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Made in de
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

As usual excellent work, mate. It looks stunning.

~6740 build and painted
769 build and painted
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks P!

So today I decided to paint up my infantry company's commander:

Major Winters. (sorry, this image gets a bit shrunk to fit the forum here, so do feel free to right click and open in a new tab to see it fullsize)

Unlike those commanders that bought their commission and lead via fear and intimidation, Winters earned his commission via several battlefield promotions.
Don't be fooled, it was not a case of dead-mans-boots, Winters is a natural born leader, who prefers to lead by example. such actions caught the eye of regimental command and with each promotion, Winters rose and rose again to the challenges before him, more than proving his worth time and time again.
There's nothing winters would ask of his men that he would not and has not done himself.
By leading from the front, he has earned their respect and his reputation for legendary heroism their admiration.
Winters has very little respect for pomp and circumstance, preferring to stick to the practicality that standard issue kit provides.
As a young lieutenant, winters was issued a ludicrously ornamented and expensive plasma-pistol by a grateful planetary govenor.
secretly amused at the ornamentation of the pistol winters supressed the smirk he felt rising as he was presented the firearm and accepted the gift for the honour it was.
"ornamentation aside, it was an exceptionally well built pistol, as short-lived as it was.." he later remarked in hindsight
In his zeal to "get-the-job-done" as he puts it, fighting heretics on karak prime, he taxed the power core to the limit through extended use, knowing full well the weapon would likely explode. The pistol's final shots slaying the heretic astartes leader he was dueling, at the cost of his hand up to the elbow as the core blew in a flare of a blinding-white plasmatic explosion, quarterizing the wound as it did so.
In agonising pain, half binded and limited to use of his chainsword for personal protection, Winters first ensured his platoon's squads had secured all their objectives, only then did he allow himself the luxury of passing out at the aid station.
not being something he's overly keen to experiance again, the Major now sports a simple bolt-pistol, claiming "the only thing this will blow up is heretic skulls..."

this model uses the anvil puttee legs and an 'irregular' torso to achive the pilot's jacket look.
I felt the whole, fighter jacket look gave him a sense of induviduality and authority, yet retained a feeling of practicality I wanted to show.
he's in charge, no doubt about it but he's still one-of-the-boys.
the pose also helps to that end.
the arm on the sword comes from a whf pikemen with a bit of gs for a cuff.
the skeletal hand is the one I cut off the reliquiry from the blade-guard ancient I turned into that fallen angel model.
I felt this looked rather like a t800 hand and that also went rather well with the bomber-jacket and helps to add a sense of a history to him.
the sword is from an old metal commissar arm with the hand removed and a grip from a catachan sword put inside the hilt-cradle.
the bolt-pistol and mag are from the HH mkIII marine sprue.
I went for a 32mm base to show his importance as a character and added some more home-made barbed wire as on the heavy bolter base.
while painting, as I did the jacket in the dark brown leather I usually do the gloves in I chose to do the glove in a yellow leather instead. looks appropriately ww1/ww2 I feel. he's kinda dressed like Indiana Jones now I think of it!
his helmet colourscheme shows off his rank nicely too.
something I should have mentioned before, the helmets and crests signify ranks quite clearly in this army, once you know the legend:

The 39th use helmets with ridged crests and skull motives to denote ranks at-a-glace.
these are as follows:

39th Eoforwich Pioneer Corps Infantry Ranking designations.
- Squad level (non-coms, sergeants etc...) - plain crest, green skull
- Platoon level (junior officers, lieutenants etc...) - green crest, bronze skull
- Company level (Captains, Majors etc..) - green crest, silver skull
- Regimental level (Colonel's and above) - green crest, gold skull

so, sgts have a clean stripe but a green skull and all officers have the green stripe, just changing the skull badge for rank.

theres auxilleries too;

- Medical corps (all ranks of medical officers) - White crest and red skull
- Engineer corps - as the infantry scheme, simply exhanging the green with black.
(so, simple black skull for squad-level and a black stripe and 'metal' skulls for the officers)

however, Its worth noting that veterans and covert operatives are often exceptions to the rule, Opting for the simple plain brodie lid design for reasons of stealth, or to avoid becoming obvious targets for enemy sniper-fire...

