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Da Big Mek

London, UK

Dakka now has an integrated player finder which makes this forum relatively obsolete. Simply click the 'Player Finder' link at the top of any page, or click here to view the player finder.

If you are signed in, you can go to your profile, click a checkbox to be listed in the player finder and then tell us what games you play and you'll be added to the map within an hour.

You dont need to be listed on the player finder to contact people either - so long as you are signed in, just click on the town listing for people who play what you want to play and live near you, and then click 'contact these gamers' to send a message to them. Things are kept anonymous until they make contact with you in return just to guard people's privacy against trolls, but we are already seeing large numbers of people meeting up and playing games that they thought they'd rarely play again as a result of the extensive list of games we support.

You can filter by age range as well (for those who have specified their date of birth), allowing you to more easily meet up with people in the same age range as you, and ensure that you are more likely to have additional mutual interests.

If you are not registered or signed in, you can still view the number of people in an area along with some other interesting statistics, but you need to sign in to see the number of people within various mile radii of you. You cant contact anyone unless you are signed in, just to prevent undue spam from hitting people.

All contact requests are viewed and approved by moderators, and we have rate limiting in place as well so you wont have to worry about being bombarded with spam or junk messages if you list yourself in our player finder.


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