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Locked in the Tower of Amareo

Space wolves followed by eldar followed by demons. The warp is stupid and shouldn't be in 40K.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Aesthetics say anything nurgle based, it's just so disgusting.

For actual army it would be Astra BOGOF I just can't stand the codex and the attitude I've seen from people playing them, "my all catachan artillery list surrounded by sudo marines is totally fluffy and not a Competitive list. Yet take one non codex unit and your a WAAC soup player.
Made in gb
Hungry Ghoul

Any static gun-line force whatever the flavour.

The idea of just standing and shooting all game would drive me nuts.

Death Guard | Alpha Legion | Tau
LoN | NH
Made in ca
Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought


Anything <IMPERIUM> would be bad, but given my own personal proclivities the worst one would be Sisters of Battle.

Are we sure death is not an option? Better dead than smeg.

The Fall of Kronstaat IV
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Волшебная Сказка | Volshebnaya Skazka | A Fairy Tale (updated 07/10/19, ep9 - Разорение | Razoreniye | Downfall)
Kabal of The Violet Heart (updated 18/09/19)

You know, if there's one thing I've learnt from being in the Army, it's never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major who got pooh-poohed; made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh. He pooh-poohed it! Fatal error! 'Cause it turned out all along that the soldier who pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs. In the end, we had to disband the regiment.
Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

I hate Tau, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard...of those 3, I’d probably take Tau. It’s the infantry I hate for them. I guess I’d load up on Battlesuits and do minimal infantry.

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
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Shrieking Traitor Sentinel Pilot


 timetowaste85 wrote:
I hate Tau, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard...of those 3, I’d probably take Tau. It’s the infantry I hate for them. I guess I’d load up on Battlesuits and do minimal infantry.

You can run an all suit list, it's not even hard lol.

"For the dark gods!" - A traitor guardsmen, probably before being killed. 
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Slaanesh Chosen Marine Riding a Fiend

So far it seems it is neck and neck between T'au and Aeldari.

Please note, for those of you who play Chaos Daemons as a faction the term "Daemon" is potentially offensive. Instead, please play codex "Chaos: Mortally Challenged". Thank you. 
Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

Tyranids. Outside of really small point fun games (under 1000) I've never been able to beat gribbly hordes with any other army.

Genestealer Cult - 1500 pts..
Space Marines (Rift Wardens) - 1500 pts. 
Made in de
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

Tzeentch and Slaanesh have pretty ugly models on the Daemon side.
Imperial Knights are also ugly, I like their heraldry but the models themselves are lackluster.
Tyranids are a joke compared to ALIENS or Zerg (their newer models are a bit better though).

So, if I had to pick one of these three... I'd probably take Knights. I never had to face them but I can't imagine them having an interesting playstyle. Your opponent either knows what to bring or you stomp him. Little in between.
Made in us
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

 NoiseMarine with Tinnitus wrote:
So far it seems it is neck and neck between T'au and Aeldari.

Tau and Eldar are generally the most vehemently hated armies due to their "my super special rules let me ignore all your stuff" type playstyle. Space Marines usually trail behind on the hate train due to people not liking their mary-sueness and spotlight sucking, with space wolves generally topping the hated space marine factions because other space marine players tend to hate on space wolves.

So, unsurprising there.
Made in gb
Missionary On A Mission

Space Marines. Blech.

- - - - - - -
Made in us
Shrieking Traitor Sentinel Pilot


Tau and Eldar most hated? Can't say I'm surprised.

I'd have to go with Tyranids, hive minds just ain't my thing.

"For the dark gods!" - A traitor guardsmen, probably before being killed. 
Made in us
Consigned to the Grim Darkness


Chaos Marines.

Any of them. To my discerning eye, they all suck aesthetically and their lore makes them seem whiny and pathetic most of the time. Nothing against other people playing them, but zero interest at all for me.

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The people in the past who convinced themselves to do unspeakable things were no less human than you or I. They made their decisions; the only thing that prevents history from repeating itself is making different ones.
-- Adam Serwer
My blog
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Regular Dakkanaut


Age of Sigmar...
They never should have killed of the old world, I won't forgive them for that.

But to answer your actual question.. None really. The 40K lore is great. The ones I have most problems enjoying is pure daemons lists.

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Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

I don't really hate any of the armies though

I guess my answer would be... whichever army is easiest to accidentally break.

realism is a lie
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka


-IK: Because tabletop minis shouldn't be mini. And most of the other guy's options shouldn't matter.

-Orkz, assembled-as-sold. There's an army where modification and kitbashing is always better than bog-standard. Plus, I've always loved Orkz being on the table (friend or foe), but can never picture enjoying playing *as* them. I think half the magic of Orkz is the player, not the models.
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

Probably Tau. Cool models, dreadfully bang-head-on-desk boring in the game. I'd change my mind if they had other army builds, or still had a robust Kroot selection.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Primaris Marines.
Made in gb
Sneaky Striking Scorpion

Midlands, UK

It's a tough question, because I can find something to like in most 40k armies.