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Made in be
Nimble Pistolier


Oh wow, that is another impressive model. The pose is very dashing, yet gives the character a down to earth look. Very nice paintjob aswel, as usual

'The whole art of war consists in getting at what is on the other side of the hill.' -- The Duke of Wellington

My hobby log: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/770007.page 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

Cheers FJ, dashing is what i was going for.
kinda like lord flashheart for 40k!

So, although Ive had a spurt of prolific activity here recently, I've become a bit preoccupied with some rather desperate home improvement work the last week or so, as such I've had little to nout to show, painted wise.
so to make up for this void of activity, here are some wip guys Ive on the go at the min...

some riflemen. Mk4 marine and infiltrator leg pockets. cadian knives, cadian and khorne berzerker grenades.

their sergeant. note the enforcer pockets and the sm pocket triplet.

this L.t is the platoon's leader. twas a bit of a cowson to get the pose as I wanted it to be honest, but totally worth it in the end.
the torso is a valkerie crew one for the armoured, yet simple look I fancied.
the arms are made up of the imperial guard tank sprue gunner arms. the hammer arm uses the hand from the pikeman arm (the other half of the parts I used on the major) to give the over the shoulder look. the hammer is yet another component from the atalan jackals sprue. backpack is mk4 marine pockets and the grenades are tactical squad sprue.
his holster comes from the heavy intercessor sprue. but any would have done I suppose. I just like the bullet details on it...

this is the platoon command squad medic. lots of catachan pockets and some gs to make the hands match (small plate on the back of the glove as on the medkit carrying hand)

heres a sniper and grenade launcher guy, also from that command squad.
boltrifle scope, mk4 and intercessor pockets and grenade pouches.
the gl is GSC neophytes sprue with the 'stock' from the enforcers sniper rifle mated to some .5mm styrene rod. the barrel is altered a bit so that it's rather stubby looking.
the shell is one of anvil's empty rounds with a half-round bead added.

here's a bit of a more crazy concept.
this combat engineer is sporting a state of the art "demolition-suit".

combat engineer corps demo-suit.
this crude yet effective servo-exo-skeleton amplifies the users strength and speed, giving them destructive power almost on par to astartes power-armour, though with a large degree less protection and sophistication...

the observant among you will see it's made from an orlock arms master.
the inclusion of a brodie-lid-head and a bit of a resculpt of the chest to remove the chunky-ass neck chain and cover up the exposed pecs and abs, replacing it with a simple uniform undershirt.
the belt buckle and sash have also been altered, shaving away the bottom of the 'skull' and reforming the sash to further distance it from the orlock iconography it started as.
the hammer head was also swapped out, the ludicrous and odd-looking orlock one for the practical and realistic looking one from the gsc aberrants sprue. this helps cement the somewhat industrial look I've been going for across the army.

this dispatch-rider one may or may not get finished. still not 100% on this yet
its only at the blutack stage so no GS sculpting (aside the base) has been done yet.
the panzerfaust is from mad-robot and is a leftover from my royston rifles panzerfaust jousters.
he too uses a valkerie crew torso and uses the bedroll from the tank sprue and some guitar string with 90% of the outer wire removed as an aerial on the wire-less set.
still missing it's replacement right handlebar (the original of which ended up on the ammo-atv) and I'd probably scupt a face-scarf, flapping in the wind, hence the gasmask on his waist.
but as I say, still on the fence on this one...

painted stuff soon, I hope.

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

found some time and got the demo suit done this afternoon!

I decided to go for the plain head rather than the officer one in the end.

I did my best to tie him in with the aesthetic of hte 39th I've done so far using a sympathetic colourscheme.
the clothes, war-kit and armour panels are painted, as on the other troopers, the powered suit itself painted as the tanks and artillery in the force. An attempt to suggest that this is like a tank that you have to put on (think what centurion suits are for astartes)

I kept all the gearwork and piping in basic dark steel and copper, to further suggeat at a more wartime/diesel-punk setting.
I added some of the dirt/grime I usually add to the tanks/artillery upon the power-fists, espescially the right one and around the hammer head, to further suggest he's been smashing gear up somewhat!

more soon...

