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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


I finally finished these guys!!! Yes! Now that I got two troop choices and HQ its time to add dreadnought or tank or something!
Anything but vanilla sm troops. Let me know what you think, thanks!
[Thumb - IMG_1478.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1479.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1481.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1484.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1485.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1488.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1491.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1492.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1493.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1494.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1496.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1498.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1500.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1502.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1504.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_1505.JPG]
Complete army shot

Made in fi
Basecoated Black


Really solid paint job, looks a bit old school with the greenish bases. Also nice detailing with the scripture on the shoulder pads.
Made in gb
Fighter Pilot

Essex, UK

A very solid paint job. Very neat and strong. My only point would be: I don't like the bases, they do look 'old school', and the armour is too clean. But, that's my opinion, and it's not worth much. I do like the paint job very much, though.

Well done.

An Armour Save? No, never heard of it. Me? I play Imperial Guard. 
Made in gb
Lit By the Flames of Prospero

Bearing Words in Rugby

Very clean, very tidy, very shiny xD

Muh Black Templars
Blacksails wrote:Maybe you should read your own posts before calling someone else's juvenile.
Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Clean, neat and varied. Great stuff! As for what to do next, maybe some veterans to give you some more detail to work with?

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