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Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

This may be the last update for a while what with Mrs Kyoto and the clone twins returning this week. But the Iron Tower of Will made it to the 'good enough for a tabletop' level which is frankly more than I thought I'd manage.

You can just see the spider gun peeking out of the left side.

I like the new smaller balcony a lot.

Addressing the troops!

20" tall, 17" wide, 14" deep, you can almost play a game on it.

Also reaching the 'good enough' level is a long pending figure, Sheik Abdul Imparur Khantz-az-Khreed, who counts as Creed.

When I saw that Creed has 3 wounds I realized I needed some wound counters to go with him. Hence the Reaper Dancing Girls. FUNCTIONAL!

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Oh and one more, I got my favorite model of all time repainted and rebased.

Inquisitor Kuroda, a Rogue Trader Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with his demon sword and (now illegal) Psycannon.

A radical Inquisitor he's the puppet master behind the 1000 Maniacs, the Crazy 88, and the Solid Gold Space Marines making them unwitting pawns in his quest for more power.

In 3rd edition I played him with a damn near invincible squad. 3 acolytes with storm shields and him in Artificer armor then power fist servitors and some familiars to take wounds. Any shooting wounds went on the familiars and in melee I could allocated wounds either to him (with a 2+) or an acolyte (with a 4++) based on the weapon. Between that and 4 squads of Inquisition Storm Troopers doing drive by shootings in Rhinos, then wacking people with Thunder Hammers it was good times all around.


Now I think he'll have a demon sword, termi armor (hence the bigger base) and either a combi bolter, a psycannon or a Hell Rifle.

Base needs work, and he could use some shading but over all I think he works, when you see him it's pretty clear who the boss is.

[Thumb - Inquisitor Kuroda Jan 2016 004.JPG]

Made in gb
Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp

Aye up Kyoto great work on that Pegasus Iron tower of will ..

I had been thinking of redoing it myself at some point using citadel kits but .. it would be a bit pricy tbh.. kudo getting it finished !
Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

 neil101 wrote:
Aye up Kyoto great work on that Pegasus Iron tower of will ..

I had been thinking of redoing it myself at some point using citadel kits but .. it would be a bit pricy tbh.. kudo getting it finished !

I know the feeling, the big problem with the Cities of Death kits is half the walls are ruined. If they'd made one kit of intact and another of ruins it would be so good.

Maybe with Bastion kits?

Anyway if anyone wants to know, I used 2xPegasus Large Gothic Buildings, and 1xSmall Gothic Building #1, and have tons of walls left over.

I would have loved to use their Small Gothic #2 for the rose window but it was out of stock.

Made in us
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!


Love the new tower. Looks really slick. Hope that the family doesn't distract you from your one true love, hobbying, for too long

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Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Got some more stuff done. there's also a painting project going along verrrrry slooooowly.

Someone once told me the metal Catachans are not as bad as the plastic ones.

Technically I suppose he was right, in that they are not 'as' bad, they are far, far worse. Muscles like tumors.

But anyway, some quick conversions and kit bashes for a civilian project percolating in the back of my mind.

Inquisitor Damocles adjusted the load on his back, the weight of the comlink and auspex rig was partly offset by the strength of his power armor (a set of armor that would get him the death sentence if any Astares were ever to see him in it!) but they still slowed him. Still they were an essential link to his orbiting Gun Cutter and he had no intention of walking around this desolate world without it.

Dead simple lazy conversion an old metal dev sgt who I always liked but had no use for, with a new backpack. He'll count as an Inquisitor with an orbital strike relay thingy.

Meridian was a dusty space port, no more than some landing pads and huts. It's only reason for existance was to be found in its name, it was more or less equally distant from several mines and other settlements. Every year or two the ore ships would pull into orbit and this dusty cross road would become a hive of activity as mile-long truck caravans pull in carrying ore and pull out carrying machinery, foodstuffs and a not inconsiderable amount of cash.

The place would be filled with merchants, crewmen, traders, miners, press gangs, joy girls and travelers.

But not today.

Today there were five ships in the port. Three of them were wrecks that would never fly again. One of them was the Inquisitor's shuttle. And the last was an atmospheric transport belonging to a certain arms merchant.

Damocles shouldered through a pilgrim in his way. The wanderer muttered something but thought better of confronting a man wearing a quarter ton of armor and equipment.