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

after a highly generous donation of bits from pyroalchi,(heads, arms, legs, these mortars, two sandbag bits and some lasguns etc... a little while back, now) I've got the three mortars done today:

like the heavy bolter nest, I decided on using the 'centurion sized' 50mm base as, the crew could be seperate and its a good size to show off some diorama style bits...
The first one is an example of a prepared position. a dugout/trench-wall effect created with miliput (like hell Iwas going to waste that much greenstuff, not made of money!)
Again I used the anvil sprue trench-boards, both as uprights and pushed into the mud as mucky duckboards.
note the use of the perforated metal to reference the old gw studio third-edition trench-system terrain-board and also the front cover of the IG 3rd ed codex...
scratch-built barbed-wire as on te HB nest and another shovel. the bigger, more pronounched 'slate' rock bits in the trench-wall are actually vermiculite...
I used both of the sandbag bits Pyroalchi sent me and all the spare mortar shells on this one alone, leving me to be a bit more creative on the next ones.
the second one is an example of an improvised cover, simply setting up behind some barbed wire baricade, already on the battlefield.
this was created with more of the hand made wire and a dead-body bit from the corpse-cart with a spare brodie lid added.
this poor old boy has been stripped of kit, his boots, gasmask and even his trou have been looted, leaving him to a rather undignified end, lumped into the mire amongst the wire...
as I said, I'd used all the mortar-shells so I decided to use the spare rocket from the scout-sniper sprue, as, with its little leather (how I painted it anyway) wrap it looks like a bundle of three or so, held in something akin to a chisel or file roll...
the firing 'missile' from the marine sprue is the ideal mid-launch mortar. I went for a simple plume of white smoke, rather than flame, to further suggest it as a mortar rather than missile...
the third is simply the mortar, sans cover of any kind. base detail relying on a little tree-stump left of the mortar and the rather obvious ammo-box, based on the dkok thud-gun ammo-box in its design. It's made from a plastic 'size indicator' tag from a coat-hanger with a cardboard/greenstuff lid/innards and half-round-beads with pva 'caps' on for the shell tops...
the handles are some plasticard 'I' section trimmed and glued on.

crew pending...

oh, here's a wip shot to see the stuff in that stage and get a look of one of the converted crew;

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Made in de
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

wow asjclatchford, those look really amazing! I hope that doesn't sound cruel, but the poor dude on the second base is an incredible detail. Glad these parts found a nice home and can be part of of such greatness instead of catching dust in my bitsbox.

~6740 build and painted
769 build and painted
Made in us
Omnipotent Lord of Change

Albany, NY

That demo suit is a great bit of conversion, polished off by a very nice paint job, both of which I date say you're known for

I've actually never seen this plog of yours before, great Guard throughout! Stormies probably get my shout-out, after the suit.

INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks guys!

did two of of the company commander's command squad today.

beret guy and the pose-up-guy...

decided to make the beret guy a Lieutenant. hence the bronze skull badge on his beret.
I figured that Winters is a Major, after all, and a Lt is a worthy rank for his xo. in rules terms he's just a guardsmen with a lasgun but he looks the part thats for sure.

you can see that I went for a wood-stock fore-grip and pistol-grip on the carbines. it kinda has that feel of a thompson, yet sporting the modern bullpup design.
the round section in the middle of the gun reminiscent of the similar component on the dkok lasrifles...
the molle plate-carry vests came out well in the end.
Although as far as rules are concerned, just guardsmen, these torsos are an obvious visual link to my 'bebbanburg grenadiers' stormtroopers, yet clearly more slimline and lightweight, ideal for showing these guardsmen as former grenadiers, picked out by the major to be part of his command staff, swapping their hotshot lasguns for the compact and futuristic bullpup lascarbines...
wheras my regular guardsmen are inspired by dkokand steel legion, these are the 39th's answer to the elysian guardsmen, allbeit through a dieselpunk lens as it were...
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

so my folks got themselves a new microwave.
had some fancy shaped styrofoam on it.
terrain time says I:

Inspired by Guy and Penny's work over at midwinter mini's I decided to make a section of it into a concrete road-block, low-cover barrier-wall.

I see this as either a roadblock or a checkpoint or even just a vehicle/troop stopping barrier wall that would be a few yards out from the trenches itself, something to slow any possible assault, essentially 40k's answer to a concrete jersey barrier.
I added the poster on the 'inside' of the wall to keep the guardsmen on the inside of it motivated!

