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 Gallahad wrote:
You need deeper woodgrain texture on the shield if you want it to show up.

Its kinda creepy how well freeform can simulate the actual result, but I am with you, deep details are needed if you want to show off a wood grain like that, especially in regards to plastic!

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 BobtheInquisitor wrote:
Are you suggesting he inject the young goatmen and goatwomen into sin?

One cannot be subjected to sin if oblivious to the existence of sin. Surely goatmen don't read the scriptures Loophole

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We discuss our design work flow, and let out some rough sketches of what we want to do with the unlocked minotaurs. We've broke 12k as well, which has opened up shield packs for players.
[Thumb - faun mino concept 1.png]

[Thumb - faun mino concept 2.png]

[Thumb - concept work.png]

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First minotaur of the trio
[Thumb - MinotaurPose10.jpg]

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rgdgaming wrote:
First minotaur of the trio

Love it. One note about the sketches, hornless female minotaurs just seems wrong, claymore smashes be damned.

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Last 5 days, we have one last ante. At 15k we will be making a 3x4 sprue, the sprue will feature new bodies, heads, and a new row of left handed weapons for folks looking to dual wield. We had wanted to do it at 20k, but this a decent compromise
[Thumb - faun shaman.jpg]

[Thumb - matt pic.jpg]

[Thumb - update on faun art.png]

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We are near the last 15k goal of the night, and that is the extra faun torso sprue. A nice sprue to round out unique choices in your army, or warbands, through the use of new looks, and weapon configurations. We have unlocked shield packs for all pledgers, and have even thrown in a centaur sprue for the base pledgers. Join us in the last 24 hours to grab your own fauns to play with. Only more to gain by joining. And if you can't now, put in a buck! Eventually we will have late pledges.


Summary of the loot


Fauns 12 Male, 9 Female
Centaur Horses (2)
Shield Pack (10 shields)

At 15K
Bonus sprue of 4 bodies for each faun box set


Fauns 24 Male, 18 Female
Centaur Horses (8)
Shield Pack x2 (20 shields)
Satyrs x3

At 15K
Bonus sprue of 4 bodies for each faun box set

Army in a Box

Fauns 48 males, 36 females
Minotaur Brute- 1 minotaur
Minotaur Trio - 3 minotaurs
Satyrs 6
Faun Shaman Male
Faun Shaman Female
Centaur Horses 22
Shield Pack x4 (40 shields)
Centaur Upgrade Pack

At 15 K
Bonus sprue of 4 bodies for each faun box set

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Just cleared $15K -
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