The original idea for this guy was a peddler with his pack, but he ended up with so much stuff he's now a pilgrim or wanderer.

But who is he really?

I mean besides a Brettonian with too much stuff glued to him.

He could hear the voice now.

"Guns! Git yer guns right here! Gil's guns! Best in the sector!"

There were rumors about Gil, there were always rumors.

Some said he'd been an Imperial Guard quartermaster who one day slipped away with a shuttle full of weapons which he'd been selling off bit by bit for years.

Others said he was a prospector who found an old troopship crashed and buried in the desert.

More fanciful tales spoke of warp portholes or a factory willed with enslaved Jokero.

No one knew where he got his stuff.

Plasticard, plastistruct girders, Warzone guns, and some resin crates. Most of this stuff has been in my bitz box 10 years or more.

Gil's goons gave Damocles the once over. He could see the glow of the plasma from their pistols. They were serious. Even his illicitly-obtained power armor would provide no protection against that kind of firepower.

The rumor mill had 5 or 6 different accounts of bandits and gang-cults that tried to snatch Gil's weapons. None of them had survived.

Not too surprising that an arms merchant would keep the best for himself.

One moved to intercept his, his thumb moving to charge his pistol.

Inquisitor Damocles pointed at his backpack. Then at the sky. He pantomimed an explosion.

The guard let him through.

Brettonians, plasma pistols and those great, great Empire Outrider heads.

"Gilthanus Terrian." The Inquisitor said.

"Leric Damocles." The arms merchant replied.

"We meet again."

Again dead simple, Catachan arms on a Brettonian. I wanted to give him a more impressive weapon to see but metal weapons were too heavy for the plastic arms.

I'm really going to miss these Brettonian Men at Arms when they go OOP. The Frostgrave Cultists and Soldiers look hopeful though. I have to start playing with them.


"12 silver skulls for the Widowmaker 5000 and not a brass bolt more!" The Inquisitor ejaculated loudly!

"15 silver skulls and that's only because I like you!" Gil shouted back!

"13 silver skulls and you throw in 2 extra clips!"

"14 silver skulls and 1 clip!"

The two stared at each other for a long moment.

"Deal!" they both shouted.

And five minutes later the Inquisitor's shuttle was on its way to orbit.

So that was 2 nights of converting. Hope you liked them.

No idea what I'll use them for but it was fun just trying to imagine what a 40k arms merchant might look like and what his story might be.

Made in fr
Potent Possessed Daemonvessel


Very cool models, loving the grimdark mix of medieval bits.
Is this going to be a diorama then ?
Very fond of the fluff too, although you might want to double check the part where they barter, the inquisitor seems a bit too happy about the prices....

Looking forward to see more !

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Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Ah yes as JK Rowling put it "Ron ejaculated loudly", it never gets old.

So on the shelf now, in no order, I have:

Metal catachans for painting
Necro Juves (conscripts) for painting
2001 Space Odyssey Moon Bus for turning into a shuttle
3 Dakka Jets to turn into Imperial fighters
10 Escher to turn into a vet squad
10 Mordians to finish my 55 man Mordian platoon
Some random Inquisitors, civilians etc

And then I have Kickstarter stuff coming...


Made in fr
Potent Possessed Daemonvessel


Lol ! Sorry man I did not know about that meme, thought you had fallen to autocorrect !
That shelf content sounds promising.

My P&M Blog : Warp Wanderers, Chaos warbands in the Eye of Terror

Voting for my stuff pleases the Chaos Gods and brings you luck in battle !

Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Really cool. Nice seeing the not-always-war side of 40k
Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Some semi random photos

I got my Pig Iron models as they closed up shop. I looked at their line and realized as much as I liked it I just didn't need any more near future riflemen with boxy guns. But I did like their command squad, especially the robot butler, so I got that.

Swapped their heads for Valkyrie pilots, they'll be ground crew for a shuttle I still have to build.

Also took out some of the Space Fleet models I picked up a while ago, they have no in-game purpose but I like to think of them as my Inquisitors private fleet.

The Gothic ship (the big long Not-Super Star Destroyer one) will be the =I=SS Jing Du, the Emperor ship (long BFG looking one with no wings) will be the =I=SS Endurance. Not sure of the rest.

I got some terrain from Proxie Miniatures, this is their pre-fab hut.

