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Dangerous Outrider


Hey Dakka - finally got around to redoing my Pool Water painting tutorial that used to be on Eldaronline.
This is a technique I've used to paint Eldar and Tau - check it out on my blog


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Three Color Minimum


Nice job! Looks great and the tutorial was easy to follow and clear.

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My blog/portfolio http://summitmodelpainting.com/

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Excellent tutorial. I like it, how you get a really cool effect done with comparably few paints and no airbrush for a change. Nice going.

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Dangerous Outrider


Thanks guys! Yeah, it's surprisingly easy. Also, I used to use Sky Blue ink and its now been discontinued.
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Lit By the Flames of Prospero


Great effect, without having to spend hours trying to get it down, great job.

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Devastating Dark Reaper

Swan of war...
Suits the water theme,
thanks for the tutorial! Going to practise the
technique then do it on my fire prisims. Any ideas how would I do it on infantry?

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Made in us
Dangerous Outrider


Hey Eldarplayer - since you need a decent amount of surface space, I've only been able to pull it off on Wraithguard (just the heads). All the other infantry just got solid blue.

Made in au
Devastating Dark Reaper

Ok thanks for the heads up.

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Stormin' Stompa

I know that you are click-fishing with your excellent tutorial, but can't you at least make sure that the link leads directly to the tutorial?

As time goes by this thread will become more and more irrelevant.
You didn't want to share the actual tutorial here....and it will become harder and harder to find on your blog as new posts are made.

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Swift Swooping Hawk

Now that looks really neat!

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Nice love it!

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