I cut the polystyrene by heating a knife over a gas-torch and sliding it through the stuff with haste. It cuts real clean and fast, melting as it goes, but gives off some cyanide fumes so do be carefull doing this...
I added the screws into the base as they did too. creates a lovely counter balance that makes it easier to use and work with.
however, unlike G and P, I elected not to use the mould inducing flour and salt mix, MENTAL!
Heavans no, I used some easyfill45 mixed into some cuprinol garden-shades (black but any colour would do) and gave it two neat coats in high sun to dry quickly.
This gave the lovely cement texture but retained the 'sharpness' of the polystyrene's edges, keeping it looking like a cast peice. It also doubled as a good undercoat.
I basecoated it admin-grey and then added zandridust to the mix and sponged it all over. I added ever more lighter tones to this and continued to sponge it on, concentrating more and more on the edges with each successive highlight.
once dry I gently smunged (an OSJC term that is a mix of a stipple and a wash; thin paint applied in a stippling motion so it ends up dappled) on some castellan green hither and yon as mouldy-mossy algeish growth.
next I watered down some of my agrax/nuln mix (the one I always use) so it was very thin and stained the whole thing evenly.
once dry I smunged some rhinox hide around the bottom edge as mud/dampness and used neat nuln oil and agrax for water/filth runs over the surfaces.
the poster on the inside is printed out from an online pic and the ink ran a bit when pva'ing it on, but that just adds to the effect I suppose. Tip with these. let the ink dry a day and varnish it with something like testors dullcoat before applying them to retain the ink quality...
Also, on bigger ones, I like to fold them up and really score the edges and then unfold them again to make them look as if they were folded before applied. A rip here and there hurts none either...
A bit of static grass and some leaves here and there and its done...

I'm dead happy with the finish on this. The sponge highlighting and colours have really captured what I wanted.
everyone always paints concrete grey. its not. Well, all the wartime stuff around here in essex is the yellowy sandy colour I've done here.
I suppose it depends on the mix and the sand/ballast used but all the pillboxes, bunkers and dragons-teeth I've seen are always the sand-coloured stuff...

more of this soon I think...

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

coming soon:

lets see those guesses coming in, eh?
Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

Fantastic looking army, both conversions and painting is top notch! Following

Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


Looking great! I have to avoid checking Anvil's website more than once a year or so, I end up spending too much money and adding whole squads to a guard army that's already approaching Crusade level. Great conversions and poses.

Guard, Templars, Dungeons & Dragons, Terrain & More. - https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/800909.page

Way too little free time. 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks guys.
bit sad there's no guesses on the preview but thats ancient history now anyway, as this is the latest addition:

The Imperial 'Badger' excavator
An STC design from the first days of the Imperium's colonisation of the galaxy, the 'badger' excavator is a sub-terrainian drilling and tunnelling machine.
Although similar to the adeptus mechanicus' 'termite' drill or the DKOK's 'hades' assault drill, this device outdates them both and is, to all extents and purposes, considered a civillian machine, oft' used by terraformers and colonists to create tunnels for pipework and underground faclilities, mine for materials and even demolition of condemned structures.
Armed with the ferocious and highly destructive high-torque adamantium mining bits there's little it cannot chew through.
however, should a particularly stubborn vein of mineral-ore or crystaline structures slow progress, the tri-multi-melta, nestled amongst the drill-heads is sure to plough through a path...

So, you can see that this is a big-ass drilling machine for my engineers to ride in, creating trench-systems, destroying bunkers and chewing $hit up!
its built from the mantic games 'veer myn' tunneller model and I've nothing but good things to say about it!
the addition of some bits with aquillas (from the valk missile pods) on the sides and an aquilla in the slot on the back made sure that there were no sugestions of divided loyalties.
The basic kit has a great second edition 40k feel to it. a certain 'je ne sais quoi' like the same level of detail as the classic chimera and russ sets of the time, not to mention the classic rhino variants, making it a good match for the feel of this collection so far.

here's a shot from t'other side, featuring an engineer for scale purposes.
As the weapons that came with it are designed for skaven like critters, they are rather absurd looking. as such they were a no go.
you can see I instead added a melta, the one from the new primaris speeder, purely because it has three barrels, making it seem like it blongs on the model.
It just needed inverting and the original topsight clipping off and a new one added on the new top edge. (formerly the bottom)