It's a nice little kit, cheap and easy to tear up into ruins or combine to make bitter shanty town type arrangements. If I ever need a big project I could get a bunch of them, plus their barricades and brick walls and make a whole slum sector.

I do not need another big project.

Anyway got some painting done too, maybe one day it might be good enough to show off.

Made in us
Rogue Inquisitor with Xenos Bodyguards

Eastern edge

Wandered into your thread, Nice work on stuff, and the low cost terrain by proxie seems decent enough for colonial quick set up habs and other buildings!

"Your mumblings are awakening the sleeping Dragon, be wary when meddling the affairs of Dragons, for thou art tasty and go good with either ketchup or chocolate. "
Dragons fear nothing, if it acts up, we breath magic fire that turns them into marshmallow peeps. We leaguers only cry rivets!

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

I am tempted, perhaps in 15 years when the girls go off to college, to buy a ton of them and build a space hulk table.

If I don't do the slum sector that is.

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Got the ships started the other night, I still need to do inking and details but wow, I really love these.

I doubt I'll ever use them but they are fun to paint.

If you're not familiar they're RT-era 'Space Fleet' ships the precurser to Battle Fleet Gothic. While some design elements stayed the same I really liked the Star Destroyer influenced design with the big flat surfaces with cities growing from them. I also like the lack of visible weapons which makes them seem even bigger.

The =I=SS Oliver Hazard Perry a 'Firestorm' class cruiser from Space Fleet named for an American naval hero and painted in Trinidadian livery in memory of where he was laid to rest.

For my own personal head fluff I'll be renaming all the ship classes since:
A-GW reused most of the names and I want to draw a distinction
B-I don't really like their ship class names

The shuttle lifted off surprisingly smoothly for such a decrepit-looking vessel.
Inquisitor Damocles noted Ardor's surprise.
"She doesn't look like much but this shuttle can out fly most combat fighters. Never let 'em know your true capabilities eh?" he handed Ardor a glass of amsec, Ardor noted the liquid barely shoot despite their acceleration.
"Good job with that Coven of Nine thing. Very good job. And to think I've been coming here to shop for weapons for years and never knew. And the boss took notice, wants to meet you."
He gestured towards a small porthole, already a point of light was growing, becoming a red-liveried Artemis-Class Strike Cruiser. It was an older pattern, her delicate towers and protruding hangers giving her an air of fragility. Where more modern ships pulled everything tightly, huddling behind an armored prow the Artemis Class sprawled out, confident its ancient shields could endure any attack.
"And there she is, our home for the next few months, the Hazard."
"Inauspicious name" Ardor noted.
"Its full name is the ISS Oliver Hazard Perry, named for an Admiral of Paleo-Terra who is said saved the Merican Empire from the White Walkers of Canadia."
Ardor nodded, pretending he both knew and cared who this Perry was.

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

The second ship in the fleet is an 'Iron Clad'

These had really interesting fluff in that they were an old class with no shields, just a really, really, really thick hull. I liked that idea but as you can see this ship doesn't look all that different from the others, so I moved that fluff to another ship entirely just leaving it as another destroyer in the family.

"Nothing comes for free" Inquisitor Damocles told his younger counterpart. "Nothing."
"I mean yes, in theory you and I have the authority to kick down a Governor's door and demand the contents of his treasury, but in reality that will just get us a las blast in the back and a shallow grave."
"Take this armor I wear..."
"Astares plate is it not?" Ardor asked, stating the painfully obvious.
"Indeed. I got it a century ago after saving a local baron from a peasant rebellion. He fancied himself a collector of exotic arms and armor. He offered a reward but when my gaze lingered on this plate, he turned quite reluctant. So instead I began admiring his collection shuriken weapons..."
"Xenos artifacts? Prohibited?" Ardor added, once again pointing out the obvious. Damocles chose not to notice.
"Indeed. So I left his mansion with this suit of armor, a Cadian power sword and a Vostroyan plasma pistol!" He laughed and slapped his armored knee. The sound was like a ringing bell in the cabin.
"Of course it was useless to me, as I was not an 8' tall superman. It sat in storage for decades until I found a tech priest in need of assistance who, in turn, adapted it for use by a mere mortal." He delicately picked up a crystal glass with one armored hand. "Now it's like an extension of my body, I can fight, run, even sleep in it." He put the glass down and picked up a steel tray. He crumpled it into a small ball. "And it's lost none of its power."
"Most impressive." Ardor added, looking on in undisguised envy. Suddenly his armored storm coat felt most inadequite.
"You see the currency of power is favors. Always know who owes you one and who you owe."
"And always make sure you're in the black!" Ardor added, thinking himself clever.
"Not necessarily. There's no shame in groveling, in begging favors and assistance from everyone you know. As long as it moves you forward! I did that for my first century as built my network of contacts, followers and informants. After fifty years I was broke and at the beck and call of a dozen people across the sector. But I kept going, and when the Red Skies Crisis broke in '886, I was prepared to meet it head on. That's how I got this ship you know. I commandeered it at the height of the crisis and well, here I am. I'm sure Battlegroup Lyons would like it back, but after I saved their flagship they won't press matters."
A chime rang and Damocles gestured out the window.
"And there's your ride. I'm afraid the Hazard and I are needed at the Tinery Worlds. The Heart will take you the rest of the way."

