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Malicious Mutant Scum


Another three weeks, another update. The drones are almost, almost finished. To be honest, i could've probably finished them by now, if it wasn't for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. But i guess some things can't be helped?

I tried my hand at doing the hazard stripes with a pigment liner and i'm really happy with the results. Of course i need to fix it up with some paint, but at least they base is there and that took me just about two hours on all those difficult surfaces. Especially the power cables, oh lord, the power cables.

I really like how the metal parts of the base came out. With some proper pigments, those will certainly look great!

I'm still not sure what effect i will go for with pointy's smoke plumes. Probably blue-ish, maybe green-ish. Certainly not grey-ish.

The rust effect was actually the easyiest part of the entire paint job. Gods bless Typhus Corrosion and thinned down Ryza Rust.

Their eyes will have proper irises added to them once i'm done with the main work. They'll probably be somewhat plain looking, but that will (hopeyfully) be a good contrast to the outlandish horror of the rest of the model.

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Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair is an illusion of the mind.

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Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine

Eye of Terror

I see conversions like this and become immediately jealous of the skill, time and creativity that went into all of them.

While some projects are enjoyable to look at on a screen, this one makes me think I would genuinely like to see it on a table top.

Good job.

Made in fr
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


These drones are starting to look really amazing, can't wait to see the finish product

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Made in de
Malicious Mutant Scum


 techsoldaten wrote:
I would genuinely like to see it on a table top.

Thank you. I'll try to snap a few action shots once i'm at the hobby club later today, can't make any promises though.

The weather was rather nasty today and since i had nothing better to do i took a shot at doing some HUGE eyes. I used the tutorial by MiniWar Gaming and i'm pretty satisfied with the results. Certainly there is room for improvement here, but, hey, not bad for my first try.

My girlfriend threatens to throw me out of our work space if she has to spend the next few days in the company of "those creepy looking f*ckers". I'll take the help where i can get it, time to finish these bastards!

Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair is an illusion of the mind.

My Work Log  
Made in us

Albany, NY

Eyes look great to me, so watery and weird Chalky white drones are legit as well, love the contrast against the weapons and hazards.

- Salvage

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