A few things to mention. the model goes together insanely easy. it practically clips together but I'd advise glue tbh.
however worth mentioning that the drills and the front 'plough' blades are made of pvc not styrene, requiring superglue not plastic cement there.

now, did I leave it at that? hell no.
you know me, sticker for the details. Looking at the kit made me realise that it was a rather easy job to make a detailed interior too... I mean, why not, the FW Ad-Mech termite does...
This was something I began to regret as I attempted to work out where to glue and where not to... got there in the end...

bulk of it is imperial dozer blades and valkerie ceiling as both the floor and ceiling.
The front interior plate is the rhino one with the vindicator vents above it. Thats a component I've wanted to use for an age now!
To kinda make sense of the bits where the rear plate fits, I used the centurion backpacks either side and a valkerie rocket pod end as the inside of the access plate on the ass end.
the extra control panel is from the valk and the tubes and cables, hither and yon, are from primaris and stormtrooper kits.
Theres even a bit off of the back of a gsc neophyte's back as a tiny panel too.
The slots/benches cried out for tools in them so I added the las-cutter and ammo from the atalan jackals on one side and a centurion drill dumped on the 'floor' on the other.
the big caged light on the ceiling is from the chaos vehicle sprue.
The rear needed a go-between for the inside and the outside so I used the open iris here and trimmed it to fit between the lugs.
this is adorned with bits from the IG vehicle sprue (top bit), the valkerie kit (tubes and light section) and a flamer-tank from the atalan jackals kit. well half of it anyhow, the other half is on the inside.
there's also a bit from the landspeeder and a SM bike caged light on there too.
the little yellow pikey light is actually off of the 'battle-for-macragge' teleport homer...
this back bit was rather tricky to do and to get it looking natural. not just a bunch of stuff slapped on the back. It still does a bit I suppose but, funt it, its done now...

this model should have been an ease to build and paint but the constant need for sub assemblies to allow the interior to work and be painted properly slowed progress some, for sure.
likewise the front end was a pig to work out what to glue and not to as the pvc drill bits are absurdly heavy.
most would just glue it all and then paint it but I like to get it all painted properly...

still, twas well worth it in the end. A very different and appropriately thematic vehicle that would also be right at home in a GSC or Ad-Mec army too... go get one. thats an order!

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Made in de
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

I'm awestruck as usual. That love for detail is incredible.

~6740 build and painted
769 build and painted
Made in gb
Fighter Ace


That’s a flippin great addition and very thematic too. Really pleased to see that veer myn model being used, a bunch of their tuff has potential!

Made in au
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Lovely stuff. How long would you say the Imperial 'Badger' excavator took, start to finish?

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks guys. I'm pretty stoked with this one. its really a centrepiece for the army... although the bomard was before this so...

and time took? well the initial build was five minutes. (not joking, mantic kits are a doddle, no mold lines and no sprues)
then around nine or ten hours of playing around with the ol' bitsbox to build the interior.
the most annoying time consumer was working out what/how to glue to facilitate easier painting. the interior is split between two halves with the 'door/fan' plate remaining loose.
The nose sectionis now all glued together but initially the inner iris with the melta on was one bit, the outer ring seperate, the inner ring did have the drill supports glued in with poly cement though. leaving the drills and ploughs seperate too. once painted they were then assembled with superglue.
getting the drill supports at the right angle required a bit of tactical thinking. they had to be a good angle to look in the right place (so you can still see the mega-melta) but also allow me to get the drills in/on after painting.
had to prop and wedge them as the poly cement dried so as not to allow any drift that would ruin symmetry.
also the tracks needed a trim hither and yon so that the body would fit properly.

painting was another story. four sittings (generally between 6-9 hrs) tackling a section at a time.
first the nose. with all the drills irises and rings and the dozer blades.
then the rear hatch in/out, the tracks and inner door/fan hatch.
then the interior and tools,
finally the outer sides.

slow but worth the methodical approach. easy to get over-amped to see it all done and rush it at the end. resisted that on this one.
of course a sensible person would just glue the ass and nose on in the first place then paint it all in one go. but who ever said I was sensible.

in other news new job starts today... lets hope this one works out for me better than the last one did...