Probably Necrons, just because I'm mainly in it for the painting and they don't give much for a painter to work with, combined with not being especially enamoured with the lore or playstyle.

Honourable mentions to Space Wolves (can't stand the overwhelming wolfiness of it all) and Drukhari (never liked the aesthetic).
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

For me, it would be Orks.

brian ® 
Made in us
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife



40K - T'au Empire
Kill Team - T'au Empire, Death Guard
Warhammer Underworlds - Garrek’s Reavers

*** I only play for fun. I do not play competitively. *** 
Made in nl
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

your mind

Nurgle... Just the thought of realistically painting all of that nasty mutant goo.

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Life is too short. I stop.

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Courageous Beastmaster



Cypher | Craftworlds | Drukhari | Dark Angels | Necrons | Emperor's Children(30k/40k) | Tyranids | Orks | Death Guard

Daughters of Khaine | Blades of Khorne | Stormcast Eternals | Flesh-Eater Courts
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Longtime Dakkanaut

 Inquisitor Lord Katherine wrote:
 Brutus_Apex wrote:
40k is sci fi More precisely, science fantasy. That said, it's still distinct for D&D or Tolkienesque fantasy. The thing is, the otherwise generic fantasy daemons don't have the "in space" dress-up on, and such feel out of place and really boring.

To top it off, they're a mass-melee footslogging army, which is basically the straight opposite of everything I would ever want to play.

Here's the thing I don't think you're seeing. Daemons and the Warp are effectively the reason 40K isn't sci-fi. The reason you don't like them is the very reason 40K is unique and interesting as a setting. They are what makes it 40K. You don't see the as fitting in because you think 40K is sci-fi, when it's totally the opposite.

I'm not going to argue the aesthetics of the models because I think that they're lacking for the most part, but they are the essence of 40K.

Everything else went through the effort to dress up to be "In Space!", though, but the Daemons didn't. They really stick out like a sore thumb. [Also, there are quite a few "sci fi" factions, and I'd pretty easily say that the Necrons, Tau, Tyranids, and Imperial Guard are far more appealing than the Daemons, Orks, or Eldar]

Second, I'd argue that the Warp and daemons aren't actually very important to making 40k unique or interesting. 40k is unique, fun, and interesting because the Imperium is a fascist theocracy. The forces of Chaos, and enemies of the Imperium in general, are just kind of there; because fundamentally, the Imperium is so monumentally gakky because of its own policies.While the soldiers are still heroic holding off their foes, the cause of their suffering is the Imperium itself. [And, if it strays too far from this, it stops being a criticism of fascism and starts being just fascist. Sometimes, I feel like it crosses the line, especially 30k]

Eldar are my second least favorite faction.

I can understand not liking demons or Chaos in general but saying that they are not important to the setting is just not true. You get rid of Chaos and the entire setting and the events that got us to the current IOM is changed drastically.
Made in gb
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain


Eldar... Could never bring myself to plays elves, likely because ever since I was a kid doing RPGs with my big brother I was always a dwarf.... Poncy elves ....

Made in us
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

Genestealer Cults. As someone who loves Guard and Nids you'd think I liked them. I don't. I despise the models and the lore. I wouldn't even play the stupid things if hell froze over. I'd just quit the hobby before I played them. In your scenario I would just sit around with the models and chew on them for eternity.

Second would be Orks. I just had a bad player in my group that ruined them for me. I enjoy their lore and they have some cool models, but I will never play them. I'm too focused on Imperium and Eldar to give them any time of day.

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Just a collector
Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

Imperial Guard. Tau. Custodes.

If you see me playing any of these, I am probably the Thing in disguise.

Might have misunderstood the OP.

I would probably enjoy playing Aeldari( craft, dark, and clowns)if I didnt hate their models and fluff.

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Made in us
World-Weary Pathfinder

The classic mix of World Eaters & Khorne Daemons.
Made in us
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Across the Rubicon

I don't really have a faction I hate. If I was to go by which Kill Team faction I am not planning to get it would be Eldar. Although, that largely has to do with much of their choices still be resin. Honorable mention to Genestealer Cult as I don't think I would have ever got a kill team of them if they weren't in the starter box. The feel like 40k's version of a 3rd World warlord/terrorist faction to me, and I just don't like them.

As for a full 40k army, probably Imperial Knights, Sisters of Battle, Space Wolves or again Genestealer Cults. Imperial Knights just don't seem like a real faction in the scope of a 28mm miniatures game. As for the Sisters of Battle, they feel far too much like fluff gimmick army that has not aged well. I guess the same could be said about the Space Wolves save they morphed (wolved) into a wolfing joke of wolf marines that became to wolfing much to even be wolfing funny. And Genestealer Cults, they both don't hold my interest, and I don't feel they have enough an army structure to make much sense to fight 40k battles enough to warrant a full faction. It would be like the French Resistance or something being a full fledged faction in something like Bolt Action. Sure, they fought and were even match for the opposing forces, but did/does it really happen enough to bother with a full faction?

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