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on the forum. Obviously

What if instead of dealing damage, a Deathstrike generates a few VP when it goes off?

The idea is that the Deathstrike is an important strategic asset (it is a nuke launcher, after all), so if it goes off and launches the missile, then the army protecting it basically completed one of their objectives.

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In our campaign, once the Planetary Defence Forces discover that either of the Cultist factions [GSC/ Slaanesh] have captured a hab block or a noble house, they can requisition a spearhead detachment from another planet in the system.

The detachment consists of a commander. 2 manticores, a deathstrike, a master of ordinance and an enginseer with 2 servitors.

I'm hoping for good Inquisition- only one week to go til I can get my WD. Hope the strats are characterful and include ordo specific as well as generic options; ditto for WL Traits and relic. What I want for them more than anything are good rules for integrating with Imperial Factions.

I figure they should be like Ynarri- they can join any Imperial Detachment without throwing off the special rules of everyone else OR they can take control, in which case, they swap the detachments perks with their own.

If the detachment is their chamber militant, they ADD their perks to the detachment rather than swap them.

I'd also like them be able to take control during a game rather than being determined in advance, to represent the Inquisitor taking over at a critical moment.

I'm keeping my expectations low; we'll get a battle brothers work-around for sure- assassins and SoS did; it's also confirmed that we're getting relics, strats and a psychic discipline. Can't wait!
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 Kanluwen wrote:

Yup. It's why I've been pushing for the Assault profile instead.

See your point. Yes just changing them to assault 2 would be something.

Honestly, it would be better served as a terrain piece of some sort--or benefit from having Master of Ordnances on the field or something. There's a lot that can be done to make it work(because if we go with 'realistics' for stuff, we shouldn't see named characters yadda yadda yadda).

They remain a fun thing to take for big games. There are multiple ways to have them count for more, but really you are taking one, saving the CP for when it fires and using CP to try and make it fire earlier.
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