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Made in us
Omnipotent Lord of Change

Albany, NY

*pushes up glasses* just gonna say I knew what it was from the drill sneak, but I've been off Dakka for a bit so

I'm always happy to see 40k hobbyists juice up this model, and wow have you ever with that interior! I would have been completely content with the paint job, weathering and tasty melta.

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INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

cheers Ragsta!

today I fancied trying something new, effects-wise, so I dug this old-boy out and did it on him as he was the ideal candidate:

its an attempt at plasmaglow and basic (real basic) osl.

not great i'll grant you but I blame the sloppiness of the finish on it being my first attempt and the generally low definition/quality of the older sculpt.
I feel this will be better on a newer sculpt with much more refined detailing on the 'ribbing' of the coil. the blending on the gasmask is a bit stark too, could have done with a bit more blending up the mask but, this practice-go was more about the gun than anything else...

you'll just have to wait and see if this gets used on another model in the future...
for now I'm still unconvinced...
perhaps its just not me...

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Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

United States

I think this OSL effect came out most excellently- well done! Plasma-glow effect is something I've tried once or twice, but never got results as good as this. Rock on!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

Thanks Meer_cat!
thats most apprecciated.

I think It needs more contrast between the darkest and lightest.
More blue tones on the darker bits and much more subtle glow on the osl effect on the other parts of the model that aren't the gun itself.
my brush got away with me there. and once it started I had to finish. anyway. this is the gold standard:

and this is nice too:

If I can get near those I'll be a happy bunny...
Made in us
Posts with Authority

love the drill transport! That OSL Gold Std example looks like its just white wash applied over a particular shade of light blue underneath. Surely not impossible to reach?

"The larger point though, is that as players, we have more control over what the game looks and feels like than most of us are willing to use in order to solve our own problems" 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

 tauist wrote:
...That OSL Gold Std example looks like its just white wash applied over a particular shade of light blue underneath. Surely not impossible to reach?

HA! if only!
many MANY layers of glazes and washes went into that one. I watched the tutorial. hours and hours of work.
would cost me about £50 in new paints and tools etc to do that verbatim. but I'll come up with something close I hope.

what I did already was twelve or so layers of blending and glazing with skull-white, ice blue, hawk tawkoise and black to shade...

More bluey blues on the next one methinks. take a lot more time and, as I say, be very VERY subtle on the glowing on bits that arent the gun itself.

the target model I'm intending this on (a pending conversion I'm awaiting bits on) has a very small coil thats not right next to everything else on the model, facilitating much less need for displaced blue glow everywhere. the Steel legionaire is practically stooped over the coil, which in turn is pretty huge too so thats the only reason that I did that as much as I did anyway...

oh, and thanks about the 'badger'... its my current favourite vehicle too!
Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

The Badger is great, especially the inside of it. Always appreciate it when folks go for details that 90% of the time will go entirely unnoticed, but they'd know are there

#ConvertEverything blog with loyalist Death Guard in true and Epic scales. Also Titans and killer robots! C&C welcome.

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Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

 Sherrypie wrote:
...details that 90% of the time will go entirely unnoticed, but they'd know are there

got it in one SP!

still, this model is not entirely glued. allowing it to be dissasembled somewhat and split along its spine to closely view the interior either side if need be. plus simply pulling off the ass-end allows you to peek inside and see the interior in its entirety too so, yeah. not 100% hidden but as you say, 90% LOL

true, though, that if I'd not done it, it would have niggled at me that I'd not...

anyway, a couple more done:

as you can see its the reloading guy and the sgt.

the sgt has had more work done to him since his wip days.
the pistol has been swapped out from cadian patteren to catachan design. its much sleeker and its sideways mag assembly a nice reference to the mags on the stormtrooper's rifles.
also I added a holster for it to his waist.
it comes from the scout legs and I chose it because it is modelled empty and it hangs nice on this model, not being too large.

also, in hindsight I thought I'd mention that I've elected not to use OSL on the upcoming plasmagunner model I have in mind.
in all truth its not my strongest point and, yeah I could practice or what have you, but in truth the cartoonesque style it gives a mini is so far from the grimey, wartorn grubbiness of this regiment I think it would take away more than it adds in the end...
But, its not all lost. the steel legionaire is a fair example of the effect, a one off that was a fun diversion to do if nothing else.
I think I'll do the coils in a copper/bronze finish instead... or perhaps even ceramic... we shall see...