She got the name ISS Heart of Nova Yeboracum. Nova meaning new, and Yeboracum being a corruption of Eboracum, the Roman name for York.

Thus the fourth wall breaking I heart NY across her bow...

Alas it's too good a joke to waste on this ship so I'll probably buy something bigger and use the name there.

Ardor spent nearly a month on the Heart of Nova Yeboracum, an Athena-Class Destroyer, dining each night with the lord-captain. The captain could drone on for hours about his homeworld, a festering hive world somewhere to the galactic east.
He boasted of its superior cuisine, its architectural wonders, even the superiority of their sportsman. The ship itself, he claimed, was built from steel recovered from two hive spires lost in a terror-cult attack some centuries ago.
It wasn't until several weeks later when the captain finally exhausted his list of virtues that Ardor was able to learn what he really wanted to know.
The ship was another product of the Olympian family, slightly less delicate looking than the Hazard, but still dependent on her void shields.
For that reason she had been pulled from front line and patrol duty until she was simply standing picket duty over Nova Yeboracum's hives. After an investigation showing that several relatives of Hizzoner (a local term for Lord-Governor) were involved in corruption the governor was more than happy to transfer the ship to the Inquisition. Inquisitor Kuroda had a collection of Olympian ships and had some of the few tech priests who could maintain their aging shield generators, thus the proud vessel returned to battle.

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Cool ships. I really like that pre-fab hut. May to to pick a few up at some point.

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Next up we have the HDMS Endurance.

Originally an Emperor Battleship from Space Fleet I've nicked the iron clad fluff for this beast since it looks like a solid hunk of metal with engines strapped to the back.

Deep below decks on the HDMS Endurance, Ardor ran down the catwalk, a las shot striking and scorching his armored storm coat. He heard a scream behind him as the junior officer who'd been escorting him fell to his death. Without pausing Ardor leapt to a neighboring walkway, scrambled to a ladder and half-slid, half fell, the dozen meters to the floor below. He pushed aside menials and slaves until his reached a hatchway, ducked inside and locked it behind him.

Take a tour of the ship Inquisitor! It sounded like a great idea, but no one mentioned the lower decks of the HDMS Endurance had been in a state of insurrection for the last fifty years and that armed bands of rebels were eager to get their hands on a tempting ransom victim.

He found a elevator platform and, after a few pulls on the activation cord, got the motor running. The metal cage slowly rose, headed back to the top decks, to officer's country.

As far as Ardor had been able to gather, the trouble began decades ago when Commissar Goodfield attempted to execute the 3rd mate or some forgotten infraction. The captain overruled her and ordered his armsmen to put her in chains instead. Unfortunately some armsmen were good students of the Schola Progenium and sided with the Commissar. The resulting gun battle killed half the bridge crew (including the damn 3rd mate) and the Commissar and her followers escaped to the lower decks.

The elevator paused as a checkpoint filled manned by arms men with shot cannons looked Ardor over. He flashed his credentials and was allowed to proceed upwards.

So fifty years later no one knew if Goodfield was alive or dead, but armed bands of freed slaves, rebel arms men and other riff-raff roamed the lower decks still dreaming taking the ship for themselves. The captain send out parties from time to time to purge them with fire, but a three-mile-long cruiser gave them plenty of places to hide.

