards town, he could see something going on at the gallows and figured it might involve booze.

The Captain was the next to take a pop at the Bounty hunter, but despite his skill only a light wound resulted, and equally the Bounty Hunters return volley failed to find a target.

The Gattling gun opened up and pretty much tore strips outta the hotel with a evil volley of fire, though the Doc was the target it's area of effect hit all but tranquillity's perky mechanic. Guess someone was in the good books or maybe it was Shepard, cause not a hit found home with everyone making their save/dodge rolls bar the doc who took a strike.

Pretty much fuming he dashed out to take on the Gatling gun - mistake down he went thanks to the bounty hunter, out ran Kayleigh but she got Wyatt's shotgun to the back and down she went. Shepard and the Capt where righty miffed and in turn moved out.

The ladies mean while where fast approaching the houses, bit of a surprise as the prospector chucked her dynamite a massive throw blowing a house to bits, devoid of occupants the saloon still was a flame and it served well to unnerve the Rangers cause the next couple of turns seen two more Rangers fall and only one of the ladies took a shot to the chest, pretty as she was she was down, but their doc was near hand, meanwhile another house was a flame and Wilde himself was clipped.

Shepard moved out and cleaved the Ranger at the gun doged the Rangers Docs return fire and floored him with a nasty shotgun volley, doc brown finally took out the Bounty hunter who toppled off the gallows and that's was enough to make the sherif and the deputy move off - James was finally clear of targets but still had a noose around his neck.

The Captain ran to Wyatt and in two viscous rounds of hand to hand delivered a pay back for his crew. Simmons done some self healing and moved to restore Kayleigh while the rangers doc got back on his feet only to meet the barrels of Shepard once again BANG and down for good.

The sheriff headed for the road but John Wayne took him out in short order and then for good measure chucked a petrol bomb at the last ranger through a window. He missed but the distraction bought time as one of the widow makers made for the house and with knuckledusters times two dispatched the last ranger.

With no shots between the tranquility crew and the Widows and no axe to grind the two respectfully ignored each other's, the girls made a clean break and the Crew headed off now with a nice shiny Gatling gun to play with.

While we had a few grey areas with the rules and a little checking up throughout the game, it went pretty smooth. The girls are nasty in the extreme but balanced by not being very durable, if anything Wilde's lack of long range didn't suffer his efforts as much as fighting a battle on two fronts, but he choose the fight, had he mustered his men the outcome for the girls may have been very different. The rules are by and large straight forward and intuitive, if you think it's right it probably turns out to be so. There's scope to ham it up and RP a little with the game and it echoes the likes of Necromunda, Songs of Blades and heroes etc but the western mood came through and the quality of the models and set up added dramatically to the mood.''

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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Nice shootout report Do you have a link to the original one? I can post it on my site

Those muddy roads look cool, were they official flames or war pieces or were they homemade? I could use some of those for myself

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Hi Necros sorry about the delay, Christmas madness and all. The original report is here:


The road are FOW(BB117 Rural Roads), they work quite well.

Hope you had a great Holiday!

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