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Dangerous Outrider

Maine USA

I was curious if anyone had information regarding there being any internships for Games Workshop. I would love to finish my college years with an internship with them but I cna't seem to find any information and now I am thinking they don't have any internship programs. What do you think guys anywhere I dunno about?
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Confessor Of Sins


Well, any internship would be at their UK site, I believe, as the bulk of their corporate is there, not sure if that is doable with college, given you're in the US.

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The Daemon Possessing Fulgrim's Body

Devon, UK

It's getting a bit more common, but us Brits don't really do interns, it is more of a US thing, so I would be surprised if they offer anything.

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Overworked, underpaid, never certain what management wants or how to please them....

Why not just run one of the one man stores?

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

1.) GW is currently closing all non-UK HQs, so an internship would only be possible in Nottingham.
2.) Guess how welcome complete strangers strolling through the design department are

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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi guys, I have just checked their offers and they do have internships in the US. I thought about a summer internship, but I'm not sure what I will do next (I mean with my studies: I don't want to do my homework really cause these classes online drive me mad). Has anyone tried to apply for a Games Workshop internship? What is the best option: a motivation letter or a video telling them why I want to join their team?

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