The HDMS Endurance was an Ironclad-class cruiser in the service of the Inquisition. This class of ship abandoned void shields entirely in favor of meters-thick armor and a compact design offering few weak points to exploit. On top of that energy weapons such as lances were replaced with torpedos and macrocannons. The logic was simple, to create a ship with as few points of failure as possible. There are no shields to turn off, no energy weapons to sabotage. Firing the weapons required press gangs of thousands of workers to haul multi-ton shells into position. It was a slow, labor-intensive process but also a massive one, hard for one traitor, madman, daemon-possessed or warp gremlin to derail.

Even minor things like the ships elevators had their own engines and power supply. Other than the warp drive, reactor and geller fields there was nothing that could be sabotaged. And they were guarded by an army of servitors and crewmen.

It made the Endurance a slow but hard-hitting ship that could take a beating. It was the Inquisition's preferred vessel for dealing with warp incursions and other threats where the sanity of the crew might at stake. Her hull was pocked with craters, from atomic strikes to esoteric xeno weapons she bore her scars with pride.

Even a decades-long rebellion in her lower decks did little to jar the mighty vessel from her course.

Made in jp
Battleship Captain

The Land of the Rising Sun

I love that command squad. I was not fast enough getting mine for artillery batteries.


Jenkins: You don't have jurisdiction here!
Smith Jamison: We aren't here, which means when we open up on you and shred your bodies with automatic fire then this will never have happened.

Raxmei wrote:24ps is the range. 24". If that were the points cost then lasguns and plasma guns would cost the same amount and flamers would have a cost of "Souffle".

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Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

राम नवमी की मंगलकामनाएं

Happy Ram Nawami everyone!

Dusted off a pending project last night and got it done.

As far as I can tell there is just no such thing as a fan of Space 1999. No spin off novels or comics, no demands for rebooted series, no one cosplaying as that chick who turned into a cat or whatever. Nothing. Down the memory hole.

Except for one thing.

The ships.

Their Eagles (desgined by the same guy who did Thunderbirds et al IIRC) are just a great marriage of functionality and aesthtics. They look like something that would be on a moon base in the distant future year of 1999 but the bird beak style cockpit gives them a bit more cool factor than a strictly practical ship might have.

The 1/72 kit was rereleased a few years back and goes for $25-30, and they just did a 1/48 scale one for $100~$150. I got the 1/72. It's a bit small, if it was just 10%, 20% bigger it would be perfect for 40k terrain or as a flier but as is... Ah it's still a great kit.

It's very modular you could easily bash 2-3 of them together to make some cool cargo ships. The cockpit, vertical thrusters, cargo pod, spine and engines are all separate bits. You could even use them with a box or other found object to turn it into a lander.

I initially assembled it as a stock ship.

As you can see it's really not too, too small once assembled. The cargo pod looks like it could hold 10~20 guardsmen or other passengers, it's about as tall as a chimera so provides nice cover/LOS blocking if used as terrain.

The big problem was the cockpit, that was clearly too small for one 28mm pilot, much less two.

And since it's the most distinctive part of the ship it makes it stick out as 'not 40k'.

Luckily I had these robogear kits I'd been carrying around the world for a few *cough*ten*cough* years.


I feel like it needs something, maybe just cables and grubbings. And I have to put a skull there somewhere...

I see it working as terrain for a space port board I've been thinking of for a while. Or even as an Arvis Lighter.

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

I really like that. Easily passable as a transport.

Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

I think the robogear cockpit look fitting...aerodynamics don't work in space of 40k anyway as they have shields and all that...

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt


I was thinking how the only thing the limits the length is the spine, if I replace it with some plasticard struts it could easily be long enough to carry a tank.

Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

hmmm... i would be hesitant to do something like that as the "spine" is the USP of that ship....aesthetically its the "thing" of the look...

Made in us
Thermo-Optical Tuareg


It is a neat kit. It would actually be perfect for 15mm gaming. It's a little hard to tell in the pics, but how is the detailing on it?

Also, there must be at least one fan of Space: 1999, Crooked Dice made quite a few 28mm figures based on the cast as well as generic dudes wearing the space suits from the show.

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

A bit of progress over the last week or two.

Added a bit of a cowl to the new cockpit on Eagle 1. Makes it look a bit less tacked on (even though it is).

Bits are from the old Tecnolog Hexegon set, never really used them before, now I wish I had more.

Can't wait to get it painted up. Already ordered another one.