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Dipping With Wood Stain

Wow, another homerun of a project OSJC! I've been very inspired by your Space Sharks and this looks like it's in the same level of awesomeness! The whole army seems to be a mix of GW, 3rd party and scratch-built bits, as well as old and new models, yet they all fit together seamlessly. I'm envious of your seemly bottomless bits box and your skill to use it! Not to mention the speed at which you finish of models with a complex, high standard paintjobs...

Regarding the OSL attempt: I think you're spot-on with the gun itself - it looks positively glowing! The OSL effect itself is way too bright. It seems like it has the same intensity as the source, which should never happen. The key is to be subtle, as you said, especially as the miniature is depicted at daytime. I think your decision to not use the effect is not a bad one. I think highlighting the edges of the gun casing around the coils with a blueish color would be enough for a subtle effect!

I don't know which tutorial you used for your painting, but I've been looking at one from Tale of Painters and waiting for an opportunity to try it out. Looks very similar to your "gold standard" example, but I don't think it's the same.

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks mcmattila.
yep mostly 3rd party troops with gw weaps and vehicles/artillery. well aside the tunneller...
the only gw figure is the artilleryman made from a steel legionaire. the osl legionaire is not actually part of the force though. just a practice model for the initial paintjob test.
the rest is +/- anvil. with the occasional gw torso/arm hither and yon.

as for the plasma; yes, the 'gold stadard' is the ToP one, but I did not follow that for my attempt.
I dont own half the paints for one...
I just did my own thing.
I only spent five minutes on it (as the model was already fully painted before I started) and got very bored of it very quickly.

I wont be returning to it...
In hindsight its just as feel about nmm... overly applauded and very, very niche and elitist.

...Ive had a go, sure, but its definately not my bag...
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Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

The minis look great. The wood pattern on the rifle works well, and the camo really picks up as flecktarn.

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

chigwell, essex

thanks illumini, its actually pea-dot not flectarn but I appreciate the sentiment!

So my new job has me working some rather odd hours, all over the gaffe, short, long, late and early. nothing set and its getting to me. I need a more predictable scedule to function properly and this is my excuse for not getting much painted of late.

still the construction/converting continues here and there when i find the time and I've a few WIP's to show for my sleep deprived efforts;

I decided, although a good model, I did not like the beret wearing guy in my company command squad after all.
I think its that he takes too much away from the Major, who is, himself rather understated.
So I figured rather than do anything to it (as I say, it's a good model in its own right) I'd simply make a couple of optionals that can be fielded as and if I fancy some more specialist firepower other than lasguns in the commander's retinue. leaving him as an optional rifleman should I want a team of just lasguns...
anyway, I decided on first modelling a plasmagun:

Rather than use the standard sized plasmagun that most guard models used (based on the second/third edition marine weapon model) I'd cook up something that looks more appropriately sized for a guardsman to carry.
Now, I loved the metal cadian specialists that held the plasmas and meltas like mini versions of the marine devastators, little backpacks, carry handles and hoses, yes, I could have used the anvil stuff to replicate this look but I fancied something rather portable and less movement restrictive for my commandos.
I figured on the primaris plasma pistol as that's easy to come by and bigger than a standard plas pistol but not too small to be a 'full' plasma-gun.
The simple addition of the 'classic' plasma stock was vital to make it look big enough.
I used a metal one as its somewhat slimmer than the new plastic ones and as such fits the pistol perfectly and also helps keep the overly weighty look to a minimum.
for ammo and kit I decided on the sniper pellet/capsule thingys from the sniper scouts as stand-ins for plas capsules and the big-slung-bag from the arms-master as care-kit or batteries and all that jazz...
the trigger-finger at-ease and low-slung pose keeps a sense of menace and 'tacti-cool' the rest o the squad has. lovely.

next up is a sniper commando.

This was a deliberate attempt to recreate the sniper rifles seen on guard mini's of the third edition era. (seen most prominently on the catachan snipers, last-chancer's 'scope' model and the fw tank commander sniper)
they had their own thing that was, cleary based on a lasgun, but still different from the scout sniper rifle that allt he modern ones look more like these days. they had an extended stock, the top-sight removed and a large scope in its stead and an incorporated silencer/muzzle.
the magazines were not even modelled on, and were simple left blank. suggesting at an internal mag or single-load setup.
many of the minis they featured on were modelled with bullets about their person on bandoliers and belts, thus, they were also not actually las weapons, but solid slug munition rifles.
sorry, history lesson over...

