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Committed Chaos Cult Marine


I thought it was awful, and I struggled to stay awake during the 3rd quarter.

I’m pretty laid back about film “quality”, but it would be a dark day before I chose to watch this over something else once it’s on streaming.

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The Great State of Texas

Nothing against it, but evidently it bombed at the box office per Rotten Tomatoes.

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Dominating Dominatrix

Yeah. fething lobster johnson. That gak was the best.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.

 JohnHwangDD wrote:

The Nazis were right. It's better to be a Nazi than a fan.

Thank you for getting me on the side of Milo and the Nazis.

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Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Just saw this. Absolutely terrible and inexplicably loud.

For some reason David Harbour was yelling almost all of his lines. Why? I don't know.

The movie had tons of gore. Why? I don't know.

Professor Bruttenholm was incredibly underdeveloped, the plot was super convoluted, and no character motivations were ever really fleshed out.

The creature effects were good, and some scenes were pretty accurate to the comic in terms of storyboarding and visuals (while somehow missing in translation all the soul and meaning from the comic).

It really was as bad as the reviews.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut

For those interested who haven't seen this apparent trainwreck (like me), it's coming to Amazon Prime US in late July.

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