Also got a heavy weapon base done for my metal Catachan squad.

Someone once told me the metal Catachans are nicer than the plastics.

He lied.

Muscles like tumors, they make the Bloodbloodbloods from Age of Sigmar look reasonable.

Also after some effort and great expense I amassed all 3 of the 2nd edition preachers and both of the Confessors. I have no idea what I suddenly decided I needed them, when it's like a 2 minute conversion to do with flagellents, but there you go. Let's just say they have character and leave it at that.

The Three Tsutooge Brothers (Laurence, Morris and Kherli) will be seeing service as IG priests.

Made in eg
Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Inspired by the award-seeking Retro Review series I banged out this conversion the other day.

I had a burst of inspiration the other night and cooked up this

Rogue Trader Tyrel 'Destroyer' Cathek, which as a tribute to a 1st edition character makes him a Rogue Trader Rogue Trader.

Not a bad likeness, he even has 'overlong arms' from his description.

I think the silly flag adds a certain something to him.

Not pictured: His power sword, bolt pistol, neural disruptor, web gun, needler, and power glove.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And some more progress

Eagle 1 got a base coat, in the classic livery of the Universal Parcel Service. Like my trucks it will be brown with a wash of brass and black.

Lesson learned, paint BEFORE final assembly, there's lots of spots around the engine and spine that are damn near impossible to reach.

And the Tsutuge Brothers got some progress.

Along with their dad

Washed and some more detailing to follow, but so far so good.

Such good models.

And I paid way too much...

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Otiose in a Niche

Cairo, Egypt

Just to round out the tour of the fleet, before my 1000+ Buck Rogers ships arrive.

Inquisitor Minorus Ardor ran into the hanger his pack bouncing behind him. He had just minutes to spare after getting horribly lost.

Why hadn't someone told him even numbered hangers were on the port side, odd on the starboard?

The aging cargo shuttle was already sitting on the launch circle, he tried to ignore how old the vehicle looked and how the shuttle's cockpit looked awkwardly bolted on. He was sure they would never have assigned it to him if it wasn't safe.

The servitor crew was already uncoupling the fuel lines and lights were turning from red to yellow. He sprinted the last 100 meters.

Ardor had to duck his head to get into the cargo pod of the Mk1999 'Eagle' shuttle. The hatch was low and narrow, as if designed for someone half his height. He vaguely remembered some hypno-lesson about early space farers being shorter and squater so as to need less air, food and water. And something about them having beards? He couldn't remember. Not that it mattered. The point is he almost had to squeeze in sideways just get in. And even then he hand to stoop a bit to stand up in the pod.

The pod was filled with crates and canisters, and smelt distinctly of dead marine life. A grynx hissed at him from a cage in the corner. Ardor looked left and right for a passenger couch but found nothing. He tapped the vox plate and yelled into the smiling skull face.

"Excuse me, excuse me, there's no accelleration couch here, excuse me-"

A burst of static cut him off and then the floor lurched and he went tumbling into a metallic crate. He muttered a curse, found a perch on top of an ammo box and waited. Then he heard the hissing. He carefully crawled around the pod holding up a small hand towel until he found the source near the floor. He jammed his towel into the crack and ran to opposite side of the pod.

Alone in the windowless pod he never even got a glimpse of his destination.

The ISS Jing Du (Chinese for Kyoto in case you're wondering), fluff wise another ship in the Olympus family, I'm thinking Athena-class. 3 miles long with a larger city in the back. No idea what the two flanges off the side are supposed to be, I'll go with launch bays. Because why not.

Originally it was a Gothic class battleship but at 3" it would be too small these days.

I really, really love this design, even more than the flying cathedrals of BFG. It's just graceful and elegant.

Fluff story...

"Some place huh?" Colonel Bragg said slapping Ardor on the back.

"Uh..." Ardor grunted, he was still having trouble believing he could breath. He was standing on an arched bridge between two graceful towers under a starlit sky. The only problem, the starlit sky was in fact hard vacuum and the only think holding the air in was a power shield older than the Imperium. The burly Catachan officer next to him was even smoking a cigar!

"The boss must have been pretty impressed to fly you out here. How long did it take anyway?"

"Three months." Ardor muttered. Three months, four ships, and at least six potentially deadly situations.