So, to replicate the look I used a kantrael (cadian) las and removed the barrel and top sight.
the eagle was shaved off, and the stock trimmed to the shape shown in the pic.
the barrel design was replicated with brass and ali tube and the scope is lifted from a primaris stalker rifle assembly lengthened with plasicard rod.
the las-mag was removed and the bottom slap-plate (flat part) of the bolter-mag glued stright on, suggesting at a small capacity internal mag.
to enhance this look, I used a small bolt-mag stowage from the 30k marine range as part of his kit.
the skull on the stock is shaved off a marine backpack I believe (cant honestly remember for sure but any will do)
this is actually not vital in any way but I feel it helps makes it look more like an actual sniper-rifle mini and not the butchered lasgun it really is LOL
the finishing touch was the greenstuff over the skeletal stock that anvil fatigue arms always feature in order to make it look like the solid-lump stocks of the plastic catachan lasguns that the 3rd edition sniper rifles also had.
I did the trigger finger thing again and added the infiltrator pockets as a backpack and the chain/rope detail, again from the arms-master kit to suggest at some climbing gear or whatever so he can get 'up-high' where snipers operate best at...
again, as with the plasma, I'm rather pleased with the work on the gun on this one. although a bit shorter its still very faithfull to the source material its based on.
As you've no-doubt noticed, I'm rather nostalgic of third edition guardsmen. the best era for guard in my opinion. just look how many regiments we had then and how many special units like the last-chancers and good charecters there were. not to mention the steel legion. without those back in 99/2000 we'd never have got to the dkok we got this year...
It all went wrong with the pastic cadians IMHO... never undertood why they went for the starship trooper look over the theme of the classic ones.
but thats another story...

This got my dander up for the whole sniper thing.
Although the modern design rifle is fine on this commando amongst his friends with the fancy bullpup rifles, I now fancied doing something a little more obviously a sniper thats more in theme with the whole trenchy theme the main part of the force.
that meant all of the 'lone sniper' tropes, cape, long rifle, looking cool somewhere high with the wind in their hair... you know the GW standard for snipers these days. purest cheese but a lot of fun to model.

keeping the whole 'enemy at the gates' mythos in mind this guy is much more diesel-punk than the commando sniper.
His massive rifle is from the whf imperial handgunners and as such is simply absurdly huge.
I mean theres no way you could fire this thing without laying down is there?
The simple inclusion of a las-muzzle and mag made it clearly a long-las and the scope is from a bolt-rifle, deliberately not the stalker variant to keep the rifle looking longer than it is. the small scope helps to do this.
The cape is a pennant from the ravenwing sprue grafted onto the 'poncho' torso from the irregulars from anvil.
I chose a head without a mask, for more character that seeing his eyes gives, but scuplted a scarf over his face for the whole 'stranger in this town' look that the whole poncho and mask thing create when used together.
espescially with the brodie helmet that also helps as its rather reminisent to a cowboy hat with the above context in mind...

anyway, I hope to get some time to slap some paint on more of these badboys soon.

I did get round to one thing, though.
I took the two crouching guys from the riflemen I've done so far and removed the 3rd ed tactical-squad pockets off them and replaced them with more infiltrator leg-pockets so the squad matches properly.

looking at them just the other day I felt the tactical squad pockets looked so crude against those nice leg-pocket backpacks I've used throughout the force they just had to go.
I only used them as I'd ran out of infiltrator pockets at the time.
I think they just show their age these days. I mean even the mkiv version of these pockets from the 30k plastics are a much crisper, slimmer and cleaner sculpt than the old third ed pastics and as asuch are a much better match for the infiltrator pockets I've been using.
even still, I won't be using too many of those either as I managed to get a load more infiltrator ones from craig over at bitzbox and a further bunch from ebay too so I'm all stocked up now.
I have used other stuff true, a pair of marine 'triplet' pockets of the same sprue still makes a nice alternative, true but is nowhere near as ugly as the large double pocket...
The heavy intercessor and standard intercessor pockets are of course a perfect match but then they would be
funny aint it. I bet most of the rest of you didn't even give them a second thought, have you? but its been bugging me since i firs painted them... LOL
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