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Flashy Flashgitz

Southern California

The genius of Necromunda was a clean slate, compared to 40K (or Mordheim, too). Six identical House Gangs with varied Skills. Even then, some would argue some gangs were better than others. Outlanders added much more varied gangs, with varied success. Balance was a issue. What they try to do with SW:A is impossible to finely balance. To many wildly different factions, with a "one box" restriction that is not fine tuned for this game.

If I was a bet'n man, I'd wager 20 Orks is gonna beat most any team. And, will be the most resilient team over the course of a campaign.
Made in us
Beautiful and Deadly Keeper of Secrets

Even then, some would argue some gangs were better than others
Yeah actually, Golith's theme didn't work very well and their skill access was poor.
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