"Well you're here now, and you may as well enjoy it. This place, I mean it's got everything, why the canteen on deck XXII even serves real meat every Thor's Day. None of that Soylent stuff. Y'know I never even had Soylent Verdant before I joined the corps, back on Catachan..."

Ardor tuned out the Colonel's words, he didn't need to hear another story about tyranocrox wrestling or carnivorous ferns.

Still he was impressed. The Jing Du wasn't huge by the standards of Imperial ships. At 3 miles it was dwarfed by many ship classes but it had a grace and age lacking from so many newer ships. Where most Imperial vessels hunched together like a fist, the Olympus family of ships sprawled out like an outstreched hand, towers rose gracefully into the void. Their shipmasters were supremely confident their shields would endure any assault and make armor unnecessary.

Ardor hoped this confidence would not be tested until long after he'd left.

Moreover the Colonel was right, the ISS Jing Du had everything. Libraries filled with ancient tomes, armories of exotic weapons, cells with some of the great heretics of the sector... It was a monument to Inquisitor Kuroda's life and career.

Which of course made it far too valuable to ever take into a hazardous situation.

So it wandered out here among the Dust Systems. An entire sub sector without habitable worlds, a place where there was nothing of any interest to anyone. Where no one would look for an ancient warship.

He'd dined with the ship master a few nights before, Lord-Captain Viktor Li. He'd gotten the sense the man was tremendously frustrated, a war captain on a ship that would never be allowed into battle.

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Love that Rogue Trader kitbash! Very cool indeed.

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Cairo, Egypt

And just to finish out (for now) the tour of my fleet

The ISS Stern Father, in Space Fleet it was a Dominator Class battleship with a nova cannon mounted the length of the ship that would hit a 9 square area.

I'm thinking it's now a Chronos Class Planet Killer, one of the Inquisition's specialist ships to carry out exterminus. I like to think the big gun can shatter a planet, but takes so long to charge up it's useless in a battle. It's really only good for hitting big things that don't move around too much. Like planets. And then as secondary weapons it has all the usual virus bombs, continent-breaking seismic warheads and other anti-population weapons. But the gun is an anti planet weapon, when you want nothing left but asteroids.

Here's my floatilla as it stands, about to be doubled in size because I'm an idiot with a credit card.

"You're a luck boy" Bragg said. He stopped to puff again on his cigar. "They don't test the big boy that often."
"Uh, right, yeah, what exactly am I looking at?" Inquisitor Minorus Ardor asked. He'd just followed the crowds out to the walkway,hearing something about a demonstration.
"See that planet out there?" Bragg pointed to a redish sphere. Like everything else in the Dust Sector it was a lifeless uninhabitable rock.
Ardor nodded.
"And see that ship?"
Ardor squinted at the distant shape. He wished he'd worn his mag lenses but they always gave him a headache.
"Cruiser?" He squinted again. "Poseidon class?"
"Negative, heavy modification warranting new classification. Chronos class. Planet Killer." A new voice explained.
Ardor looked down to see a stooped Mentat, the spectacle above was not enough for him to raise his eyes from his book.
"Inquisitor Danil Ardor" he said offering his hand.
"Inquisitor Minorus Danil Ardor" the Mentat responded. "I read your dossier 134 days ago and have not seen any record of a promotion."
"Um, right. And your name?"
"Desmond Uman, Archivist 23rd class, Office of Demographic Threat Analysis."
Ardor tried to remember how many classes of archivist there were and whether they counted up or down. He failed and figured he may as well be polite.
"So what is a Chronos Class ship?"
"Using warhead of antipodal substances, anathema to ordinary matter."
Ardor looked puzzled.
"Y'see" Bragg explained, "that big gun there is loaded up with this uh... stuff that's so foul, so blasphemous when it hits a planet... BOOM!" He gestured with his hands to emphasize the point. "I saw them use it on some heavy gee world filled with mutants a while back-"
"The Crypton Affair" Uman added.
"It's a sight. Now usually they just use the atomics or the virus bombs, make a world unhinhabitable. But every now and again when you want the whole damn planet erased from the books, they use the big gun. Man I wish I could be on that ship. I mean it's not just the power, they say the crew on board live like kings. Every week transports full of fresh food, wines, women even. The boss likes to say they should have a taste of paradise, cause the work they do's gonna damn their souls."

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Cairo, Egypt

The fleet grows
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Space Fleet Reinforcements

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